Wilmington Youth Soccer Association

BOD meeting 2/9/2014

Fourth of July Building



Present: Tony Almeida, Tom Card, Rob Elliott, John Fitzler, Dave Foresyth, Dina Gentile, Tom Genthner, Fred Lovine, Joe Maiella, David O’Mahony, Mark Ragucci, Bob Regan, Jon Snider


  • 6:00 pm – Quorum of 10 BOD members - meeting called to order by President John Fitzler
  • All who were present in attendance by 6:41 p.m.


Absent:  Melissa Doherty, Mike Fischer, Eric Flynn, Ray Masiello






  • Administrative concerns discussed, with specific focus on prepping timely for BOD meetings and providing updates in advance of the meetings.
  • In terms of individual goal setting for 2014 – keep it simple.  Focus on, and document, where there may be any gaps in either controls, processes, or policies.  Start with a focus on executing your area’s basic accountabilities. 


6:04 p.m. Ragucci arrives

6:35 p.m. O’Mahony arrives

6:41 p.m. Almeida arrives



Review of Calendar and future WYSA events / deliverables.  No updates provided to current calendar.  Meeting minutes (Regular & Exec session) from January 2014 BOD meeting – will provide via email for BOD members to vote.



  • Discussion and review of January 2014 monthly budget. .  Motion by Lovine to approve January 2014 budget.  2nd by Snider.  Motion passes 9-0-2.


VP of Administration:

  • GNO update.  On track.  SAC Packs created.  Event has been communicated.  Continuing to promote.  Please promote to membership.
  • College night update.  Adding an additional element to it.  Breakers players attending.  Coach of their development program will also attend.
  • Motion by Gentile to approve Membership Advisory Committee (MAC) for Wilmington Youth Soccer.  Members (proposed) include Mike Mercier, Dina Gentile, Caryn Goulet, Melissa Briggs, John Grace.  2nd by Elliott.  Motion passes, 8-0-3.
  • Discussion on comprising the Scholarship committee with the following volunteers:  Bob Beck, John Fitzler, Eric Fortier, Dina Gentile, Fred Lovine, Jon Snider.  Motion by Gentile, 2nd by Elliott.  Passes 9-0-2.
  • Concussion awareness discussion.  We already promote and educate around it.  Past year or so.  Wilmington Board Of Health – asked we provide 411 on what we do @ this time, to the BOH.  That entity is asking we continue to provide education around this, to our members, etc.  There was extensive discussion around what WYSA may want to provide for further education or awareness raising beyond what we do already (already post 411 on website, already cover it @ coaches meeting, already adopted 1.75 years ago a concussion policy we work toward enforcing).  Takeaways – immediate = build out of coach education materials @ respective Intown / Travel Coach meetings.


Technical Director:

  • Futsal updates, U12 boys – only six (6) signups.  As it is currently proposed / constituted – we may have to scuttle the program.  Thoughts to address immediate concern include starting the program later in March, or / and combining U12 & U14 boys together to play.  Another idea is to give the space to a younger age group.  U16-U18s may be a good option as well.



  • Want to initiate gym time request for March 2014 sessions for Travel.   Working to that.
  • Want to get Woburn Street fields for Saturday afternoon games.  Working toward that.



  • Tom Card looking for additional non-BOD members to be on the fund-raising committee.  Also looking for volunteers, generally.  Some names were offered up to investigate as leads.
  • Fundraising has found two (2) grant opportunities they will be applying for by end of February.
  • Fund-raising committee will be from 5-7 members.  Tom motioning current members, to build FRC.  Motion to include Tom Genthner, Tony Almeida, Fred Lovine.  Card motion, 2nd by Dave Foresyth.  Motion passes 9-0-4.
  • Expiring sponsorships addressed.  Tom working to contact current sponsors to see if they will re-up or not.


Travel Refs:

  • Travel ref assignor class, attended today.
  • FYI item, MA license recerts for refs – there is a 5 minute concussion video link that Refs have to complete as part of their recertification.




  • Sitting at 379 kids, 20% down from goal numbers.  Coaches needed, still.
    • Revs update:  season ticket holder event in March.  More details forthcoming.


Partnership update:

  • Re-emphasis on outings, looks like we will sponsor two (2) events for the Breakers.  They are at Harvard Stadium again.  Let’s promote !



Intown Refs:

  • Training on March 22nd, 29th will occur.


Field & Buildings:

  • Still no power @ FH.  Once we have better weather, we will be in a position to make fixes.  A big thank you to George Hooper for helping WYSA negotiate this concern in advance of Spring season.  Let’s hope that good weather will be here soon enough to dig a new trench, wire to the building, etc.



  • In process of finalizing orders for Intown (49 additional uniforms needed) and Travel Uniforms (HS aged kids).
  • Orders being processed this week.  New uniforms (Travel) look great.


New Business:

  • Old records – employing process to destroy old WYSA paper records such as registration information.  Fred Lovine has worked through all the materials he received in the ‘hand-off’ to him from the prior Treasurer / Registrar.  He has separated relevant items and will destroy them in the next month using a secure system (privacy vendors’ secured document destruction bins).
  • Desire for use of Google Docs for non-profits:  free resources available to help businesses manage documents, store key documents.  Treasurer will build toward this -  Lovine will spearhead.



7:55 p.m. Motion by Fitzler, 2nd by Snider to move to executive session. 

13-0-0.  Approved.


8:18 p.m. Motion by Snider, 2nd by Regan to leave Executive Session.  Approved 13-0-0.

8:18 p.m.  Motion by Snider, 2nd by Regan to adjourn.  Approved 13-0-0.



Respectfully submitted,

Jon Snider

WYSA Secretary