Wilmington Youth Soccer Association

Month of June BOD Meeting

5/31/2015 (held early)

Fourth of July Building






Present: Melissa Doherty, Rob Elliott, Dave Foresyth, David O’Mahony, Bob Regan, Eric Flynn, Dave Oatis, Bill Lanagan, Joe Maiella, Manny Mulas, Sean Broussard, Mark Ragguci, Nick Howie, Neil Buckley and Tony Almeida.


Absent:  Tom Card and Rich Pereira


Mark Ragguci joins at 6:14 pm


Dave O’Mahony joins at 6:15 pm


6:04 pm – Quorum of 15 BOD members - meeting called to order by Bob Regan.


All who were present were in attendance by 6:15 pm


BOD Meeting Minutes: 


Motioned by Doherty, 2nd by Elliott to accept May 2015 General & Exec Session BOD Meeting Minutes.  Motion Passes 10-0-3.

Exec Session Motion:
7:06 p.m.  Motion by Foresyth, 2nd by Maiella to enter into Executive Session.  Motion passes 15-0-0.






  • Welcome message



  • Constant Contact email going out by 6/10.The highlight will be intown registration is open and season closing information.

  • Driver’s License Update- all travel and intown coaches driver’s license information being stored in Sports Pilot.This includes if driver’s license information is on file and plus expiration date of license. Printed hard copies are also being stored.





  • No updates as the Treasurer was not present at the meeting.


    VP of Administration

  • Breakers Outing on May 30th- 30 people attended

  • Meet The Board Members to continue for the rest of the season on Saturday’s during scheduled times

  • Scholarships winners will be given their awards on June 5th.Manny will represent WYSA.


    VP Development

  • Finalizing DOC search

  • NE Revs outing being held on May 31st.

  • WYSA Summer Clinics not being held since we are searching for a new DOC.Brazil and Challenger camps will be offered in August.



  • PPE’s are now completed.Thank you to all that volunteered to help.

  • 508 kids are registered for Travel Fall 2015/Spring 2016

  • Middlesex meeting being held on June 2nd.



  • 100 tickets sold for 80’s Night

  • 4 sponsors have been secured


    Travel Refs

  • Season going well.No issues to report.


    Intown & Intown Refs

  • Spring season going well.No issues to report.

  • Fall 2015- discussions being held on switching to Saturday’s for Pre K’s and Kinders.BOD will have the discussion again in 2016 as we’ll need to keep it on Sunday’s for Fall 2015 as registration needs to open on June 1st.

  • Sports Pilot referee system needs to be incorporated into the family registration.Melissa will follow up with our Sports Pilot contact to see when this feature will be available.

  • Discussions held regarding starting ranking of the first grade Spring players to prep for them moving to second grade in the Fall.The goal is to create balanced teams.


    Fields & Buildings

  • No issues to report.




  • Travel uniforms must be ordered by August 1st.Travel uniforms numbers must be received by coaches on July 17th.

  • Discussions held on changing primary uniform color to white. Travel will check with Middlesex if there are any issues with the primary uniform color switch.



  • No updates as the Concessions coordinator was not present at the meeting.



    Technical Director

  • Pre-K season going well.Challenger contacts are very well received by the parents.

  • Challenger gave kudos to WYSA on fully planned and organized PPE process




  • No new business discussions were held


9:13 pm – Motion by Ragguci, 2nd by Mulas to 1) leave executive session, 2) to adjourn. Motion passes 15-0-0.


9:13 pm – adjourned


Respectfully submitted,


Melissa Doherty

WYSA Secretary