Wilmington Youth Soccer Association
BOD meeting 3-03-2013
Fourth of July Building
Present: Melissa Doherty, Rob Elliott, Mike Fischer, John Fitzler, Eric Flynn, Dave Foresyth, Eric Fortier, Marianne Gallezzo, Tom Genthner, Fred Lovine, Ray Masiello, Bob Regan, Jon Snider
Absent:  Dina Gentile, Amy Young
  • 6:01 pm – Quorum of 9 BOD members - meeting called to order by President John Fitzler
Guest:   Bob Beck – discussion of CPR / AED course for Board Members and Coaches, 1 of 2 dates to choose for 1.5 hour course.  New protocols since 2011 for both course.  Bob will run course, Fred Lovine will solicit attendance.
GNO update – Melissa Doherty:  WYSA donations for raffles discussed, WYSA proposes to donate varying merchandise to the event.
Motion:  By Melissa Doherty, for WYSA to donate up to $100 worth of merchandise for Girls Night Out event on March 24th.  2nd by Ray Masiello.
Motion passes 11-0-2. 
Revs Partnership Update:  Rob Elliot.  For 6/2/13 – one of two possible dates for WYSA sponsored nights out.  Likely would have access to the rally tunnel, the 1st 2-5 teams who commit to attending.  Cost will be at $27 per ticket.  For current March games, WYSA won’t prioritize as it is too early in the season.
  • Snider – motion to approve Feb 2013 minutes, Elliott 2nd.  Passes 12-0-1.
  • Snider – motion to approve February through March Executive votes, Regan 2nd.  Passes 13-0.
  • Gallezzo – motion to approve February 2013 financials, Regan 2nd:  Passes 11-0-2.
  • Registration update provided with trends analysis on current Intown age groups.

  • On March 24th Mass Youth Soccer will have their annual general meeting, John will attend with perhaps one other WYSA designee.
  • Middlesex League towns having a President’s Meeting to discuss state of League fees and financials information as presented to all town programs within the league.
  • Goals discussions for WYSA Board:  discussion around 10% budget review initiative with goal of streamlining WYSA spending, with emphasis on next 0-3 years focus on the WYSA budget.
VP Admin:
  • Discussion of High School Scholarship program and proposed changes to the program relative to criteria weighted in review, the allocation of the scoring system for all candidates, etc.  Takeaway, to document further the changes to the program, for further WYSA Board discussion, ratification, and subsequent communication to prospective applicants.  Specific areas of concern are:
    • The Essay portion of the application;
    • Recordkeeping relative to prospective applicants, for example, years of Travel Referee experience;
    • How the program and criteria is made known to future applicants.
  • Motion: by Fortier to accept proposed changes to current HS Scholarship program as presented, 2nd by Regan.  Motion passes 11-0-2.
  • Beyond TOPS overview and discussion relative to what ongoing support WYSA can provide them through 2013 regarding the frequency and ongoing use of the WYSA registration system, the need to assist with other routine needs such as the allocation of field space, and setup / breakdown of the fields for TOPS players.  Fortier to meet with Beyond TOPS program leads to further discuss ongoing WYSA / TOPS relationship.
Development / Technical Director:
  • See agenda updates.  Key points reiterated:
    • As things currently stand we could be losing our sponsored MA Youth E Course Licensing venue
    • Winter sessions update, all consistently attended with exception of the GU14s.
VP Development: 
  • Waiting for April contract with Camp vendor (MA Youth)
  • Lengthy discussion regarding updating Travel Tryout / Coach Placement process, i.e. – affecting change to placing kids onto teams first, then picking coaches afterwards (U9-U14 teams only).
Motion by Fischer, 2nd by Regan to provisionally accept changes to current coach / player placement process; to place kids first and then place coaches second, subject to program changes and Travel Policy changes then being drafted and approved at future date.  Motion passes:  12-1-0

  • Bob Regan: WYSA will offer gym time later in month.
  • Tryout dates for Fall 2013 / Spring 2014 season may get moved to month of May, TBD subject to further approved Travel Policy changes.
  • Still monitoring and working on concerns regarding League’s placement of our BU14-3 team.
Intown:  Rob Elliott provided the following:
  • Intown registration lag compared to last year at this time, off 10%.  Suspects uptick in registrations within next couple weeks.
  • Intown Coach meeting all set for date / time / venue (March 27th date).
Intown Refs: 
  • Primary and Back Up Referee Training Dates set (3/16/13, 3/23/13).
  • Permits secured for Shawsheen Cafeteria for these dates.
  • Referee registration is now closed and we currently have 68 refs for the spring season, assuming they all come to training.
  • Remaining payments (6) to be handed out at the referee training sessions.
  • Inventory of ref shirts, whistle and lanyards completed and shared with merchandising.
Merchandise & Equipment:
  • Melissa Doherty noted that all needed Intown and Travel uniforms have been ordered and all should arrive timely prior to season’s start.  Uniforms should be ready prior to respective programs’ pre-season coaches’ meetings.
  • Medium and Large Travel socks have been ordered, same for Intown.  We should be all set here.
Field & Buildings:  Fred Lovine provided the following
  • Field layouts discussed and finalized, manner of field layouts and use dependent upon getting permits to use certain fields (e.g. – Woburn Street for Saturdays).
  • Discussion regarding ordering certain nets and types of netting for frames.
  • Proposed 1x week for bathroom cleanings by cleaning service.
Travel Refs: 
  • Depending on field availability there may be a pre-season outdoor travel ref refresher session in addition to the indoor sessions.  This is TBD.
  • Reminder email to be sent this week to travel refs regarding season start date, pre-season sessions and other travel ref information.
  • Based on early-April start there is a small risk fields will not be playable and will result in many rescheduled games which will impact ref availability.
Concessions:  Ray Masiello provided the following
  • With the continued cold weather and it being early March, we need to time & coordinate turning on H2O @ the Shawsheen Field House relative to season’s start while working to get the Snack shack opened and approved with the annual Board of Health Inspection.  Proposing on / around March 17th to get water turned on, with inspection in 1-1.5 weeks thereafter. 
  • Our goal is to keep the snack shack open for the April camp.  We are working toward that.  We are also researching staffing and soliciting staffing for the season and April Camp.
  • Discussion concerning supplies, minimizing costs, and leveraging current BJs Memberships. 
Fundraising Committee discussion led by Eric Fortier. 
  • Currently soliciting membership and Board member ‘new’ ideas (beyond current proposed events like 2nd annual Field Day); for example the idea of sponsoring 50/50 raffles.
  • Regardless, with fund-raising we need to let membership understand what any given initiative is associated with, specifically what actual item are we trying to raise funds for (for example, to buy a kickback, versus for field improvements, etc.)
9:17 pm - Motion to go to Executive Session: Snider, with Regan a 2nd.  Motion passes 13-0.
9:41 pm – Motion by Snider, Flynn a 2nd, to leave executive session.
9:41 pm - Motion by Flynn, Fischer a 2nd,  to adjourn.
Both motions pass 13-0.
Respectfully submitted,
Jon Snider
WYSA Secretary