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Wilmington Youth Soccer Association 2018 Scholarship Information

The Wilmington Youth Soccer Association (WYSA) is proud to announce up to four scholarships will be awarded this year. Each of the scholarships will be for $1,000.  The scholarship program is open to all graduating seniors of Wilmington, MA. that have participated in the WYSA soccer program.  Each candidate must submit the following items:

  • a completed application (with additional sheets, if needed) signed by the applicant;

  • a copy of the applicants High School transcript which includes grades at mid-year of  the Senior Year;

  • one letter of recommendation from a non-relative who is a resident of Wilmington or a school teacher or administrator.

  • an essay (1-2 pages) describing:

    • 1) The impact of participating in the WYSA program has had on you

    • 2) Describe in detail the volunteer activities you've performed for WYSA and the impact you've had on WYSA

Scholarship applications are available at the Wilmington High School's guidance department or under the 'Association/Scholarship Application' section of  the WYSA website: www.Wilmingtonyouthsoccer.org or http://wilmingtonyouthsoccer.org/page.asp?n=86451&org=POP.WILMINGTONYOUTHSOCCER.ORG 

Completed applications and materials must be received (postmarked or emailed) no later than Friday, April 27, 2018 to be eligible.  The above referenced items should be emailed to: VPAdministration@wilmingtonyouthsoccer.org and Manny.wysa@gmail.com

Or mailed via USPS to: 


 PO Box 107, Wilmington, MA. 01887