Wilmington Youth Soccer Association

Month of November BOD Meeting


Fourth of July Building






Present: Rob Elliott, Dave Foresyth, Bob Regan, Bill Lanagan, Manny Mulas, David O’Mahony, Rich Pereira, Nick Howie, Tony Almeida. Tom Card, Eric Flynn, Melissa Doherty and Mark Ragguci


Absent: Sean Broussard, Joe Maiella, Dave Oatis and Neil Buckley  


6:03 pm – Quorum of 12 BOD members - meeting called to order by Bob Regan.


6:27 pm- Rich Pereira arrives




BOD Meeting Minutes: 


Motioned by Doherty, 2nd by Flynn to accept October 2015 General & Exec Session BOD Meeting Minutes.  Motion Passes 11-0-1.


Motioned by Card, 2nd by Lanagan to accept the September 2015 Financials. Motion Passes 11-0-1





  • Welcome message



  • Adult registration process with Mass Youth going well.Less than 15 coaches, board members and snack shack workers haven’t complied.

  • Constant Contact- next newsletter to go out around Thanksgiving weekend. We will target Intown 2016, Travel Updates and 80’s Night and merchandise sales



  • Winter Programs revenue from 2014 came through during October 2014 and have not opened yet this time in 2015.


    VP of Administration

  • 100% compliance from coaches on concussion training in the Fall

  • Reviewed 2016 board action plans

  • Kick for cancer games were a success.A strong participation was shown from WYSA.


    VP Development

  • E license scheduled for November 21 and 22nd pending permits

  • Fall went well with outside coach mentors

  • Coach mentor program was successful for the Fall

  • Winter training dates being finalized for age groups from U8 to U14.



  • No updates at this time as the Registrar was not present



  • High school PPE’s travel date pending

  • We will apply for permits for multiple dates- Nov 21/22, Nov 28/29 and Dec 5/6th



  • No updates at this time as Fundraising person was not present


    Travel Refs

  • WYSA does reimburse for referee certification at the end of the season.


    Intown & Intown Refs

  • Huge registration numbers for Fall Kinder compared to other years

  • We have 65 refs registered and this gives the kids multiple ref spots per season



  • Handoff documentation has been handed off to the President.Patches and balls need to be ordered in early 2016 as they take 6 to 8 weeks come in.


    Fields & Buildings

  • Permits will be applied for as needed for upcoming events.



  • No update at this time


    Director of Coaching

  • Looking into the future of PDP and where it should go for the future.Possible specific skills on certain days, etc.Start time is a difficult for parents.Goal keeping sign ups were huge in the Fall.




  • Board planning for 2016- one yes candidate so far. Still seeking a few more candidates to fill the vacant spots.

  • Board roles for 2016- President will contact existing board members about their roles for 2016.A slate will be drafted.

  • Per Mass Youth Soccer a new rule that all U16 and U18 players are now able to be rostered on a club team and through WYSA.

  • Wildcats FC Program

    • Motion by Elliott, 2nd by Almeida to accept the Wildcats FC Program for Winter 2015 and Spring 2016 as presented.Motion passes 13-0-0

  • AGM Meeting

    • Scheduled for November 12th.Auditorium may not be available.Almeida is confirming.

  • 2016 Actionable Themes for Board Members discussed.This will be discussed more and tasked out to prep for 2016.

9:23 pm – Motion by Foresyth, 2nd by Elliott to leave executive session. Motion passes 13-0-0.


9:49 pm – Motion by Ragucci 2nd by Almeida to adjourn.  Motion passes 13-0-0.


9:50 pm – adjourned


Respectfully submitted,


Melissa Doherty