Wilmington Youth Soccer Association
BOD meeting 4-07-2013
Fourth of July Building
Present: Melissa Doherty, Rob Elliott, Mike Fischer, John Fitzler, Eric Flynn, Dave Foresyth, Eric Fortier, Marianne Gallezzo, Tom Genthner, Dina Gentile, Ray Masiello, Bob Regan, Jon Snider, Amy Young
  • 6:00 pm – Quorum of 10 BOD members - meeting called to order by President John Fitzler
  • All who were present in attendance by 6:10 p.m.
  • Fred Lovine arrives at 7:31 p.m.
GNO update – Dina Gentile: 
  • Net gain of $500+ for service provided.
  • Will use portion of that to provide towards WYSA scholarships.
  • No cost to WYSA to run.
13-0-1 Motion by Elliot & 2nd by Fortier to give 4 NE Revolution tickets to Legal Emeritus for charity / fundraising endeavor.
Revs Partnership Update:  Rob Elliot.  .
  • Snider motion to approve March 2013 minutes, February and March 2013 Executive Session minutes.  2nd by Elliot.  Motion passes 10-4.
  • Snider update on the CORI & Korrio check and registration process for clearing WYSA volunteers for Spring season.  Discussion regarding go-forward process and program needs.
  • Gallezzo – discussion of budget.  March was a slow month on all sides (Income and Expenses).  No notable budget items in past month to key on.  Motion by Gallezzo to approve March 2013 financials, Snider 2nd:  Passes 9-0-5.
  • Registration update provided with trends analysis on current Intown age groups.  Less 4 players, same across all of Intown age groups as compared to Fall 12’ season.
  • Brief discussion of April Camps and update on # of registrants , Holliday update with note we are trending quite high at this time, 48 sign-ups thus far.

  • Kudos to all on BOD and membership, discussion of opening day events with feedback from all regarding how things went.  General discussion regarding what to do better, whether there were any takeaways, observations, etc.
  • GNO acknowledgement.  Well done, well received.  Ongoing promotion of program year round a good idea, inclusive of making information of event available to other towns.
  • MA Youth AGM attendance by WYSA representatives.  Educational and informative.  Significant improvements being made to Lancaster facility and surrounding area.
  • Middlesex Presidents meeting attendance by WYSA reps in March 13.’  Ongoing discussions regarding go-forward league budgeting issues and impact to member towns.  WYSA staying vigilant regarding MYSL meeting attendance including attendance at MYSL Annual General Meeting.
  • Update on WYSA Executive Session meeting regarding short, medium long –term goals.  Review and high level discussion of the following topics:  organizational planning, restructuring of executive roles, updates to Bylaws, documentation of policies / procedures for all Board roles & areas.
  • Goals discussions for WYSA Board:  discussion around 10% budget review initiative with goal of streamlining WYSA spending, with emphasis on next 0-3 years focus on the WYSA budget.
VP Admin:
  • General discussion regarding HS volunteers and ensuring we continue to pursue communicating opportunities to kids.  Discussion regarding centralizing that management function in WYSA.  One BOD will coordinate going forward.
  • WYSA scholarships and WYSA Scholarship committee – information posting to local paper pending, information made to attention of WHS, and posting of information to WYSA website updated.
  • High school summer program proposal will be motioned in the May BOD meeting.  Charlotte Jensen and Brianne Bozella will attend to reintroduce themselves and discuss the program (along with Rob Holliday).
  • Fundraising:  subject to getting volunteer help, the following are the immediate goals
  • 50/50 raffle proposal for equipment
    • $2 per raffle ticket (every 5 tickets purchased at the same time get one free)
    • will run two raffles.  Will try to reach our $500 goal raffle #1, everything above the $500 will be second drawing (high goal to reach another $500)
    • will run 3 or 4 weeks (still debating), starting week 3
    • Successful cleat exchange again, this year.  Self – running, thanks to Deb Marzi.
VP Development: 
  • Exploring alternative Service provider options while Validating our current one
    • Spring Team sessions & April Camps -  Mass Youth Soccer
    • Contracts with Mass Youth Soccer for Both are complete
    • Summer Camps (British and Tetra) will be run by Challenger
    • Summer Clinics run by WYSA
Development / Technical Director:
  • 7 Wilmington residents took the most recent WYSA sponsored E license course with MA Youth Soccer.  We are looking to do more, including Summer NSCAA courses (e.g. – Level 1 or 2 goal-keeper course).
  • Indoor Futsal successful for most part.  Feedback from kids U12 & under – good idea from standpoint of just giving kids the opportunity to ‘play’ without too much structure.
  • MA Youth April camp – need to get kids’ medical waiver / 411 to allow registrants to actually participate.  Tuesday 4/9/13 is deadline to get information.
  • Summer Programs discussion:  issues / changes – for U5 through U12 want it to all be run by Professional Coaches and gender specific (mutually exclusive Boys vs. Girls sessions).  U14 and above, in a month’s time will poll relevant membership to see if that age group wants some type of Summer Program.
  • Motion:  Mike Fischer, Rob Elliot 2nd, to establish Summer clinics for U5-U12 players.  Passes 13-0-1 pass.
  • 650+ passcards generated since last BOD meeting, all rosters reconciled and sent to all coaches in advance of season.
  • FYI – over 30 field closures across the league, all games will take place on June 15th.
  • MYSL Player Pass system will be adopted for coaches to use as necessary for Spring season.  Eric Flynn will track the specific kids in WYSA who are participating in the program so as to comply with League requirements.
  • Timing of player placement evaluations.  Thinking of doing them in May, prior to Memorial Day weekend.  Need to get registrations locked down in advance of that and communicate accordingly to membership (on / around May 1st ).
  • Travel Policy language changes to be voted on in next week by the BOD.  Language proposed extensively discussed by time needed to digest and vote on.
Travel Refs: 
  • Weekend of 4/20/13 has 27 games, largest amount of home games this year.  Need to prep in advance as a Board.
  • Ref mentors will be at fields that weekend to assist with viewing games.
  • BOD members need exercise extra due diligence watching games & refs.
  • Intown numbers trending identical to prior year at this time (currently around 437).  May exceed it by season start.
  • Intown coaches meeting feedback has been well received to date. Many thanks from the coaches for having uniforms and packet ready on the same night
  • Shawsheen will need all hands on deck for Saturday 4/6
    • All materials for season still packed away
    • Nets and Frames still need to be installed
    • Many one off process need assistance, e.g.
      • Kinder balls for new players
      • Additional jerseys for new players
Intown Refs: 
  • Primary and Back Up Referee Training has been completed
  • 83 Referees completed training and are ready for the spring season
  • Remaining payments (6) to be handed out ASAP
  • Inventory of ref shirts, whistle and lanyards completed and shared with merchandising
  • Message to intown referees delivered to those who would like to referee at the travel level
  • 40 referees have been schedules to begin on Saturday 4/6
Merchandise & Equipment:
  • Working on online merchandising with AAE
    • Discuss more details at May BOD meeting
  • Intown uniforms received and distributed
  • Travel uniforms received and distributed
  • Merchandise stock at club house completely accessed and organized
    • Weekly liquidation sales need to take place – weekly emails to be sent to membership, e.g. – for excess stock of t-shirts, white beach towels, socks, hats
  • Spring Awards – will we have them?  To further research options, player pictures offered as an option assuming no front end costs for WYSA.
Field & Buildings: 
  • Hot water heater and electrical issues at Field-house.  Will be addressed week of 4/8/13.  Need wiring of outlets, and to test system.
  • Discussion regarding implementation of Turf Fields in Wilmington and WYSA’s role relative to that.  Proposal to form an exploratory subcommittee on particulars such as cost, site requirements, etc.
  • Hiring:  weeknights are covered for Snack Shack coverage.  In process of hiring for Saturday coverage.  Will be re-advertising our need for the position.
  • New offerings for concessions and general pricing discussion held.
  • No concerns with annual inspection, passed and all set for Spring season.
9:05pm - Motion to go to Executive Session: Flynn, Foresyth 2nd.  Motion passes 14-0.
9:46 pm – Motion by Genthner, 2nd by Doherty to leave executive session.
9:46 pm - Motion by Masiello, 2nd by Fortier to adjourn.
Both motions pass 13-0.
Respectfully submitted,
Jon Snider, WYSA Secretary