Wilmington Youth Soccer Association
BOD meeting 8-24-13
(September Meeting)
Fourth of July Building
Present: Mike Fischer, Ray Masiello, Marianne Gallezzo, Eric Fortier, Eric Flynn, Rob Elliott, Bob Regan, Dina Gentile, John Fitzler, Melissa Doherty
Absent: Rob Holliday, Jon Snider, Fred Lovine, Dave Foresyth, Amy Young, Tom Genthner
Meeting called to order by President John Fitzler (6:06)
President: Fitzler

  • Focus upcoming weeks on start of the season and Field Day
  • John reiterated Saturday field responsibility, 3hr shift per BOD member with idea to not have too much overlap of BOD resources on site at all one time
  • Be aware during Saturday, refs, parent, coaches and players
  • Fiscal forecasting
    • Try to breakdown per player cost for future analysis
    • Discussion ensued about merchandise and uniforms in relation to finances
  • Board openings – will need to talk with interested members
  • Will need to set AGM date and agenda
  • John commented on secretary (Jon Snider) is working on CORI
Treasurer: Gallezzo

  • No update
  • Wrapping up audit
  • Regan wanted to look at prior financial to validate some Travel numbers, etc.
VP Administration: Fortier

  • Field Day update
    • Still recruiting volunteers
    • Ask for BOD members availability
    • Will discuss posters with Anne Fitzler
    • Will need additional cash boxes
    • Ask Fred to contact DPW for delivery and setup of tents
    • Additional donations are still coming in, still need silent auction items
  • Discussion about girls WYSA high school summer program profit donated back to girls high school program
  • Motion by Fortier 2nd by Gallezzo to donate all profit from the girls WYSA high school summer program to the girls high school soccer program.  Vote failed 1-9-0
  • Motion by Elliott 2nd by Flynn to donate half of the profit from the girls WYSA high school summer program, and donate the second half based on Field Day results, to the girls high school soccer program.  Vote passed 10-0-0
  • Dina talked about promotion of Breast Cancer awareness activities through the girls high school soccer program
    • WYSA will help in promoting activities
VP Development: Fischer

  • April Camp - $1075 profit
  • Summer weekly Clinics ended this week - 167 players -Net profit looks like ~$7300
  • MYSA 4 Day Clinic went well - 66 players - $990 Profit
  • Summer Camps went well and closed this week  - 81 players - will close on profit in the coming weeks with Challenger.
  • Preparing for Paid Team Training next week (4 teams).
  • Contracts in place for Pre-K and Kinders program, Team Sessions, and PDP training.
    •  We will be using Challenger and Mass Youth this fall
  • Working on securing space for the Winter Clinics
Travel: Regan

  • Preparing for Fall season to start
  • Will be assigning practice slots again this fall
  • MYSL coaches meeting this Wed (7:00)
  • WYSA coaches meeting Tuesday September 3rd
  • Travel subcommittee met
    • Discussion of high school age teams player movements, concerning late adds
    • Discussion player placement post team approval, specifically players from other towns
    • Discussion ended with Regan coming back with language for policy change
    • Discussion for dual age U14 tabled
Intown Refs: Elliott

  • Fall Registration is closed and 93 referees have signed up for the fall
  • All payments have been handed out from the spring
  • Inventory of ref shirts, whistle and lanyards was completed for the fall season and shared with merchandising, additional jerseys will need to be ordered for spring
  • Referee/coach assessment cards have been received and are at the field house
    • Please make sure that coaches are turning in completed cards with appropriate feedback, process is useless otherwise
  • Message to intown referees will be delivered next week for referee training sessions
  • The 8/17 training session has been completed. One additional session on 8/2 is scheduled to be held (no permits needed, outside training)
Intown: Elliott

  • Prep for the fall season has begun
    • Need to prepare coach bags (ice packs, med kits, etc)
    • Schedules have been created
    • Field usage needs have been shared
  • Current registration number for the fall season at 474 players, 98 coaches on 38 teams with a 5% bump expected before 9/7: (current levels (comparison to last fall))
    • Pre-K; Boys 30 (+30), Girls 19 (+19)
    • Kinders; Boys 61 (+1), Girls 43 (+1)
    • 1st Grade; Boys 67 (-13), Girls 53 (-12)
    • 2nd Grade; Boys 61 (+1), Girls 67 (+17)
    • 3-5; Boys 30 (-2), Girls 22 (+7)
    • 6-9; COED 18 (-1)
  • Registration reminder has been sent
  • Fall patches have been ordered and are at the field house
  • Jersey inventory for the Fall has been completed
    • Intown committee to work with merchandise to fill as many teams with existing stock as possible
    • Discussion will need to be continued with BoD as to remaining back stock of uniforms and changeover to new company based on merchandise findings
    • Possible donation to programs outside of the country
  • Intown Coach shirt inventory is complete, work with merchandise
  • Kinder/Pre-K ball order to be placed for new programs in fall, keep an eye on expenses, only new players to the program receive ball
  • Pugg net pegs will need to be repaired (again), order for new pegs will be needed
  • Who is available for Intown coaches meeting
  • 12 high school coaching volunteers
  • Should we reach out to high school players at the Shawsheen Tech
Merchandise: Doherty

  • Fitzler asked about contract from AAE concerning online merchandise – will look into
  • Still need to build content on website
Fields and Buildings:

  • Hope to get nets up on Monday
Concessions: Masiello

  • Actively looking to fill slots for weeknight and weekend
Motion by Elliott 2nd by Regan to enter executive session (8:37).  Vote passed 9-1-0
Motion by Elliott 2nd by Flynn to exit executive session (8:54).  Vote passed 9-1-0
Motion by Fischer 2nd by Gentile to adjourn (8:54). Vote passes 9-1-0
Respectfully submitted,
Eric Fortier
WYSA Vice President Administration