Wilmington Youth Soccer Association

Month of September BOD Meeting


Fourth of July Building



Present: Tony Almeida, Tom Card, Melissa Doherty, Rob Elliott, Mike Fischer, John Fitzler, Dave Foresyth, Dina Gentile, Tom Genthner, Fred Lovine, Joe Maiella, Ray Masiello, David O’Mahony, Mark Ragucci, Bob Regan, Jon Snider

Guest / Technical Director:  Rob Holliday

  • 6:00 pm – Quorum of 12 BOD members - meeting called to order by John Fitzler



  • Eric Flynn
  • All who were present in attendance by 6:06 p.m.






  • Request for Newsletter topics
  • Weekend coverage – 3 hours needed per BOD member over Saturday & Sunday.  Please try to cover both days when you can.  Thank you.
  • Mediflight incident @ Shawsheen – motorcycle accident - thank you for BOD members on site at fields when a motorcycle accident occurred back on Saturday August 16th.
  • Jericho Group:  professional consultants that contract with Boards of Directors; do any WYSA BOD members want to sit in on this group’s next meeting to get perspective, learn from them as to their perspective regarding BOD members’ responsibilities.
  • Update on BOD members who are NOT returning for 2015.  Currently six (6) members leaving due to term limits or conflicts / moving on.  Discussion and thinking about what you want to transition to next as returning BOD member, really needs to start now. 


New Business: Fundraising & Field Day updates:

  • 37 teams for 3v3 in the mix.  Thinking about getting local singing talent to sing National Anthem.
  • BOD members – need to volunteer.  All need to set their volunteer schedule in the next week or so.  Ideal is 8 a.m. and close at 4 p.m. 
  • Last (2nd biggest) commitment needed are baskets from teams / groups for raffles.  Huge fund-raiser in the past.
  • Amazon Smile program – WYSA as charitable organization / recipient of that program, 10% of proceeds go to our non-profit organization.



  • Motion to approve May 2014 and August general & executive session meeting minutes.  Snider motion, 2nd by Fitzler.  Motion passes 12-0-4.



  • Discussion of May, June, July 2014 financials.  Motion to approv e, Lovine, 2nd by Elliott.  12-0-3.
  • 2012 tax year prep.  Fee discrepancy.  Current year’s prep (FY 2013) will be at or perhaps above estimate(s).  Motion by Fred Lovine to account for possible budget ‘over-runs,’ to apply up to (and not exceed) $2000 additional toward 2012 / 2013 tax prep fees.  2nd by Dave Foresyth.  Passes 15-0-0.
  • Credit card machine discussion – for use at Shawsheen Fieldhouse to support concession and merchandise sales.  Review of vendors, considerations, prepared cost analysis notes.  BOD vote called for to approve use of “Square” as vendor of choice for credit card machine.  Motion by Lovine, 2nd by Elliott.  Passes 12-0-3.  When accepting credit cards, WYSA will have to remember that a minimum charge amount is necessary to ensure we don’t run the cc program at a ‘loss.’


VP of Administration:

  • Member Advisory Committee is still meeting and working on some assigned takeaways (see August meeting BOD notes), a report should be readied for presentation to the larger BOD by October. 


VP Development:

  • The VP of Development is acting in a consultant role for Burlington Youth Soccer regarding the considerations / planning needed to implement hiring a Technical Director or Player Development Coach for their program.  Otherwise, business as usual as camps, etc. – have concluded. 


Technical Director Updates:

  • Field Day, good to go.  3v3 tourney closes (registration) on 8/31.  Some age groups lighter in registrations.


Field & Buildings:

  • Permits secured.  Fields can open on 8/25.  All nets are set up.  Fields are lined. 
  • Discussion about replacing our currently used Loam filler that town uses on fields.
  • Tony will investigate budget and replacement of 11v11 netting for frames on field # five (5).  He will also investigate costs of De-fib machines and replacement parts.
  • Lining the field to commemorate Breast Cancer awareness month (October) – e.g. – painting center circle or technical area pink … to do by WYSA in October. 



  • We look good for snack shack resources.  Handful of people to cover in addition to Ray.  However, Mondays / Tuesdays – not going to open b/c we lost money on it last season.  Looking good for possible volunteers (2-3 people), Sundays are a huge concern and if BOD members don’t run it … then we should not run it for Sundays.
  • Shack is ready to go, all clean.  We will be getting more inventory this week in anticipation of opening.  We will be using Pie-zano’s again this year as our Pizza vendor.



  • Last minute registrations still a concerns in terms of overall volumes.  Grade two (2) girls still low.  Co-eds at this point, not enough registrants to field a program.  Plan A option in lieu of getting enough WYSA players = get other town’s kids to join; Plan B is investigating if Travel would be of interest, Plan C is playing small sided games.
  • We will need seven (7) or so volunteers for that first day on Pre-K and Kinder open of season (9/14) where uniforms are handed out, last minute registrants are signed up that day, etc.


Revs Update:

  • We have a 10/25 outing.  We are trying to sell tix on both Field Day as well as at a player appearance on 10/2.  We will promote this through our September newsletter.



  • We are ready for the season.  Nothing to add.


Travel Refs:

  • Still weighing the structure / set-up of a retention program for our Travel Refs.
  • In lieu of a Travel Ref meeting – we are having Refs do some ‘self-study’ of hand-signals and rules, etc.  Refs providing their availability schedule to our Travel Ref Assignor as we speak.  This is the more common approach in the Fall whereas in the Spring season we have Travel Ref meetings.  Regardless the 1v1 interaction and discussion at the fields on game day is ongoing and more critical.
  • We may line “Technical Areas” on the field in addition to continuing with having our spectator lining of fields.


Intown Refs:

  • Goal is to have an average of three (3) assignments per kid per season.  Our two pre-season Intown ref meetings were well attended.


Wilmington High School Summer Program Update:  by VP of Admin – in short WYSA has helped facilitate this program over a stretch of years, the program was ‘profitable’ (past proceeds always have been donated to some charitable endeavor).  At a future date we will have to consider / discuss / approve how to direct any ‘profits’ / overage from the program.



  • All uniforms ready for distribution, Mark will need help getting them to the coaches’ meeting site. 
  • Spring Awards:  still not ordered.  Coaches have by 8/29 to get back to WYSA or else they will get nothing for their teams.
  • Yellow BOD shirts to be ordered for go-forward use with 2015 BOD members.  Will be ordered in Fall for Spring 2015 season.  Will be labeled with names / designation (BOD member).


8:13 p.m.  Motion by Genthner, 2nd by Snider to move into Executive Session.  Approved 16-0-0. 


9:29 p.m. Motion by Lovine, 2nd by Elliott to leave exec session.  16-0-0 passes. 

9:29 p.m. Motion by Lovine, 2nd by Elliott to adjourn.  16-0-0 passes. 



Respectfully submitted,

Jon Snider

WYSA Secretary