Wilmington Youth Soccer Association
BOD meeting 11-03-2013
Fourth of July Building

Present: Melissa Doherty, Rob Elliott, Mike Fischer, John Fitzler, Dave Foresyth, Eric Fortier, Marianne Gallezzo, Tom Genthner, Dina Gentile, Ray Masiello, Bob Regan, Jon Snider, Amy Young, Fred Lovine
Absent:  Eric Flynn

  • 6:00 pm – Quorum of 9 BOD members - meeting called to order by President John Fitzler
  • All who were present in attendance by 6:17 p.m.

Vendor presentation:  Champions Choice.  30 minute presentation and Q&A session.
Merchandise & Equipment:

  • Discussion of varying vendor choices for 2014-2015 and / or beyond.  Run through of PPT presentation (overview) and potential vendors we could choose to do business with.
  • Takeaways for Merchandise:  continue to research vendor we would ‘source’ through with more updates and presentations to be made at future BOD meeting (e.g. – December).

Calendar Updates: set 6:30 p.m. on 12/9 (Monday) for next BOD meeting, Snider to secure usage of July 4th Building
GNO update – Dina Gentile: 

  • GNO revenue – donation to be made for WYSA – will give up to two (2) $150 scholarships to WYSA graduating High School students.  $200 from WYSA funds (GNO), and $100 from Beyond TOPS.
  • Application for scholarship and criteria for determining recipient TBD and followed up by email with discussion and voting for approval in next WYSA BOD meeting (December).

Revs Partnership Update:  Rob Elliot presented high level overview of Fall season events and the relationship.  All went well, decent turnout for Revs outings, some of the one-off Revs partnership promotions were attended (visit from Revs rep, Train with the Revs Academy, etc.)


  • Review of Calendar, set dates.  No meeting minutes for voting / approval.


  • Updates on interested candidates for BOD and specific BOD positions.
  • 2014 budget discussion:  all areas with need for monies and any possible spend items need to provide President with updates so BOD can best plan for 2014 in upcoming December / January BOD meetings.


  • Gallezzo – discussion of budget.  Certain billings to WYSA still outstanding, e.g. – Challenger, Middlesex fees, Travel Refs, Turf time, etc.
  • Kudos to Rob Elliot for securing some fund-raising funds for WYSA.
  • Vote to approve November budget, motion by Marianne Gallezzo, 2nd by Eric Fortier to approve.  Passes, 13-0-1

VP Admin:

  • Update on last fundraising initiative for Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Lots of volunteers, well enough attended.
  • Noted that both HS Soccer teams for Boys / Girls Varsity playing the week of 11/4/2013 starting on Monday.

VP Development: 

  • Preliminary Budget for 2014 Completed (Expense and Revenue) with a breakout of expenses done to illustrate how Intown, Travel and PCD activities are supported with our Technical Director’s time.  Approximately 20% to Intown, 30% Travel, 50% PCD initiatives.
  • Fall programs wrapping up, Winter programs open for registration and going well with notable exception of GU14 age group, same problem as last year in terms of Futsal registrations, e.g.  Will give until 12/1/13 to get at least 15 players and then will allocate any gym time to additional Kinder registrations.
  • Discussion concerning whether BOD would consider extending volume family discounts to PCD training initiatives (versus merely current practice of Intown or Travel program registrations).  Board okay in principle with the idea, but it would have to follow our formula for registration discounts to be consistent across the program.  To be further discussed / voted on in executive session.

Development / Technical Director:

  • Technical Director (TD) brought a vendor request to the BOD’s attention regarding “Crossfit” promotions.  BOD not in a position to actively promote this to membership.
  • TD noted high interest in Winter clinics at the Kinder level and too much current demand relative to available gym space and resources to support clinics, hence for now kids are being “waitlisted.”
  • GU14s – zero sign-ups so far for Futsal, need by December 1st fourteen participants to be signed up or else time slot will be given to Kinder groups.
  • All U11-U14 Travel teams were offered 2 sessions (with the exception of BU11-D and GU12-Mix who participate in TBG – they will get both MYSA sessions and TBG in the Spring). Coaches have taken to the sessions well – some have struggled with not taking the constructive criticism and feedback personally.


  • Sunday, 11/17/2013 for HS tryouts..
  • Dual age discussion.  Clarifications needed.  Proposal for Travel program to have dual age seeded teams for overall U14 age groups (both boys and girls) for the 2014-2015 travel seasons.  Agreement in principle by BOD to affect this change, but exact Travel Policy language is pending and forthcoming for either the December 13’ or January 14’ BOD meeting.
  • Interim motion:  by Regan, 2nd by Foresyth – as follows:

In the U13/U14 age groups teams will be a combination of dual age and single age.  Motion passes 11-2-1.  Travel Policy language TBD and voted on at future date.
Travel Refs: 

  • Season overview:  Games reffed: 143; Shifts assigned and covered: 283; Decline rate: 23.7%.
  • Ref evals from coaches: 286 possible evaluations (home & visiting coach for all games, center referee only); 52% or 149 of the 286 were submitted by the coaches.  Of the 149 ref evals completed 120 were very or mostly positive, 18 were somewhat positive  and 2 were negative
  • In order to get refs more work and experience, ARs are being assigned to U12 D3 and D4 games; this will only be done as resources allow and is subject to change from week to week
  • Coaches and parents perceptions & lack of understanding of the Laws of the Game continues to be an issue and in some cases is impacting the referee’s  ability to ref the games and to develop without undue pressure
  • Zero tolerance policy: from games witnessed coaches and parents are mostly restrained, but there is still quite a ways to go; much of the shouting from the sidelines is misplaced; it is clear most parents and many coaches do not understand the Laws of the Game and do not understand soccer is a physical game and contact is to be expected
  • The above issues seem to be more prevalent at U10 games; possible causes:
    • parents and coaches proximity to the players and referee
    • many coaches and parents/fans that are inexperienced in terms of youth soccer and why it’s important to just let the kids play and the referee ref
    • a larger number parents at U10 games relative to the number of players
    • parents feeling the need to coach (and ref!) from the sideline


  • Confirmed with Sportspilot that Uniform Size is now a mandatory field and needs to be populated going forward. It was not set that way in the past for our access.
  • Fall patches have been passed out to all grades
  • Jersey inventory for the spring 2014 season has been completed
    • Intown committee to work with merchandise to fill as many teams with existing stock as possible
    • Discussion will need to be continued with BoD as to remaining back stock of uniforms and changeover to new company based on merchandise findings
  • Intown coach shirt inventory is complete; no new coach shirts for the spring are needed. Potentially for the fall.
  • Kinder/Pre-K ball balls for the spring are upstairs, only new registrants for the spring who were not in the fall will get a new ball. Intown will run that list in the spring. Defective balls are being credited to our next order or replaced with balls to sell at merchandise
  • Pugg net pegs have been repaired; order for new pegs will be needed. Additional repairs will need to be on-going.
  • New WYSA Banners should be considered with future purchases
  • Grade 2 coach selection process has begun with intown feedback and player rankings
    • Intown Committee asking current HCs to allow interested ACs to head coach in the spring to grow our travel coaching population for 2014-2015 season
  • Additional education is needed for the membership on team assignment process, same issue as historical re: team stacking
  • Dates will need to be determined for opening of Spring intown registration, field take down and field house clean up.  Refund policy needs to be clarified and in writing on WYSA website in advance of proposed 12/1/13 registration ‘open’ date.
  • Intown to work with Travel and Training to determine TBG and Intown schedules for the spring. Registration opens in less than a month.

Intown Refs: 

  • At the time of the meeting 243 referee shifts will have been completed this season. The majority of the feedback we have heard is about using whistles loudly and control of the game.
  • Additional referee/coach assessment cards will need to be ordered for the spring
    • Please make sure that coaches are turning in completed cards with appropriate feedback, process is useless otherwise
  • Final Intown referee costs to be handed into to Treasurer soon and Payment pick up to be scheduled, roughly $1,800

Field & Buildings: 

  • Recent accomplishments include fixing lights in field house (again), fixes to golf cart, submitting permit requests for varying WYSA events (e.g. – AGM).
  • “Season shutdown” activities ongoing including:  storing frames and nets, canceling dumpster service, ordering new nets, shutting off H2O to fieldhouse, shutting off phone and cable service, etc.


  • Did a good job moving most of all perishable inventory by season’s end.  Barely anything to dispose of.
  • Revenues down from this Fall compared to Fall of 2012.  Likely - based on a couple things – less games at Shawsheen this past Fall, also not open as much because we could not get enough volunteers or hired help to keep the shack open.

9:07pm - Motion to go to Executive Session: Snider, Gentile 2nd.  Motion passes 14-0.
9:34 pm – Motion by Fortier, 2nd by Masiello to leave executive session.
9:34 pm - Motion by Marianne G, 2nd by Fortier to adjourn.
Both motions pass 14-0.
Respectfully submitted,
Jon Snider, WYSA Secretary