Wilmington Youth Soccer Association

Month of May BOD Meeting


Fourth of July Building



Present: Tony Almeida, Tom Card, Melissa Doherty, Rob Elliott, Mike Fischer, John Fitzler, Dave Foresyth, Eric Flynn, Dina Gentile, Tom Genthner, Fred Lovine, Joe Maiella, Ray Masiello, David O’Mahony, Mark Ragucci, Bob Regan, Jon Snider

Guest / Technical Director:  Rob Holliday

Guests:  Bob Beck (6:20 p.m.), Michelle Malfa, Jim Cadogan, Bob Folk (6:34 p.m.);



  • 6:06 pm – Quorum of 10 BOD members - meeting called to order by John Fitzler
  • 6:07 – 6:53 p.m. Card, Regan, Maiella, Flynn, Almeida, Foresyth, Masiello arrive
  • All who were present in attendance by 6:53 p.m.






  • BOD members, please remember to canvas the fields, actively.  Watch games, interact with parents & kids, stay on top of things. 
  • Review of Field Closure protocol & communication amongst BOD members. 
  • Field conditions discussion regarding quality of fill used on field.  Update on flashing & siding for FH (FH fixes).  Lock on chain for Shawsheen gateway entrance not working.  To address ASAP.
  • Discussion on U14 PPEs and possibility of forming Dual Age Teams: update and explanation provided to Bob Beck.  We have formed a Dual Age Policy for U14s as part of the Travel Policy.  This happened a few months ago.  We will follow that model going forward.  How that impacts team formation in the immediate and future years, depends.  Ultimate goal:  form teams of like skilled players regardless of age.  As tryout evaluation data is collected, this will be a factor in driving the decision to form some, none, all dual age teams in either the Boys or Girls group.  10 minute discussion with Guest (Bob) and listening to his thoughts on the subject.


Guests’ discussion:  6:35 p.m. – 7:21 p.m.

1)  Concerns expressed about ongoing communications of Dual Age plans with membership, e.g. – in the past when first discussed in 2013;

2)  Concerns expressed about “breaking up” kids who have in some instances played 4 years together;

3)  Concerns expressed about kids quitting b/c of this Dual Age proposition;

4)  Kids’ comfortable in their environment and teams they play on, expressing some fear of change that may (or not) occur;

5)  Concerns expressed that at too young of an age (13/14 years of age) kids are being forced into a construct (Dual Age) that could / should come later in life (more competitive environment, e.g. - High School);


7:22 – 7:25 PM:  BREAK


7:26 PM resumption of meeting:


New Business:  FAQ Documentation regarding PPEs is going out in the next 24-48 regarding the Travel Placement / Tryout process, will go out via email to Travel Coaches and via website posting,



  • Motion to approve April 2014 general & executive session meeting minutes.  Snider motion, 2nd by Foresyth.  Motion passes 14-0-3



  • Discussion of March 2014 financials.  We will motion them later in the week of 5/5/14 via email vote.
  • Discussion of Credit Card online registrations and data security with our current vendor.  BOD re-visiting standards / rules around processing, accessing, recording, storing data (where even applicable).


VP of Administration:

  • Update on the May 16th deadline for providing HS with our results / recommendations regarding HS Scholarship winners.  Voting @ sub-committee / BOD level pending.
  • Update regarding progress of ticket sales for Breakers games.


VP Development:

  • Camps update for Summer 14.’  Working toward finalizing.  All okay.


Technical Director Updates:

  • In conjunction with BOD members (VP Development & Admin), discussing a way to formerly ‘recognize’ HS volunteers from this past year (e.g. – publish a group photo, etc.).



  • May 14th:  Middlesex Annual Meeting, ideally WYSA should show to represent its five (5) votes on any issues that will be voted.
  • May 18th (Sunday) are the Placement Evaluations, call to arms with a request of all BOD members to please volunteer that day, that week.
  • Communication plan for Placements shared with BOD.  Seems extensive.  Newspaper, Facebook, Twitter, Website, WOM, flyers / postings at school(s), etc. 



  • Fundraiser(s) at a restaurant, e.g. – Chilli’s restaurant in Wilmington.  Shoring up hard dates.  Events will occur in next 4-5 weeks. 


Travel Refs:

  • Spectator lines on fields paying large dividends in terms of keeping parents off from fields while watching games and interfering with flow of game, etc.  Goal to keep painting / re-painting throughout course of season.



  • Thanks to coaches / BOD members who have assisted in covering coaching teams without coaches (e.g. - where normal coach volunteers cannot make it due to conflicts like 1st communion, etc.).

Intown Refs:

  • Kids doing a good job.  Special recognition of two referees who moved games to an adjacent open field where current scheduled field too ‘unplayable.’


Field & Buildings:

  • No updates.  Working on flashing for FH.  Will be fixed in the next week+.



  • Double sided pinnies ready for PPE.
  • Score contract ready for BOD to look at for their FYI purposes.  Provided.  Will finalize by Memorial Day Weekend. 
  • Online order forms developed, by Fall season will implement this program. 
  • Online Merchandise sales discussed at high level, ability to sell online 24/7 via current registration vendor to be discussed in August 2014 at the BOD meeting.
  • Working toward getting a debit card machine for concessions at the Shawsheen Fields.



  • No updates.  Always looking at vendor relationships for food.


New Business:

Registrar:  family registration ‘process,’ desired.  Proposal:  One userid (login) & associated password per family versus families having each individual (parents, kids) with distinct & separate userids & passwords.  Simple rationale for doing so:

  • Currently, parent confusion at time of registering certain kids, using wrong userids / passwords which associates / ‘places’ kid into wrong program (e.g. – putting a U10 boy into his U12 brother’s age group).  Then, less clean-up / confusion for WYSA Admins (e.g. – Registrar, Travel Coordinators) with data in our registration system.


Motion by Doherty, 2nd by Foresyth to move to a new family registration process through SportsPilot.  Motion passes:  17-0-0.


Registrar:        Question on Travel late fees.  Will we have one for the Fall 2014 / Spring 2015 year?  What is the amount? 

                        Answer:  Yes.  $30.00.  As an FYI item, date to be communicated from Travel to Registrar.  Will also coordinate for the upcoming Travel Season – when registration in SportsPilot will be ‘turned off’ for online registrations.


9:01 p.m. – Holliday leaves.


9:02 p.m.  Motion by Fitzler, 2nd by Snider to move into Executive Session.  Approved 17-0-0. 


9:14 pm – Motion by Snider, 2nd by Foresyth to adjourn. Motion passes 17-0-0.

9:14 p.m. – adjourned


Respectfully submitted,

Jon Snider

WYSA Secretary