Wilmington Youth Soccer Association

Month of February BOD Meeting


Fourth of July Building






Present: Tom Card, Melissa Doherty, Rob Elliott, Dave Foresyth, David O’Mahony, Bob Regan, Eric Flynn, Dave Oatis, Nick Howie, Neil Buckley, Rich Pereira, Bill Lanagan, Joe Maiella and Tony Almeida.


Absent:  Manny Mulas, Mark Ragucci and Sean Broussard.


6:01 pm – Quorum of 11 BOD members - meeting called to order by Bob Regan.


6:05 Dave Foresyth joins


6:07 Neal Buckley joins


7:37 Joel Maiella joins


All who were present in attendance by 7:37 pm.


BOD Meeting Minutes: 
Motioned by Doherty, 2nd by Flynn to accept January 2015 General & Exec Session BOD Meeting Minutes.  Motion Passes 11-0-0.


Motioned by Card, 2nd by Elliott to accept the January Financials.  Motion Passes 12-0-1.


Exec Session Motion:
7:56 p.m.  Motion by Regan, 2nd by Flynn to enter into Executive Session.  Motion passes 14-0-0.






  • Welcome message and no further updates.



  • No updates except for January meeting minute’s approval.




  • New indoor pug nets will be ordered for Winter sessions 3v3 tourney.  Costs approximately $500.


VP of Administration

  • GNO- working on new date in April or May
  • Tony will cancel permit for 3/29 which was the previously scheduled GNO date.
  • MAC Committee will be discontinued.  We will have weekly “Meet the Board Members” coverage on the field on certain times instead.   Members can come give the Board Members direct feedback and have face to face contact.


VP Development

  • 2/8 Kinder Winter session postponed
  • Committee updates need to be sent out to BOD members 48 hours plus in advance of the meeting
  • See updates sent out to Board members for further updates




  • New BU16 sign up was received.  Current rosters will be adjusted to reflect this change.
  • We are still short players on the GU18 team.
  • Working on Spring 2015 player cards and rosters.
  • PPE’s coverage for May 17th.  Dave will circulate Google Docs availability sheet to check BOD availability for that date.


Travel Refs

  • Nick is now a certified referee.
  • 17 referees are certified for 2015 as of today.



  • We received around 100 sign ups right before the late fee kicked in on 2/1
  • Kinder numbers are up.


Intown Refs

  • See updates sent to BOD.



  • Discussions held regarding parents night out fundraising event in March/April.



  • See updates.  Mark was not present at the meeting to present discuss any other topics. 



  • Rich still waiting to meet with prior concession BOD member on next steps.
  • Need a list of employees by the March board meeting to verify CORI status.


Fields & Buildings

  • The permits have been submitted for the fields.
  • We are waiting for permits for Textron.
  • Waiting for locks to be changed at the field house.
  • The town will not paint the spectator lines.  BOD will cover painting these lines.
  • Travel will reach out to Tony to secure permits for travel gym time.
  • Tony will obtain permit for intown coaches meeting.


Technical Director

  • See updates sent to BOD.




  • CORI Process.  All coaches (professional & volunteer) plus snack shack help must be CORI cleared prior to the season staring.  Coaches will not be allowed to coach until their CORI is in a clear status.  Coaches will sign up via Sports Pilot to register as being a coach.  WYSA BOD will work with keep WYSA Secretary in the loop if coaches are added into the system manually.  If a coach is not CORI clear, BOD will cover for that coach until they are clear.
  • Motion by Flynn, seconded by Foresyth that Eric Flynn, Bob Regan, Tom Card, Pete Languilla, Sean Broussard and Eric Fortier be members of the Scholarship Committee for 2015.  Motion Passes 13-0-0.
  • Motion by Elliott, seconded by Buckley to add Julie Hunt to the PCD Committee.  Motion Passes 13-0-0.
  • Motion by Dave Foresyth, seconded by O’Mahony to elect the Travel Sub Committee members of Julie Eich, Joe Maiella, Manny Mulas, Andy Lavigne, Dave O’Mahony, Jill Murphy and Chris Malley. Motion Passes 11-1-1.
  • Motion by Buckley, seconded by Elliott to elect the Fundraising committee of Rob Elliott, Neil Buckley, Sharon Languilla, Tom Card and Kailey Buckley.  Motion Passes 12-0-1.
  • U10 team night for NE Revolution on 4/25 at Gillette.  Information will be distributed to the membership.
  • New WYSA Skills Club.  Kids would practice their skills on Mondays from 4 to 5pm at the Shawsheen fields. Bracelet rewards system would be used for mastering their skills.  Free to members.  Bracelet costs are in the 2015 budget.
  • New WYSA coach mentor program for existing coaches to help new or existing coaches.  These coach mentors would have D licenses or above. 
  • Parent Handbook to be distributed to parents.  BOD members to offer feedback to Rob H by 2/20.


8:57 pm – Motion by Regan, 2nd by Lanagan to 1) leave executive session, 2) to adjourn. Motion passes 14-0-0.


8:57 p.m. – adjourned


Respectfully submitted,


Melissa Doherty

WYSA Secretary