Wilmington Youth Soccer Association

Month of March BOD meeting 3/2/2014

Fourth of July Building



Present: Tony Almeida, Tom Card, Melissa Doherty, Rob Elliott, Mike Fischer, Eric Flynn, Dina Gentile, Tom Genthner, Fred Lovine, Joe Maiella, Ray Masiello, David O’Mahony, Mark Ragucci, Bob Regan, Jon Snider


Absent:  John Fitzler, Dave Foresyth,


  • 6:00 pm – Quorum of 9 BOD members - meeting called to order by Jon Snider
  • 6:06 p.m. Regan arrives
  • 6:10 p.m. O’Mahony arrives
  • All who were present in attendance by 6:10 p.m.





President Agenda items for discussion:

  • Where do we stand specific to Snack shack / concessions volunteers and paid help?  Answer – need more resources, goal is to ensure we have weeknight help.  Still looking.
  • Where do we stand specific to required permits for coaches meetings, education sessions, referee training, field usage, etc. etc?  Answer – either all secure or in pipeline and forthcoming in the days to come.
  • Where do we stand specific to the Field-House and the lack of power, phone, etc.?  Answer – hoping to get the digging, wiring, & service back up in the next month+ - we’ll get help from the Town once they can move snow and dig in the ground.
  • How do we wish to address the potential season start date of Saturday 4/5/14 where our normally scheduled (next) BOD meeting would not be until a day afterwards.  BOD agreed to hold next BOD meeting on 3/30/14.  Secretary will post to website.



  • Snider motion, Elliott 2nd:  To approve January General & Exec Session meeting minutes.  Passes 12-0-2.



  • Month end bank statements for Feb 2014 not available in advance of the 3/2/2014 BOD meeting.  Only the Month End Bank balances to discuss, provided to BOD already.  We will vote & approve February financials in our next BOD meeting.


VP of Administration:

  • GNO overview:  attendees ranged from age 8 to 27, Merrimac College Players attended – quite special.   Six (6) towns represented.
  • College Education session:  50 registered attendees with local college coaches secured.


VP Development:

  • Permits for April Camp & Summer Camps, we are looking good.
  • Quick overview on the initiation of video-taping session for our training library.
  • Winter training going well – numbers about the same as last year.  Looks like we will exceed our initial revenue forecast.


Technical Director Updates:

  • Review of Technical Director Internship program being launched for this Spring 2014 season.  Goal is to get graduating HS school-kids who are moving into a future concentration of coaching, Sports Administration, as Interns.
  • This Internship program runs coincident with WYSA trying to get HS volunteers, generally - - and we are ‘advertising’ for certain roles for certain age groups / program times.



  • Travel brought to the BOD’s attention discussions at the Middlesex League level regarding new, automatic suspensions for red-carded players.  League wanting to impose automatic sanctions at more than just 1 game (suspension).  Asking for feedback from the towns.  WYSA BOD consensus is to keep MYSL rules at a 1-game automatic suspension for any red-carded player.
  • Travel its subcommittee will be meeting before the next BOD meeting to discuss the League’s “Player Pass” system and how to administer it, communicate it to coaches, while from Travel’s perspective ‘balancing risk (of abuse, e.g) against opportunity” for kids to play up.  Will advise the BOD of its decision and discuss as necessary from there. 
  • Travel Subcommittee addition:  motion by Regan, 2nd by Flynn, for Julie Eich to join the 2014 Travel Subcommittee.  Discussion on candidate’s level of interest, engagement, experience & background as both a Soccer player and interested WYSA member.  Passes 15-0-0.


New Business Update:

By Bob Regan regarding the Yentile Farms development program.  Ideally for those interested in field space for sports programs, to show up to advocate for such!  Bob & a couple other BOD members went to the last Yentile meeting.



  • Updates provided on a series of ideas developed by the Fundraising Committee this past week.  For example, restaurant promotions (‘meals night out’).
  • General discussion of what equals ‘advertising’ for purposes of managing to any Fund-raising initiatives on-site at the Shawsheen School complex.  Concern with appropriately targeting efforts in this area.  The School system won’t allow certain types of advertising at its property (e.g. – hanging signs).
  • Applications for grants submitted to local businesses.  Update provided.
  • Manner of advertising our sponsors via push documentation like emails was raised, discussed, and a decision was made to discuss this further as a future agenda item (perhaps) in upcoming BOD meetings.


Travel Refs:

  • Overview of ref Database Issue and its accuracy and reconcilations Travel Ref Coordinator must make.
  • Provided an overview of how refs are assigned in the Spring versus the Fall, basically the local coordinators assign ARs whereas the League assigns Center Refs.
  • Discussion around question of how to shepherd (a ‘bridge program) kids into Travel Refs program from the Intown program.  Discussion about how we can support our current refs with our BOD game day presence.



  • At a 412 headcount for current numbers; uniforms are in - we have just a bit of excess to apply as needed for late registrations – obviously would need to order more if necessary.


New Business:

  • U8 tournament participation of WYSA membership (2nd grade players) and any position the WYSA Board should promote or adopt specific to this.  Balancing of concerns with inclusiveness versus competitiveness.  Proposed language as follows, arising from BOD’s discussion:


WYSA U8 Tournament Guidelines

The Board of Directors (BOD) of the WYSA, in accord with the BOD of the Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association (MYSA), opposes traditional "travel" soccer programs and leagues, as well as traditional tournament play for U8 players. As such, the WYSA discourages coaches and players affiliated with the WYSA from participating in such play, with the following exception:


U8 teams may participate in a jamboree-type division in a tournament that has been sanctioned by the MYSA with the following requirements:


a. Scores or standings shall not be kept or posted in the U8 division of the tournament;

b. U8 players/teams shall not be required to travel more than 20 miles;

c. WYSA coaches shall offer all of the players on their most recent WYSA intown roster a spot on such teams (and may otherwise expand such tournament rosters at their discretion);

d. U8 teams may only be charged participation fees that cover just the direct costs of their division; and

e.  Rosters must be approved by a member of the Intown Committee.


Motion to appove, Elliott, 2nd by Maiella: passes 15-0-0.


Intown Refs:

  • Intown Referee coordination is being transitioned to Joe Maiella, request has been submitted to update email and website contact information.
  • Referee registration for the spring 2014 season opened on 12/1, we have 86 referees registered already, right on track with expectations.  Registration cut off is 3/1/14.
  • Work with Merchandise is complete, 2014 referee jerseys were ordered at half the cost. Green jerseys have been delivered and are at the field house for referee training sessions.
  • Referee Training Sessions will be held in the Shawsheen Cafeteria on 3/22 and 3/29, followed by travel referee training. Permit has been received.


Field & Buildings:

  • General discussion on usage of Woburn Street fields in the Spring and what should WYSA expect for access.  For any Saturday afternoon games, an extensive discussion on the mechanics of how to move frames on & off, and how best to secure them.
  • There was discussion of a possible future need to get additional supplies for use at the Woburn Street Fields, including:  more sand bags, spikes for frames, dollies, a storage locker for dollies.


New Business:

  • NE Revs – season ticket-holder pre-season event on 3/5/14.
  • FYI item on Home opener discount ticket offer.



  • Close to finalizing contract with Score Sports for all our uniform needs with the program.  Relationship thus far with our CA based vendor (to – be) is going well.


8:03 p.m. - Snider motion to move to executive session, 2nd by Regan.  Passes 15-0-0.

8:20 pm – Motion by Gentile, 2nd by Snider to leave executive session


Final General Session Business:

Final General session business:  6v6 frame replacement.  F&B feels there is a need to replace at least 1 set of frames.

Further discussion on state of frames, overall cost, need, and what is in the budget to spend.

Motion by Almeida, 2nd by Elliott to purchase two sets (4 total) of 6v6 frames, with a total purchase cost not to exceed $6000.00.  Motion passes:  14-1-0

Motion by Lovine, 2nd by Flynn to allocate $6000.00 from reserves toward the purchase of prior motioned 6v6 frames.  Motion passes: 14-1-0.


8:30 pm – Motion by Regan, 2nd by Elliott to adjourn. Motion passes 15-0-0.

8:30 p.m. – adjourned


Respectfully submitted,

Jon Snider

WYSA Secretary