Wilmington Youth Soccer Association
BOD meeting 12-09-2013
Fourth of July Building
Present: Melissa Doherty, Rob Elliott, Mike Fischer, John Fitzler, Eric Flynn, Tom Genthner, Dina Gentile, Fred Lovine, Ray Masiello, Bob Regan, Jon Snider, Amy Young, David O’Mohoney, Mark Ragucci, Tom Card, Joe Maiella, Tony Almeida
Absent:  Marianne Gallezzo, Eric Fortier, Dave Foresyth
  • 6:00 pm – Quorum of 12 current BOD members plus additional four (4) new BOD members- meeting called to order by President John Fitzler
  • All who were present in attendance by 7:05 p.m.
Opening remarks: 
President:  welcome to new BOD members; thank you for volunteering for the program.  The President presented a high level review of upcoming evening events specific to voting BOD positions; and provided an overview of BOD responsibilities as well as what is suitable executive session discussions and business with a focus on what is and is not appropriate to discuss in general session.  Some key points when discussing BOD responsibilities were that BOD members are vanguards for the program and must exercise discretion and ‘good’ behavior at all times (be a model citizen representing the program).
Motions for the following:  1)  Motion to approve October general session BOD meeting minutes; 2)  Motion to approve November general session BOD meeting minutes; 3)  Motion to approve October executive session BOD meeting minutes; 4)  Motion to approve November executive session BOD meeting minutes. 
Motions by Snider, 2nd by Elliott.  Motions pass, 12-0-0. 
Treasurer update:  President Fitzler pinch-hit and discussed overall November budget concerns, more specifically a discussion concerning pending items yet to be paid (vendor fees, e.g.). 
New Business:
There is at least one contested position that needs to be voted on – the VP of Admin role.  Two candidates are vying for this role, Eric Flynn & Dina Gentile. 
A general question to all BOD members in the room … is there anyone else interested in the VP of Admin role, or any other role where there would be two (2) or more interested parties such that a specific vote would need to be taken?  Answer:  no. 

Voting – VP of Admin role:
Gentile presented her case for being elected to the position, 20 minute discussion, Q&A.
Flynn presented his case for being elected to the position, 15 minute discussion, Q&A.
25 minute BOD discussion regarding both candidates, both candidates were not present for this discussion.  Vote taken.
Gentile elected by BOD to serve in VP of Admin role.
Voting – full WYSA BOD ‘slate’ of positions to fill, presented by Fitzler as follows:
President John Fitzler
VP Admin Dina Gentile
VP Development Mike Fischer
Secretary Jon Snider
Treasurer Fred Lovine
Travel Chair Bob Regan
Travel Coordinator Eric Flynn
Travel Coordinator Dave Foresyth
Travel Ref's Tom Genthner
Intown Chair/Intown Ref's Rob Elliott
Intown Coordinator Joe Maiella
Intown Coordinator Dave O'Mohoney
Concessions Ray Masiello
Merchandise Mark Ragucci
Registrar Melissa Doherty
Field & Buildings Tony Almeida
Fundraising Tom Card
Amy Young leaves meeting.
Discussion amongst all ‘new’ BOD members, slate then motioned by Fischer with a 2nd by Flynn.  Further discussion - then voting.  Motion passed, 15-1-0
Voting – BOD approval for Emeritus positions:
Discussion to elect Emeritus positions to leverage experience / assistance of prior BOB members & volunteers – goal is to help administer WYSA business.
Motion by Fred Lovine, 2nd by Tom Genthner to approve Marianne Gallezzo as Emeritus Treasurer.  Motion passes, 15-0-1
Motion by Melissa Doherty, 2nd by Jon Snider to approve Chuck Otis as Emeritus Registrar.  Motion passes, 15-0-1.

VP Development
  • Mike Fischer presentation.  Closing the loop on Winter Futsal offerings, we had zero (0) GU14 sign-ups for Futsal, as noted this timeslot for gym-time has now been allocated to the Kinder program.
  • Development would like to promote through WYSA a MA Youth Soccer offering.  It is slightly different than a tournament, and the offering would be participation in the “Mass Youth Open Cup.”  The goal is to have WYSA representation in varying age groups U10-U18, where this is a ‘higher profile’ event to participate in at the state level.  Development received the okay to promote this in varying manners, including emails, website postings, etc.
  • Fred Lovine presentation.  Next steps for FY 2014 budgeting - get actual 2013 numbers from our budget for varying areas (e.g. – concessions, merchandise, etc.) for purposes of working to set 2014 budget numbers.
  • The Treasurer is working with, and will need to continue to work with, varying BOD member’s who from a budget standpoint, ‘own’ accountabilities related to budgeting & spending on behalf of WYSA and the business it administers (e.g. – concessions, merchandise, Travel, etc.).
VP Administration:
  • Closing the loop from the November WYSA board meeting, updates were provided on the Girl’s Night Out (“GNO”) committee and fund-raiser which was going to provide all profits back to WSYA membership in the form of a scholarship that will be established.  Two items to address:
  • Voting to approve the 2014 GNO committee:  a Motion was made by the VP of Administration, Dina Gentile, with a 2nd by Tom Genthner, to approve the following WYSA members for the 2014 GNO committee:  Marianne Gallezzo, Janice Fischer, Dina Gentile, Caryn Goulet, Amy Young.  Motion passed 13-0-3.
  • A second follow-up item was to discuss the criteria for the GNO Scholarship that applicants will have to fulfill to be considered, with a review of the scholarship application and documentation.  Key points of this discussion focused on:
    • Is the BOD ‘okay’ with the criteria, including for this upcoming year (2014), that this initial scholarship donation be extended solely to female applicants.
    • Will the WYSA BOD follow the same weighting criteria for slotting applicants and scholarship winners? (answer: yes, will follow the other WYSA ‘high school graduate’ scholarship weighting & award grant criteria).
    • Will the scholarship awards granted by WYSA for varying scholarship opportunities, be limited such that a candidate can only win one scholarship type versus another? (answer: yes, no ‘doubling up’ for prospective winners)
    • The scholarship application, cut-off, award dates need to be aligned with one another from one scholarship type to the next.
Motion by Snider, 2nd by Fischer to approve GNO scholarship application criteria.  Motion passes, 9-6-1.
Merchandise & Equipment:
  • ‘Hand-off’ responsibilities to Mark Ragucci:  continue to research vendor(s) we would order Travel Uniforms through.  Balance considerations such as quality, cost, cost to WYSA & membership, ease of doing business, etc.
Partnership updates:
Boston Breakers –
  • Dina Gentile reviewed partnership benefits from the past year, e.g. – access to Breakers players for 2-3 WYSA sponsored events throughout the year, access to the Dilboy field for WYSA sponsored ‘night out’ events we sold discounted tickets for.  Gentile is proposing for 2014 for WYSA to purchase the same package as last year – the increased (new) cost will be $1200 if we continue with our affiliation.  This matter will be discussed further and voted on in the January 2014 BOD meeting when we are setting / finalizing the 2014 budget.  We are estimating a $700 ‘cost’ to WYSA if we elect this package for 2014 with the Breakers.
New England Revolution:
  • Approximate outlay for our Bronze package should we continue on with our current relationship and strucuture would be the same as last year (2013 season).  The approximate initial outlay would be around $3600 before our selling tickets, sponsoring events, etc. – to make back monies on our outlay.  Based on carrying forward our 2013 success with this venture, the true cost to WYSA would be less than $1000.00.
  • This partnership will be discussed further and voted on in the January 2014 BOD meeting when we are setting / finalizing the 2014 budget.  For 2014, one key concern for both partnerships (Breakers / Revs) will be the funding outlay, as for 2014 this will be a budget item versus past years’ practices, where funding was based upon drawing down WYSA reserves.
Development / Technical Director updates:
  • CATZ Winter Programs:  U10 Session; U14 Session – both “Session 1” offerings were well received. Additional marketing will go out prior to Christmas for the second (January start) session.
  • Mass Open Cup discussion (follow-up points):  Mass Youth Soccer has set up an Open cup that is open to all Travel and Club teams who will not be participating in the State Cup (which is restricted to higher caliber club teams). The entry fee for the MA Youth Open Cup is $250 per team.  The PCD would suggest (reiterate) that WYSA open the opportunity to all teams in the organization, with the cost being born by Players/Parents as is done with regular tournament play.
9:58 p.m. motion by Bob Regan, 2nd by E Flynn to go to executive session.
10:56 pm – Motion by Elliot, 2nd by Snider to leave executive session.
10:56 pm – Motion to adjourn by Fitzler, 2nd by Fischer
Both motions pass 15-0.
Respectfully submitted,
Jon Snider, WYSA Secretary