New Player Information


All new players require the following equipment in order to play:

- Shin Pads

- Non Metal Cleats (no front toe cleats either)

- Water Bottle

WYSA will provide all players a uniform for Intown which consists of shirt and soccer socks.  WYSA will provide all brand new Intown players a size 3 ball.

All new players must submit a birth certificate to registration@wilmingtonyouthsoccer.org in order to play so that age can be verified.  

Pre K players must be the age of 4 by 3/31 for Spring season or 8/31 for Fall season to enroll in the PreK program.  All other intown grade levels are grade specific.  For example, if your child is entering Kindergarten, your child should play in the Kindergarten program for fall and spring seasons. 

No exceptions can be made to this policy.