Wilmington Youth Soccer Association

Month of January BOD Meeting


Fourth of July Building




Present: Bill Lanagan, Manny Mulas, David O’Mahony, Rich Pereira, Nick Howie, Tom Card, Eric Flynn, Melissa Doherty, Sean Broussard, Dave Foresyth, Joe Maiella, Dave Oatis, Dave Zaya and Neil Buckley,  


Neil Buckley joins at 6:08 pm


Bob Regan joins at 7:35 pm


6:02 pm – Quorum of 15 BOD members - meeting called to order by Eric Flynn


BOD Meeting Minutes: 


Motioned by Doherty, 2nd by Lanagan to accept December 2015 General & Exec Session BOD Meeting Minutes.  Motion Passes 12-0-3.


Motioned by Card, 2nd by Foresyth to accept the December 2015 Financials. Motion Passes 14-0-1





  • Welcome message



  • Next Constant Contact email will be sent in late January.Hot topics will be Intown reg/late fee and 80’s Night.


  • Budget meeting for 2016 set for January 5th

  • 2015 ended with a $20k loss


  • Intown & travel patches and balls need to be ordered in early 2016 as they take 6 to 8 weeks come in.Should be ordered by 2/15.


    Fields & Buildings

  • Permit being complete for coaches meeting in March



  • No updates were discussed


    Director of Coaching

  • WYSA events calendar reviewed and will be publicized to the membership

  • Discussed having WYSA run April and Summer clinics appose to using outside vendors


    VP of Administration

  • No updates were discussed.


    VP Development

  • Free coaching clinics at the Middle School coming in March



  • High school coaches and players have been announced

  • Spring uniforms for high school players will be ordered shortly



  • 80’s Night- tickets go on sale in January. The committee and board members will sell tickets.We will look into setting up Pay Pal.Distribute flyers at clinics.


    Travel Refs

  • Nick is signed up to take assignor re certification in late January along with the ref course

  • Three new refs recruited and taking ref course for Spring certification


    Intown & Intown Refs

  • Proposed schedule sent for Spring 2016

  • Uniform inventory is complete



  • Motion by Lanagan, seconded Pereira to have Rob Elliott as Emeritus for 2016.Motion passes 14-0-0

  • Motion by Flynn, seconded by Neil to elect Scott Garrant as Emeritus for 2016.Motion passes 14-0-0

  • Heat map to discuss BOD responsibility across 2016 to be generated.Sean will work on this with Melissa.

  • Motion by Foresyth, seconded by Mulas to elect the following people to the travel subcommittee: Dave Foresyth, Joe Maiella, Manny Mulas, Bill Lanagan, Dave Oatis, Rich Pereira, Chris Parr, Andy Lavigne, Julie Eich, Rebecca Lawler, Colleen Lewis.Motion passes 14-0-0 with contingency of Colleen Lewis accepting the position.

  • Motion by Lanagan, seconded by Foresyth to elect Dina Gentile, Juli Hunt, Dave Zaya, Bill Lanagan, Rich Engvaldsen, Rob Elliott and Eric Redder to the PCD committee.Motion passes 14-0-0

  • Scholarship program – Tom is reviewing the program and will propose some action plans for review for 2017.

  • Uniform vendor discussion on switch to Champions Choice.Rich will proceed with a proposal for the February meeting on costs, pro’s/con’s, etc.

  • Motion by Pereira, seconded by Dave O’Mahoney to grant board members children free registration to WYSA travel and intown seasons and Summer & Winter clinics but excluding Wilmington Wildcat FC and 3v3 Tournaments.Motion passes 9-5-1

  • Motion by Dave Foresyth seconded by Dave Oatis that the GU14-6 team be placed a as a team below the WYSA minimum roster but is compliant according to the Middlesex roster size.Motion passes-15-0-0


    9:25 pm – Motion by Pereira 2nd by Buckley adjourn.  Motion passes 15-0-0.


    9:25 pm – adjourned


    Respectfully submitted,


    Melissa Doherty