Wilmington Youth Soccer Association

Month of September BOD Meeting


Fourth of July Building






Present: Rob Elliott, Dave Foresyth, Bob Regan, Dave Oatis, Bill Lanagan, Manny Mulas, Sean Broussard, Mark Ragguci, Nick Howie, Neil Buckley, Tony Almeida. Tom Card and Eric Flynn


Absent:  Melissa Doherty, David O’Mahony


6:06 pm – Quorum of 11 BOD members - meeting called to order by Bob Regan.


6:15pm - Joe Maiella joins

6:34pm - Rich Pereira joins


All who were present were in attendance by 6:34 pm


6:21pm – Nick Howie leaves

7:18pm – Dave Foresyth leaves


BOD Meeting Minutes: 


Motioned by Melissa (per Email, 2nd by Rob Elliott to accept July 2015 General & Exec Session BOD Meeting Minutes.  Motion Passes 10-0-3.


Motioned by Card, 2nd by Oatis to accept the July 2015 Financials.  Motion Passes 7-0-6

Exec Session Motion:
7:45 p.m.  Motion by Regan, 2nd by Mulas to enter into Executive Session.  Motion passes 11-0-0.






  • Welcome message

  • Discussion on everyone’s roles and team effort to maintain our fields






  • N/A



  • See financials


    VP of Administration

  • Concussion training nearly complete


    VP Development

  • Revs Outing planned for 10/17



  • N/A



  • Working with a few teams still on coaching support

  • Tracking low numbers based on departures



  • 10 Gold Level Sponsors secured


    Travel Refs

  • N/A


    Intown & Intown Refs

  • Fall15 player numbers even with Spring15, expect to exceed.


    Fields & Buildings

  • All Field permits set

  • Bathroom services being sought

  • HS field now available to WYSA, usage to be determined



  • Travel Socks are good.Over 1000 pairs



  • Employees all set

  • Permit expected next week


    Technical Director

  • PDP sign ups light, reassessing after first couple weeks.




  • Motion by Elliott, 2nd by Neil to participate in “Fall Friendlies” with Sudbury, Lexington and Easton.U10 Boys and Girls Only.Top 2 teams asked for availibility Motion passes 13-0-0.

  • Photography- two vendors reviewed, one selected.Late season offering expected after final follow up by Neil/Bob.Not a fundraising effort.

  • Taylor Twellman concussion week for MIAA 9/20.WYSA to review publicizing.Maiella, Redder and Flynn to follow-up with 9/26 efforts.

  • 2015/2016 BOD members needed.

  • Mass Youth Award – submissions needed.Good to promote program

  • Healthy eating initiative with Tufts – Pereira and Redder to work with Tufts to review what we offer.Tufts to provide

  • WYSA free healthy snacks and track consumption.


7:55 pm – Motion by Almeida, 2nd by Broussard to leave executive session Motion passes 11-0-0.


7:56 pm – Motion by Mulas, 2nd by Maiella to adjourn. Motion passes 11-0-0.


7:56 pm – adjourned


Respectfully submitted,


Eric Flynn

VP Administration