Wilmington Youth Soccer Association

Month of May BOD Meeting


Fourth of July Building






Present: Tom Card, Melissa Doherty, Rob Elliott, Dave Foresyth, David O’Mahony, Bob Regan, Eric Flynn, Dave Oatis, Rich Pereira, Bill Lanagan, Joe Maiella, Manny Mulas, Sean Broussard, Mark Ragguci, Nick Howie, Neil Buckley and Tony Almeida.




6:02 pm – Quorum of 13 BOD members - meeting called to order by Bob Regan.


Manny Mulas enters at 6:04 pm


Mark Ragguci & Dave O’Mahony enters at 6:17 pm


Nick Howie enters at 6:26 pm


All who were present in attendance by 6:26 pm


BOD Meeting Minutes: 


Motioned by Card, 2nd by Elliott to accept the March Financials.  Motion Passes 15-0-2.

Motioned by Doherty, 2nd by Elliott to accept April 2015 General & Exec Session BOD Meeting Minutes.  Motion Passes 9-0-5.

Exec Session Motion:
8:41 p.m.  Motion by Regan, 2nd by Foresyth to enter into Executive Session.  Motion passes 17-0-0.






  • Welcome message

  • Reminder to the group we are volunteer organization.



  • Availability spreadsheet- BOD to populate time for PPE dates

  • All coaches have been CORI certified for travel & intown

  • Constant Contact email going out by 5/11.The highlight will be the upcoming travel PPE’s.

  • Still obtaining driver’s license copies for intown & travel coaches.We will store the license information inside of Sports Pilot which will display a license copy and expiration date.

  • We will move June 7th BOD to meeting to May 31st




  • Opening day merchandise profited around $1100.Each week we are profiting $500 a week since opening day.Credit card sales are way up.


    VP of Administration

  • GNO was a success.A nice write up was written in The Town Crier.

  • Parent concussion training will be discussed in the Fall.

  • Meet the Board Members on Saturday’s set to start on 5/9 and will continue through the season

  • HS Scholarship applications due 5/6


    VP Development

  • We are postponing the Wildcats FC Program until 2016

  • DOC interviews are starting over the next few weeks.

  • 7/12- July Board Meeting is needed

  • Mass Youth Summer camps planned for August




  • We collected almost all of Winter gym payments.

  • PPE’s- schedule has been adjusted to accommodate band concerts.

  • Roster review night set for 6/10 and 6/11 for travel coaches

  • BOD Roster review night set for 6/19 at 6:00 pm.We need Villanova Hall permits.

  • PPE Schedule will be posted in The Town Crier for the two weeks prior to the first PPE date on 5/17.

  • Low second grade travel registrants.Travel will reach out to 2nd grade parents and extend the coach application deadline out another week.


    Travel Refs

  • Travel refs going well.No issues to report.




  • Reg numbers were aligned with what we had in Fall 2014 and were around 470 players.

  • Discussions held on combining the intown boys 3-5 with the girl’s 3-5 program due to low turnout each week from the girl’s side.


    Intown Refs

  • WYSA waiting on referee registration to be part of the family registration system in Sports Pilot.



  • The Elks was secured for June 12th for an adult night out.

  • Working on sponsorship levels- gold, silver, bronze, etc.



  • Will publish a Master Card & Visa sign at the merchandise shack and in the bathrooms.

  • Treasurer will purchase a new 12 x 12 tent for merchandise.

  • Issue with the vendor and travel socks that is being worked through.Fall back plan will be to use the prior version of the travel socks as we have mass quantities in stock.

  • Volunteers are low each week at the merchandise table.BOD will need to cover the merchandise table when volunteers are not available.




  • Concessions sales are up and busier than expected

  • TOPS ticket- WYSA will start billing TOPS for their snack shack ticket sales going forward.


    Fields & Buildings

  • Lot of excess trash is being left at Whitfield.U12 Travel coaches will be reminded to clean up any excess trash after games and practices.


    Technical Director

  • New kinder pinnies and cones have been ordered and should be used for kinder use only.

  • Goal keeping clinics going well.Low attendance in the U11/U12 age group which is expected.



  • All board members need to pitch in and help perform tasks that are outside of their domain.

  • Any issues with the bathrooms that need immediate cleaning BOD must lock the bathrooms and call the cleaning company.One bathroom must remain open at all times.

  • 9 Cross Street- Article 23 was passed at the town meeting.

  • Travel Policy Changes-

  • Policy changes will be discussed at the June BOD meeting


8:57 pm – Motion by Raggucci, 2nd by Oatis to 1) leave executive session, 2) to adjourn. Motion passes 16-0-0.


8:57 pm – adjourned


Respectfully submitted,


Melissa Doherty

WYSA Secretary