Wilmington Youth Soccer Association

Month of November BOD meeting 11/2/2014

Fourth of July Building



Present: Tony Almeida, Tom Card, Melissa Doherty, Rob Elliott, Mike Fischer, Eric Flynn, Dina Gentile, Tom Genthner, Fred Lovine, Ray Masiello, David O’Mahony, Bob Regan, Jon Snider


Absent:  Joe Maiella, Mark Ragucci, Tom Genthner


  • 6:03 pm – Quorum of 12 BOD members - meeting called to order by John Fitzler
  • 6:05 pm – Tom Card arrives, 6:10 pm Dave Foresyth arrives - all who were present were in attendance by 6:10 p.m.





President Agenda items for discussion:

  • Overview of AGM voting requirements specific to check-in, registration confirmation, vote counting for BOD election, readying for 11/12/14 date.
  • Discussion of slotting BOD members to Exec Positions, other BOD positions.



  • Lovine motion to accept both August and September 2014 monthly budgets, 2nd by Masiello.  Passes 13-0-1. 



  • Snider motion, Elliott 2nd  to approve October 2014 General & Exec Session meeting minutes.  Motion passes 12-0-2.
  • Snider motion, Flynn 2nd, to approve September General Session meeting minutes.  Motion passes 12-0-2.
  • Snider motion, Fischer 2nd, to approve WYSA Registration Fee Waiver Policy.  Discussion regarding timing of when notice should be given to WYSA BOD for a waiver request.  Discussion regarding language of Policy, and request to update Policy language to note that any hardship requests are discussed and voted upon confidentially (all such requests to the BOD are always discussed in executive session).  Motion passes 12-0-2.


VP of Administration:

  • VP provided research and information regarding the options / cost for business cards.  Goal was to share this information with the current BOD members staying on in 2015, in the event a new BOD wishes to use them @ some point.
  • Provided an update on the CPR / AED certification class on 10/29: it went off without a hitch and had decent attendance.
  • We are currently up to 79 coaches who have taken the Concussion Awareness training that WYSA has promoted to its current coach pool. 


VP Development & TD update:

Overview:  Discussion of a Massachusetts Youth Soccer Development Group.  WYSA has been in discussions with DOC’s at Lexington, Acton, Sudbury, Easton, Wakefield and Tosh Farrell Soccer Development - Amesbury to discuss player and coach development opportunities.  Amongst these towns, a discussion and proposal was put forward to create a League for U10 players to begin in the Fall of 2014/15. 

Some objectives of proposed league would be to:

  • Create a Model Player and Coaching Development Environment for others to follow.
  • Promote Coaching Standards: - Comes from Club Standards. (Minimum of a C License)
  • Set Playing Standards & Competencies by age
  • Follow the US Soccer Structure as to playing styles and format / formations
  • Create and Implement a universal curriculum – including shared philosophies / methodologies.
  • Receive continuous feedback from Mass Youth Soccer Technical Department on program structure and development.


Notably, each participating town would have flexibility to utilize the program to suit the needs of their own program.  The WYSA PCD committee extensively discussed the proposal and was unanimous in its decision to further investigate this opportunity for WYSA.  This was brought to the WYSA BOD to determine if it is something the PCD committee should further research, for purposes of then proposing in December 2014 or January 2015, options for WYSA’s involvement.

Informal discussion and a straw poll showed 9 ‘yes’ Board Member votes to pursue further fact finding and discussion with future BODs on this program.



  • For ease of member use and BOD administration, the Registrar worked with SportsPilot to move to and develop a ‘family’ registration system in SportsPilot.  In this way, the registration process for WYSA programs will be easier for all parties. 
  • In the next week, a go-forward Communication Plan will be implemented, including an email to membership with use instructions, information updates and posts to the WYSA website, etc.



  • High School tryouts will most likely be the weekend of November 15th.  Ideally would be the weekend prior.  Either way, Travel is ready to finalize, communicate, administer.
  • Brief update on Spring 15’ season field availability on Sundays for HS program and need to share fields and coordinate with town Lacrosse Program.


  • WYSA got $500 grant from Eastern Bank.


Travel Refs:

  • Travel Ref assignor not in attendance, end of season updates already provided to BOD via email.  Overall, a good season, minor amount of issues with Zero Tolerance policy.



  • Discussion about a sliding scale of Intown Registration fees with the idea that the actual ‘late fee’ component of the Registration fee increase over time as the season start gets closer (idea of ‘tiers’ of fees).  Currently, there is a single, fixed $30 late fee that registrants pay if they do not sign up within the normal registration timeframe.  This fee does not seem to deter registrants from signing their kids up 1-2 weeks prior to a season’s start, however.  Varying approaches to address this concern were discussed, including a hard date whereby no new registrations are taken at all.  This will be a go-forward discussion item with the future BOD in the months to come prior to the start of the 2015 Spring season.



  • An overview of season ending ‘closing guidelines’ were discussed, which include shutting off water to the Field House around the 3rd or 4th week of November; patching and painting the floors & walls in the snack shack.  WYSA is now all set with its updated Safe Serv designation as Dave Foresyth took and passed the class.


Intown Refs:

  • Not in attendance, updates provided to BOD by email.  Include the following:
    • 102 kids as intown refs, this Fall most got at least 3 assignments each
    • 75% ‘excellent’ rating provided to Intown Refs by the coaches over Fall season


Field & Buildings:

  • No updates.



  • No updates.


7:55 p.m. - Snider motion to move to executive session, 2nd by Flynn.  Passes 14-0-0.

8:15 pm – Motion by Foresyth, 2nd by Elliott to leave executive session & adjourn.  Passes 14-0-0.


Respectfully submitted,

Jon Snider

WYSA Secretary