Wilmington Youth Soccer Association

Month of December BOD Meeting


Fourth of July Building






Present: Tony Almeida, Tom Card, Melissa Doherty, Rob Elliott, Mike Fischer, John Fitzler, Dave Foresyth, Tom Genthner, Fred Lovine, Joe Maiella, David O’Mahony, Ray Masiello, Mark Ragucci, Bob Regan, Jon Snider


  • 5:30 pm – Quorum of 10 BOD members - meeting called to order by John Fitzler



  • Dina Gentile, Eric Flynn
  • All who were present in attendance by 5:36 p.m.





BOD Meeting Minutes: 

  1.  Motion by Snider, 2nd by Fischer to accept November 2014 General & Exec Session BOD Meeting Minutes.  Motion Passes 9-0-2.
  2. Motion by Snider, 2nd by Foresyth to accept November 2014 Annual General Meeting – meeting minutes.  Motion Passes 12-0-1.


WYSA Financial Statements:

Motion by Lovine, 2nd by Elliott to accept both the October & November 2014 Budget / Financials.  Motion passes 13-0-1.


Exec Session Motion:  5:37 p.m.  Motion by Fischer, 2nd by Snider to enter into Executive Session.  Motion passes 15-0-0.


Motion to leave executive session.  6:09 p.m.  Motion by Snider, 2nd by Fischer.  Motion passed 15-0-0.


General Session:  6:10 pm. Start time.  Eric Flynn arrives. 


6:13 p.m. – departing BOD members leave.


Month of December BOD Meeting


General Session:


New BOD members in attendance:  Sean Broussard, Manny Mulas, Dave Oatis, Nick Howie, Neil Buckley, Rich Pereira.

Absent:  Bill Lanagan.


New BOD Business: 

Executive BOD voting. 

Role of President addressed.  One candidate to assume WYSA President / Leadership role:  Bob Regan.  Brief discussion of Bob’s time on BOD and qualifications / desire to assume role.  BOD was asked if any other candidates were interested in running for the President position.  No. 

Motion by Elliott, 2nd by Flynn for Bob Regan to be elected as President of WYSA.  All 2015 (new) BOD members voted, departing BOD members (Fitzler, Snider, Masiello, Lovine, Genthner, Fischer) did not.  Motion passed 15-0-1.

Motion by Regan, 2nd by Flynn for the following people to be voted in as emeritus status in 2015: Fred Lovine assisting as Treasuer, Jon Snider assisting as Secretary, Mike Fischer assisting as VP of Development and Tom Genthner assisting as travel refs.  Motion passes 16-0-0.





  • Existing board members please reach out to new board who are taking over your positions.



  • Everything discussed above during old bod business part of the meeting.No further updates.



  • Everything discussed above during old bod business part of the meeting.

  • Budget for 2015 will be approved at the January 2015 meeting.


    VP of Administration:

  • No updates to report


    VP Development:

  • Winter Clinics first session is low in attendance and was discussed opening the program up to other towns.Rob E motioned, seconded by Tony A that after one week’s notice we open up the Winter Clinics program to other surrounding towns.Motion passes 16-0-0.



  • WYSA needs help recruiting coaches for Spring 2015.


    Travel Refs:

  • No updates to report



  • See update sent by Intown Chair.


    Intown Refs

  • See update sent by Intown Ref coordinator.

  • Nick will obtain his referee certification



  • No updates



  • New BOD member jackets being ordered

  • Intown uniform inventory being done

  • Intown uniforms will be ordered in February



  • Dave has obtained the Safe Serve certification.Rich to become certified as well.


    7:15 pm – Motion by Bob Regan, 2nd by Dave Foresyth to 1) leave executive session, 2) to adjourn.   Motion passes 16-0-0.

7:15 p.m. – adjourned


Respectfully submitted,

Jon Snider, departing WYSA Secretary


Melissa Doherty

New WYSA Secretary