Wilmington Youth Soccer Association

Month of October BOD Meeting


Fourth of July Building



  • Present: Tony Almeida, Melissa Doherty, Rob Elliott, Mike Fischer, John Fitzler, Eric Flynn, Dina Gentile, Tom Genthner, Joe Maiella, David O’Mahony, Dave Foresyth  and Bob Regan.


  • 6:00 p.m. – Quorum of 9 BOD members - meeting called to order by John Fitzler.



  • Jon Snider, Ray Masiello, Mark Ragucci, Tom Card and Fred Lovine. 
  • All who were present in attendance by 6:12 p.m.


Guests:  Caryn Goulet – Beyond TOPs and Ed Riekstins


TOPS Halloween Jamboree:

  • Caryn Goulet presented TOPS Halloween Jamboree to be held on November 2nd from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM at the Shawsheen Fields.  No rain date scheduled as of yet.  Possibly 11/8
  • Town Crier and Boston Parents paper are providing coverage
  • Discussed field layout for the day of event
  • Snack shack will be staffed and has confirmed with Ray
  • Caryn has a key and will open bathrooms


Yentile Farms:

  • Ed Riekstins presented about Yentile Farms.
  • A motion to pledge WYSA support of the Yentile Farms in a multi-purpose turf field initiative by Bob Regan and seconded by Rob Elliott.  Motion passes.  12 yes, 0 no and 0 abstentions.  Motion as follows: 

“Motion to pledge Wilmington Youth Soccer’s support of the Yentile farm initiative and its drive to bring a multi-purpose turf field to the new Yentile Farm complex for the betterment of all youth programs in the town of Wilmington. Wilmington Youth Soccer further commits to work with the town of Wilmington to this initiative by offering up program support towards these efforts.”






  • Columbus Day weekend schedule- we need to make sure we have adequate coverage both days.  BOD members need to fill in the Google sheet schedule.  No coverage needed at Whitfield or Woburn Street.
  • We also need adequate coverage during all weekends.  A few weekends we had no closing coverage.  We need at least two BOD members available for closing.
  • John will manage the Google schedule prior to the weekend to manage coverage and address the holes.
  • BOD member recruitment for 2015.  Going well we have 4 filled positions and 3 pending final responses. 
  • A motion made by Rob Elliott to increase the BOD members to 19 in total.  Motion fails.  4 yes, 5 no, 4 abstentions.
  • AGM date- Wednesday, November 12th.  Jon Snider to give 30 days’ notice to the membership.  Tony will obtain the permit for the Middle School auditorium.  John will send out slide information for BOD to update.
  • 2015 Budget discussions- BOD members should add and remove items.  Budget needs to be finalized by 11/2.



  • September BOD minutes were not discussed or approved.
  • Calendar:
    •  High school player placement- November 9th
    • AGM- November 12th.
    • TOPS Jamboree- 11/2
    • Revs player appearance- 10/22



  • Financial discussion skipped.  Treasurer was not in attendance.


VP of Administration:

  • Concussion update.
    • 45 coaches have completed the online course out of 120 coaches program wide.  One more email will be sent to coaches asking them to complete the course.
  • Discussion on photography vendors.
    • We will not be moving ahead with any photography vendor.
  • MAC survey review.
    • People won’t approach the board:  concern is parents won’t be heard and kids will be retaliated against.
    • Potential Improvements
      • BOD business cards.  Dina to look into options.
      • BOD member photo’s on website and in 2015 newsletter from new President
      • Talk to parents and coaches more on the field
      • BOD members to socialize more with membership at field complex
  • CPR Training
    • Training to be held on October 29th
  • Portable AED’s
    • Costs between $2 and $4k
    • We will not be purchasing portable AED’s
  • Tony will be painting the Breast Cancer stencil on the fields next week for Breast Cancer awareness month.


VP Development:

  • A motion by Mike Fischer and seconded by Bob Regan to take from reserves, a total of up to $1700, as additional monies to apply to our WYSA Winter program(s), to offset facility costs.  Motion passes: 11 yes, 0 no and 1 abstention.



  • High School PPE’s scheduled for November 9th


Travel Refs:

  • Will donate extra line machine to town to paint spectator lines
  • Might pursue painting coaches boxes with the town in 2015 or another spectator type line on the coach/player side.



  • Opening Spring 2015 registration on November 1st


Intown Refs

  • Current feedback is not great for some referees’ performance.  Joe will address concerns with certain refs.



  • No updates as Tom wasn’t in attendance
  • Great job by all on Field Day per John F.



  • No updates.  Mark not present.



  • Ray was not present for updates.
  • Dave will take the Safe Serve certification on behalf of WYSA.


8:01 p.m.  Motion by Eric Flynn, 2nd by Rob Elliott to move into Executive Session.  Approved 12-0-0. 


8:51 pm – Motion by Bob Regan, 2nd by Eric Flynn to 1) leave executive session, 2) to adjourn.

Motion passes 12-0-0.

8:51 p.m. – adjourned


Respectfully submitted,

Melissa Doherty

WYSA Registrar