WYSA BOD Meeting

August 2014

8/3/2014 @ July 4th Building



Attendance: M Doherty, D OMahony, M Raguccci, J Maiella, T Genthner, T Card, R Elliott, E Flynn, T Almeida, M Fischer, J Fitzler, D Foresyth, F Lovine (6:03pm), R Regan (6:04pm)


Absent:  Snider, Gentile, Masiello

Started 6:00pm


President: Reviewed

  • BOD feedback on 2015 BOD candidates
  • Elections for a couple executive positions, no candidates for VP player development
  • 8 names for candidates (email, phone discussion)
  • Thanks to BOD for coverage while he’s been traveling on business



  • No minutes to review
  • WYSA Schedule Reviewed and Fall dates solidified for varying initiatives (Field Day, Season Start, Revs outing, training, etc.).



  • Finances look OK, as expected
  • Frames and other approved expenses put us over budget slightly.  Have approved reserves to pay for expenses
  • At next meeting 8/24, BOD will vote finances at next meeting for May, June, July


VP Admin:

  • No update


VP Development:

  • Clinics starting this week, 8/4.  Will close or ask Eric Duda to close
  • Mike to work with Ray to make sure concessions are open



  • Waiting for additional registrations and volunteers to fill teams and coach positions
  • Approx 340 vs 530 from last Fall


Field Day Update:

  • Confirm tables and tents
  • Melissa and Dina leading volunteers and baskets for raffles
  • Target 40-45 teams for 3v3
    • 15 teams so far
  • Approx $1,500 in sponsorships
  • Concerns
    • Workload, need BOD help to fill gaps
    • Need to solidify BOD help at Field Day
  • Risks
    • Baskets (60 last year) and Silent Auctions
  • Dick’s Sporting Good
    • R Elliott building relationship, customer appreciation day will show them if Wilmington is a good investment, Tom hoping they will sponsor 3v3 in the future.
  • Follow up
    • BOD sign up for coverage
    • John will follow up with Ray and Tom
    • Ask membership for silent auctions



  • John will follow up with Ray – no updates at this time.


Serve Safe:

  • Need food safety certification that will allow us to sell concessions
  • Foresyth will look at test requirements for ServSafe®


Other (New Business):

Field layout:

  • Same as Spring



  • Travel arriving Aug 20th, 50-75% complete, will try to distribute at Travel coaches meeting
    • Uniforms segregated by teams for delivery
    • Late adds – will not have uniform for start of season
      • Resolution – buy jerseys with 100 which will be loaner uniforms
    • Replacement uniform form needs to be posted to WYSA website
      • 2 week turn around, could be as short as 2 days
  • Intown, order 340 to cover current registrations, increased orders by 20% to cover additional registrations
  • 100 Pre-K balls ordered



  • 550 inventory
  • Mark will order more


Membership Feedback:

  • Feedback from varying BOD members concerning how to ensure the BOD is approachable to membership and best ways to understand or learn of any of their concerns.  Certain WYSA Board members will work with and refer this concern to the Membership Advisory Committee (MAC) for future discussions or / and action items.  Suggestions to maintain and promote visibility with membership were also discussed, including ideas like putting BOD members’ pictures up on the WYSA website; constantly walking the fields and chatting with members, etc.


Online merchandising (My Locker):

  • Need to order new BOD shirts
    • Send size to Mark
  • My Locker service through Sports Pilot
  • Mark site will track:
    • Users, merchandise revenue, commission to WYSA
  • Fully customizable product can be ordered anytime will ship from site
  • What is warranty from My Locker?


Credit Card Machine: viability of use at Field-house for concessions and merchandise – discussed.  Outline of initial options / information as follows:

  • BoA machine
    • $600 for machine, $5 month per month, 1.5-3% fee
  • Alternate supplier is approx $320
  • Straw proposal to look at credit card options: Tom to work with Fred and Mark
    • Come back to BOD with proposal



  • Yes we will schedule practice
  • When will we reach out to coaches?  After we place coaches tonight.  Target to send request to coaches week of 8/4.
  • Spring Season Travel Awards reviewed, language for apparel (jackets / sweatshirts) finalized, confirmed, approved.


8:30 p.m. – Motion by Fitzler to move to executive session, 2nd by Foresyth. 14-0-0.

8:55 p.m. – Motion to leave executive session, 2nd by Foresyth.  14-0-0.

8:56 p.m. – Motion to adjourn, 2nd by Foresyth.  14-0-0.