Wilmington Youth Soccer Coach Mentoring Program

The WYSA Coach Mentor program will be introduced in the Spring of 2016. It's goal will be to effectively utilize the valuable knowledge and experience that can be provided by current and past WYSA coaches. The WYSA Coach Mentor Program is designed to provide additional support and feedback to Travel Coaches of all experience levels.

WYSA Coach Mentors 2016

Dina Gentile
Ray Robinson
Caryn Goulet
Joe Haddad
Tom Genthner

Mike Fischer

All mentors hold a minimum of a National D license (or equivalent qualification) and have several years experience as both Coaches and BOD members in the WYSA program. 

How does the Coach Mentor Program work?

The WYSA Coach Mentoring program will be facilitated by WYSA PCD. Mentors will provide their availability (Asst. Coach/Field sessions/Phone/Email) prior to each season. WYSA Travel Coaches will be offered the opportunity to sign up to the mentoring program prior to the Spring Travel Coaches Meeting.

Mentors will be matched to Travel Coaches who have signed up for the program based on needs, availability and best fit as deemed by the WYSA Technical Director and VP of Development. 

How can a Mentor help my team?

WYSA's coach mentors can provide several levels of assistance to players, from a dive and support via email and phone communication to being an Asst. Coach with the team. There will also be availability for mentors to come and run field sessions for players and/or evaluate practices and games. We hope that WYSA coaches will take advantage of this great feedback opportunity.