Wilmington Youth Soccer Association
BOD meeting 5-05-2013
Fourth of July Building
Present: Melissa Doherty, Rob Elliott, Mike Fischer, John Fitzler, Eric Flynn, Dave Foresyth, Eric Fortier, Marianne Gallezzo, Tom Genthner, Dina Gentile, Ray Masiello, Bob Regan, Jon Snider, Amy Young
  • 6:01 pm – Quorum of 10 BOD members - meeting called to order by President John Fitzler
  • All who were present in attendance by 6:15 p.m.
Absent:  Marianne Gallezzo
Introduction:  Quick visit and discussion with guests – the WYSA program Summer High School program trainers.  Discussion and run-through of the Summer program’s elements and schedule, with no substantive changes from last year’s (Summer 12’) structure.  In short, there will be Monday – Friday sessions, with games on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

  • Discussion of some short and mid-term WYSA goals and progress towards them, more specifically:
    • Are we on target for Player placements, along with meeting dates for both Roster Night and subsequent Coach selection / Roster approvals by the BOD?
    • A further, substantive discussion on Board Member roles relative to the Treasurer and Registrar position will need to occur by year’s end, ideally by the Fall Season
  • A budget discussion concerning Spring Awards for 2013 was had.  No monies allocated or available at this time.  General discussion whether to provide them, overall consensus given time / cost / resources was ‘no.’
  • Snider presented meeting minutes for April 12’ – BOD decided to pend voting / accepting them until next (June) meeting
  • Moving next BOD meeting to June 17th Monday, ideally at the Villanova Hall for a 7 p.m. (or so) start time
  • Clarification as to the Summer HS training program – it will start on June 24th.
  • Discussion carried out by Fitzler, April financials reviewed.  Motion by Snider, 2nd by Lovine to accept April Financials.  Passed, 10-0-4.
  • No Registration update provided, Travel and Intown were comfortable with current registration trends for Fall 2013 (and beyond) season.
VP Admin:
  • Successful 50/50 raffles conducted in April, and winners noted and with one exception (to-date), identified and paid out.  WYSA will be donating approximately $900 to the ONEFUNDBOSTON charity.
  • Attended most recent TOPS Board meeting and covered concerns such as their current / ongoing need to need to utilize WYSA’s registration system to administer their program; WYSA’s website for their program announcements; reliance upon WYSA membership for continued volunteers for their program.
  • Annual WYSA Scholarship program nearing completion for 2013 candidates / winners.  The application deadline was extended through end of day, May 6th.
  • Further information on the High School Summer program – will run about 7 weeks.  For the Girls, hoping to break even or realize some ‘profit’ which will then be invested / donated to the Wilmington High School Girls Soccer Program.  Motion by Fortier, 2nd by Snider to approve HS training program with profits to be donated to HS and non-profit organization(s).  Pass, 13-0-1.
  • Field usage for Summer 2013:  All parties will need to coordinate and communicate regarding the use of the Soccer fields over the Summer of 2013, e.g. – WYSA Summer offerings like clinics and any boys High School “Captain’s Practices.”
  • Pending goal for VP Admin, over Summer 13’for pending Fall season – to formulate a used Intown uniform donation program.
VP Development: 
  • Pre-K program, proposed for Fall 13’.  Details:  7 week program with professional coach(es) from one of WYSA’s vendors.  Coaches would help organize & run sessions, teach volunteer parents, etc.  Sunday is the proposed day of the week for these sessions.  Motion made by Fischer to establish Fall Pre-K program, 2nd by Dina Gentile.  Motion passes: 14-0.
  • Kinder program (like Fall of 12’) proposed.  Updates – may get professional coaches if #s support it, will have static fee structure relative to past fees charged to membership.
  • Winter Clinic updates:  late registrations generated an Additional $1040 in Revenue for 2013. This was not in our Revenue plans for 2013. The overall program generated ~7.6K in “profit” of which most counted in 2012.
  • April Camps were a success - 58 Campers split between half day and full day generating $1,075 in profit. This does not include any Concessions profit.
  • Summer Camps/Clinics
    • Permits in place for late Aug Challenger Camps - British and Tetra Aug 19-23. Sign up's are underway.
    • Permits in place for Week night clinics - July 8-Aug 22 - Will open registration in a few weeks to allow time between Travel/Intown Registration and this program. Don't want to overload the membership.
    • Conflict with permits for 2nd Camp dates 7/29-8/2 - Plan was to offer a Mass Youth program depending on the feedback from the April camp. The feedback has been very positive thus far. Working on options and alternatives. Will need to generate a contract once a plan is agreed to. Can get a permit for the following week 8/5-8/9.
  • Pick up Soccer Started for Grade 2
    • Girls - Mondays @ 5PM.  Dina is the point person for this.
    • Boys Tuesdays @ 6PM.  Mike is the point person for this.
  • Coaches player Evaluation Guidelines established and rolling out to U8-U13 coaches
  • Working with Travel committee on communication of Player/Coach placement changes to the membership and Coaches. Need to roll this out before PPE's take place.
  • Working on kicking off Parent education night - tied to Travel Program evaluations for Fall 13 / Spring 14 season.

  • On target for dates of Player Evaluations, currently looking at May 19-21, and May 28th-29th.
  • Travel Education and Parent Education Night – looking at May 16th to do this.
  • Posting information regarding tryouts, have to follow our rules and ensure we have provided information to the website (yes) and local newspaper(s) [slotted for this week of 5/6 for publishing).  , etc. – ASAP …
  • Consistent with prior BOD votes to change the process for administering PPEs and player and coach selections, motion to approve and ratify formal changes to Travel Policy language, sections II.(i) – (l), as well as section III, generally.  Motion by Regan, 2nd by Foresyth.  Motion passes 10-2-2.
  • Brief discussion relative to Travel Policy updates, to revisit in the Summer of 2013, language regarding selection & approval of Travel Team Assistant Coaches.
Travel Refs: 
  • In terms of travel refs, May 4 is the busiest day of the season for WYSA.  32 shifts have been assigned and accepted.  That is a lot!  It is a credit to our organization to have so many quality refs in our program who continue to be flexible and responsible and willing to continue to progress as travel refs.  Many other towns in the area struggle mightily with getting all games covered.
  • All new refs have now attended mandatory ‘shadow’ sessions and nearly all have done at least one game as an AR.   These refs will progress to lower division U10 CR shifts once they have demonstrated their ability, confidence and assertiveness as ARs.
  • Kudos to Caryn Goulet for helping cover travel refs while I was in Ireland from 4/12-4/19!
  • One of our former Grade 9 refs has recently become a new Grade 8.  This will be very helpful as she is one of our more experienced refs and is now qualified to take on ever more challenging games.
  • Issues w/the MYSLref database, the Mass ref db and disconnects between those and the MSYL scheduling db’s continue to be the cause of major frustration for virtually all who use them.  These ‘tools’ seem to be the root cause of many of the inefficiencies related to assigning refs and scheduling/rescheduling games.
  • Assignments so far this spring (not including makeup games):
    • 62 AR shifts assigned for U14 and U12 games.
    • 43 CR shifts assigned for U10 games
    • Over 27% of shifts initially assigned have had to be reassigned due to shifts being declined for various reasons.
  • Overall, feedback regarding travel refs continues to be very positive.  Only one incident reported so far this season.

  • Currently 455 players registered, 3 players above the pace for 2012 spring figures
    • Short falls in: BK (-6), GK (-4), B2 (-3), G2 (-14)
    • Increases: G1 (+15), B1 (+2), G3-5 (+9), B3-5 (+4), Co-ed (even)
Intown Refs: 
  • 154 referee shifts have been completed so far this spring. 40 referees have been scheduled for games this coming Sunday 5/5
Revs update:  52 so far
Merchandise & Equipment:
  • Food drive – will coordinate and shoot for date of 6/8/2013 (Saturday).
  • Online merchandising with AAE
    • Awaiting final mock up from Vendor of website (AAE contracted this out)
  • Merchandise stock at field house completely accessed and organized
  • Travel Uniforms
    • Contacted We Got Soccer and received information
    • Contacted Reading Trophy- wants onsite meeting
    • Contacted ScoreSports- sending uniform samples
      • Need to determine next steps and if we move with serious discussions and choosing a vendor for Fall 2014
Field & Buildings: 
  • Field Committee proposed to study varying concerns with developing / acquiring / using space for WYSA program going forward.  Proposed members for Committie for upcoming year:  Fred Lovine, Eric Flynn, Mike Fischer, Ed Riekstins, Rich Stuart.  Motion to form committee comprised of these proposed members.  Motion by Lovine, 2nd by Young.  Motion passes:  14-0-0.
  • Still need someone for “Saturday close” at the Field House Snack Shack.  Pursuing options to hire additional or new employees.  Until then, BOD members have to coordinate and oversee and ‘own’ this function.
Development / Technical Director:
  • MA Youth Soccer camp for Summer:  may need to move dates b/c of conflicts with already permitted activities.
  • Looking to get sponsors to house Independent Evaluators for a couple weeks in May.
  • Travel Education night:  from Development’s standpoint, going to present information on nutrition; expectations for parents regarding their first time ‘exposure’ to the Travel program, as well as what our program would have for expectations for parents entering the Travel program (Code of Conduct concerns, supporting program, etc.).
New Business: 
  • Sunday High School games, particularly if a WYSA team is playing down at Shawsheen:  Travel will coordinate getting flags up on the fields as well as opening and closing bathrooms.
  • Memorial Day parade and WYSA participation:  will we have a presence this year?  There are many conflicts with varying BOD members’ time given tournaments and travel plans.  All BOD members will reach out to former BOD members and current coaches to see if they are interested (may entail using WYSA golf cart in the parade).
8:49 pm - Motion by J. Fitzler, 2nd by J. Snider to go to Executive Session:  Motion passes 14-0. 
9:49 pm – Motion by Eric Fortier, 2nd by Eric Flynn to leave executive session.  Same as to to adjourn. 
9:49 pm – Motion by Eric Fortier, 2nd by Eric Flynn to adjourn.
Both motions pass: 13-0-0.
Respectfully submitted,
Jon Snider
WYSA Secretary