Wilmington Youth Soccer Association
BOD meeting 10-06-2013
Fourth of July Building
Present:  John Fitzler, Jon Snider, Eric Flynn, Marianne Gallezzo, Tom Genthner, Melissa Doherty, Rob Elliott, Mike Fischer, Dina Gentile, Bob Regan, Amy Young, Ray Masiello
Absent:  Eric Fortier, Dave Foresyth
  • 6:01 pm – Quorum of 10 BOD members - meeting called to order by President John Fitzler
  • All who were present in attendance by 7:35 pm.
Guests:  Tom Card, David O’Mahoney. 
  • Review of calendar and pending November events (AGM, High School age kids WYSA Travel tryouts, next BOD meeting)
  • Discussion of any go-forward WYSA involvement with local cable shows on WCTV
  • Discussion of placement (roles) for current and pending BOD members after November AGM
  • Review of Calendar, set dates.
  • Motion to approve September 13’ WYSA BOD meeting minutes, Snider – motion, Flynn – 2nd.  Motion approved 11-0
  • Review of Fall fund-raising highlights (for VP of Admin), profit of approx. $4400 on our 2nd annual WYSA field day.
  • Pink Olympics review (Dina Gentile), realized $500.00 in profit with 30-40 participants.  WYSA received a lot of great help from the High School girls soccer team members.
  • Gallezzo – discussion of budget.  Certain billings to WYSA still outstanding, e.g. – Challenger fees, Spring awards payments to apparel vendors / AAE
  • Trends with revenues – concessions way down compared to October 2012.  To save money we have been shutting down concessions on Tuesday nights.
  • Discussion of reserves numbers, need to move monies to pay for upcoming expenses where there is a short – term revenue ‘shortfall.’
  • Vote to approve September budget, motion by Snider, 2nd by Flynn to approve.  Passes, 10-0-1
VP Development: 
  • Working toward a purchase of a video camera and equipment to tape training sessions/clinics to make available to our Coaches.  Looking into ability to host it somewhere, e.g. – a site like inside soccer, WYSA, or maybe a WYSA presence on YouTube.
  • Based on our turnout on field day with the 3V3 tournament and a net profit $880, looking to expand the number of times we host this type of event each year.  For example, we can look at doing this during the summer as well to generate additional revenue.
Travel Refs: 
  • In order to get refs more work we have assigned ARs to some U12 D3 and D4 games; this will only be done as resources allow and is subject to change.
  • Currently mining roll-up data from the MYSL site and ref evals to get an understanding of how WYSA assigned refs are performing.  This ability to view data is a new wrinkle.
  • To-date, a 53% completion rate for evals on WYSA refs, general feedback is kids need to “trust their instincts,” “get louder on their whistles.”
  • Thinking of further education initiatives for the kids (refs), including pushing out a ‘rule of the week’ and any video link.  Dual goal of educating parents as to the game they are watching.
  • Multiple travel policy language changes proposed for voting, as follows:
  1. Change to process for forming High School age Spring Travel teams, with idea of teams being formed first in a specific manner, coaches then slotted accordingly.  Proposed language motioned by Regan, with 2nd by Flynn regarding section III.A.11.B of policy:
Each Travel Team in the U15-U19 age group range will be determined by the following process:
a.   The Technical Director will be invited to provide feedback on all age brackets
b.   The Wilmington High School soccer coaches (Varsity, JKunior Varsity and Freshman) will be invited to provide evaluatory feedback on players on their teams.  A lack of HS playing experience or a lack of coach feedback will not be a negative placement data point.
c.   Coaches will collaborate with Travel on roster review night to set rosters based on: Player Placement Evaluations,  any High School coach or WYSA Technical Director feedback, and any other relevant placement data
d.   If there will be more than one team placed in Division 2 of the league WYSA participates in, WYSA will attempt to balance those teams in terms of overall skill/ability.
            Motion passes: 10-0-2
  1. Change to travel policy language to account for placing kids onto travel teams at a mid-year point in the season (between Fall / Spring season) while balancing roster sizes and accounting for fairness in any placement process.  Proposed language motioned by Regan, with 2nd by Flynn regarding section V.b with the following new language to be added as section V.b.(v) and V.b.1-3:
b.   Players eligible for roster changes are limited to those that are available in the following hierarchical order with number one (1) being considered first: …
(v)   EXCEPTION TO THE ABOVE GUIDELINES:  The single exception to items b (i)–(iv) above is in the event there are available roster spots and a player moves to Wilmington and is new to the program (has not participated in WYSA for over 12 months) then s/he will be eligible as if s/he met the criteria in b(i)–(iv) and therefore eligible to be placed by WYSA onto an available team appropriate to their level of play if and only if the following criteria (1-3) have been met:
1. The player has participated in at least two sessions with WYSA players of his/her age group.  These could be, for instance, training sessions, tournament games or organized scrimmages.  Each of these sessions must be at least 50 minutes in duration, and two or more coaches of the age group must provide written evaluation of the player (including placement recommendation) based on their observation(s).  At least one of the coaches evaluating must coach for a team in the Middlesex division in which the player will be placed, or in a higher division (e.g. – it is not acceptable for a coach in D2 and a coach in D3 to recommend a player be placed on a D1 team, but it is OK for a coach in D1 and a coach in D2 to recommend the player play on a team in D1, D2 or a team in D3 or lower).  When placing this player, in no event will players on current rosters be moved down.
2. The Technical Director and/or VP of Development must evaluate the player and provide a placement recommendation
3. The Travel Chair and appropriate boys or girls Travel Coordinator must have no less than 2 day advance notice of the player’s participation in any evaluatory session.
Motion passes 13-0-0.
  1.  Clarifications made to travel policy to address the timing of placing players onto rosters in two separate instances, before Fall season start (after tryouts); and between Fall and Spring season.  Clarifications made to account for clear(er) communication as well as fairness to kids in the placement process and to clarify Travel Committee’s, Travel Coordinators, Coaches’, and BOD roles in the process.  Motion by Flynn, 2nd by Elliott regarding proposed section V.c.1 & V.c.2 of the travel policy, language as follows:
c.1.  Roster changes that occur between player placement evaluations and the start of the season (Labor Day in the Fall and the first Saturday in April in the Spring) can be made by the Travel Committee if approved by the Board of Directors.  Rostered players may not be involuntarily moved to the roster of a lower seeded team to facilitate roster movements.
c.2.  Any roster changes after the start of the season (Labor Day in the Fall and the first Saturday of April in the Spring) must first be discussed between the coach of the team with the opening to be filled and the Travel Program Coordinator(s). Rostered players may not be involuntarily moved to the roster of a lower seeded team to facilitate roster movements. When requesting players currently playing on travel teams, coaches may only request eligible players from teams seeded lower within their age bracket. The Travel Program Coordinator(s) will then confirm the need.
Motion passes 11-1-1.
  • Extensive discussion regarding placing Dual Age teams for kids in the “U14” age group (U13 & U14 aged players).  Idea to move away from current WYSA practice of always placing distinct single age teams in this age group (i.e. – U13 players in 7th grade on one team, U14 players in 8th grade on one team).  Based on concerns with the numbers of players to field teams in an overall U14 age group, as well as the ability to field competitive and balanced teams.  Concerns noted with past age groups from prior years and disparity of talent distribution on single age rosters where only 1 team within a given age group could be placed (e.g. – could only place 1 single U13 team) as well as concerns with how WYSA had to place such teams in the MYSL league (e.g. – had to place a max roster size of 18+ kids and had to place into a lower division).  Acknowledgement that forming teams is sometimes as much an art as a science and we don’t want to ‘force players’ onto certain teams they otherwise need not or should not be on b/c of talent gaps in that age group (e.g. – player who would otherwise be on a lower seeded division team having to play on a higher seeded team, or vice versa).  Idea to address this at the D1 level and with “#1” teams (moving to dual age).  Unsure if this would be extended to teams beyond a #1 WYSA team.  Majority of BOD agreed in principle to moving to a Dual Age model for U14 age groups for both boys and girls, with Travel Coordinators to further research the issue and propose future changes to Travel Policy (language).
  • Through week 4, all is going well both on Saturday and Sunday programs
    • We did not pass out coach bags this fall as TBG handles all the cones. Med kits and ice packs are being passed out as needed. This should save us some waste and lost equipment.
  • Final registration number for the fall season at 535 players, 120 coaches on 38 teams. This is a 26% increase from Fall 2012. If you remove the pre-k program, is it a 12% increase.
  • Request to BOD members for help with creating / distributing a SportsPilot “registration document” for users (membership) to reference when initially getting into SportsPilot to register their children, make edits to their profile and information, etc.
Intown Refs: 
  • Fall Registration is closed and 93 referees have signed up for the fall
  • Inventory of ref shirts, whistle and lanyards was completed for the fall season and shared with merchandising, additional jerseys will need to be ordered for spring
  • Referee/coach assessment cards have been received and are at the field house
    • Please make sure that coaches are turning in completed cards with appropriate feedback, process is useless otherwise
  • 108 referee shifts have been completed so far this season
  • We have a WYSA patch shortage that we are working to address for tournament-bound teams.
  • The “Cleats for Kids” initiative is close to up & running and an email to membership is required.  Ditto for a web posting to tout this program.
Field & Buildings: 
  • Year end concerns looming, including:  fixing golf cart, ordering new nets, closing the field house, getting permits for the AGM.
  • Recent accomplishments include fixing certain lights at FH, installing a new net on our vandalized kick-back, fixing a bathroom hand-dryer, getting our MTOC state champs plaque delivered and readied for installation at the Shawsheen Fieldhouse.
  • Discussion regarding staffing.  This past Tuesday, like most – closed b/c no staffing and paid help.  Same happened for this past Thursday.  Problem with getting reliable, paid help to work at the Shawsheen Fieldhouse.
Development / Technical Director:
  • Team Sessions:  positive feedback on all current hired WYSA team session training coaches.
  • PDP:  sessions have been very well received. U9 group (7 players) is the only group with low attendance. Session attendance is above 90%. WYSA will also look to run PDP programs in the Spring season.
  • CATZ Winter Programs + Field Sessions:  WYSA will once again be partnering with CATZ to offer off-season programs from November to February.
  • CATZ will be coming to Shawsheen next week to run clinics with players Tuesday-Thursday. They will run 20 minute sessions with U9 and U10 Training by Grade teams on Thursday and will run a clinic for U11-U14 players on Tuesday
9:15 pm - Motion to go to Executive Session by Genthner, 2nd by Lovine. 
Passes 13-0-0.
9:16 pm – Amy Young leaves.
10:07 pm – Motion by Lovine, 2nd by Snider to leave Executive Session.
10:07 pm - Motion by Fitzler, 2nd by Flynn to adjourn.
Both motions pass 12-0-0.
Respectfully submitted,
Jon Snider, WYSA Secretary