Wilmington Youth Soccer Association
BOD meeting 2-10-2013
Fourth of July Building
Present: Melissa Doherty, Rob Elliot, Mike Fischer, John Fitzler, Eric Flynn, Dave Foresyth, Eric Fortier, Marianne Gallezzo, Tom Genthner, Dina Gentile, Fred Lovine, Ray Masiello, Bob Regan, Jon Snider, Amy Young
  • 6:00 pm - Meeting called to order by President John Fitzler
  • 6:04 pm Dave Foresyth arrival
  • 6:05 pm Amy Young arrival
  • 6:07 pm Ray Masiello arrival
Guest Presentation:  New England Revolution – Kyle.  Overview of partnership program with Revolution, for WYSA consideration.  Details included ticket pricing, varying packages and perks, special events and games, overall program overview provided in the event WYSA wished to buy into a program with the Revolution.
Boston Breakers Presentation:  Dina Gentile.  Overview of partnership program.  Review of ticket pricing and the two varying youth partnership programs. 
Attendant budget and fund-raising concerns discussed to determine if any partnership will be viable.  If any approved, varying BOD members will lead charge to promote programs, sell and raffle tickets, sponsor WYSA “Group Nights” out to varying games. 
  • Snider – motion to approve Jan 2013 minutes, Elliot 2nd.  Passes 14-0-1.
  • Q1/Q2 Calendar update, dates added & clarified, concussion awareness initiatives and training options discussed.
  • Gallezzo – motion to approve Jan 2013 financials, Genther 2nd:  Passes 13-0-2.
  • Registration update provided with trends analysis on current Intown age groups.  In aggregate, boys currently lagging behind girls, (e.g. Grade 1).  Past history, will trend upward toward season start.
  • Intown reminders / registration reminders pending and discussed, March 1st current cut-off for intown registration.
  • CORI update provided, 6/1/13 is next formal due date but WYSA will get information to MA Youth / State prior to then for ‘new’ coaches.  Snider taking over this role as CORI coordinator.

Budget Analysis / Review:
WYSA BOD discussion of ongoing fundraising initiatives and ways to expand them.  Discussion and review of cost-saving initiatives and review of current assumptions.  BOD members tasked with providing for their areas of responsibility, concrete examples of cost savings ideas for further March – May discussion and analysis.
1)  Motion to approve New England Revolution Bronze sponsorship package for amount of $3021 with seed money to come out of WYSA reserves, with compensating fund-raiser of two (2) WYSA “Revs Night Out” sponsored events to be organized by Rob Elliot.  Motion by Elliot, 2nd by Flynn.  Motion passes 11-1-3.
2)  Motion to approve Boston Breakers preferred season youth partnership for amount of $1000 with seed money to come out of reserves.  Motion by Gentile, 2nd by Elliot.  Motion passes 11-0-4.
  • John Fitzler discussed Spring Shawsheen field layout and consensus for preferred layout and discussion with the town on layout for Spring.
  • FYI items for future membership communication topics (likely newsletter) included Field Day, Revolution / Breakers partnership, Spring & Summer camps, as well as Girls Night Out initiative.
  • Goals discussions for WYSA Board as well, executive committee will meet to create, steer, approve certain initiatives.
Field Diagram – issue … try to work w/the town ASAP w/agreed upon diagram
Membership communication topics:  Field Day, Revs / Breakers, Camps, GNO,
Goals:  exec cmte (steering), need to meet & approve,
VP Admin:
  • Eric Fortier discussed scholarship committee for 2013.  Will adhere to providing four (4).  Committee composition: Eric Fortier (chair), Caryn Goulet, Chuck Otis, Fred Lovine and Bob Beck.
Motion by Fortier, 2nd by Snider to approve committee:  passes 15-0. 
  • Sponsorship committee discussed.  Additional non-committee volunteers needed, ask to BOD to consider and provide names and / or personal availability.  Committee of Eric Fortier (chair), Rob Elliott, Melissa Doherty, Eric Flynn, Gayle Ardito, Anne Fitzler and Rachell Granara proposed.
Motion to approve, Fortier; 2nd by Elliot: passes 14-0-1. 
  • Sponsorship discussion:  WYSA sponsorship process for website or otherwise, discussion of sponsor approval – will initially vest with Fortier / Snider with consult of Executive and greater Board of Directors as necessary.  Discussion regarding tiers / types of sponsorship, content on sponsor page(s), contracting and approval process.
  • Other: TOPS update, Breast Cancer Awareness initiative or ‘day’ in WYSA, Concussion awareness promotion through WYSA.  Takeaway on concussion awareness, further research / discussion amongst BOD and especially VP Admin with Intown & Travel regarding levels / manner of further coach education on issue.
VP Development: 
  • Mike Fischer vetted and discussed names of 2013 Player / Coach Development committee, as follows:  Mike Fischer, Dina Gentile, Rob Regan, Rob Holliday, Joe Haddad, Joe Duda, Rob Elliot.
Motion to approve by Fischer, 2nd by Snider: 10-0-5
  • FYI item brought to Board’s attention for further discussion (with details) for March 13’ BOD meeting, regarding possible changes to coach selection / player placement process.  Thought to place players first, pick coaches second.
Travel Policy Changes
  • Proposed to be effective as of 2/10/2013 – for section II.A (Obligation of Coaches); III.A.17 (Player placement criteria); XII.b (Coach Selection ‘ Evaluation – Guidelines).  In short, concerning updates to player placement evaluation criteria, manner of evaluations provided (inclusive of season long evaluation), requirements for placing coaches.
Motion by Snider to approve changes, 2nd by Regan:  motion passed 14-0-1.
Technical Director:
  • Rob Holliday provided updates on winter Futsal camps’ numbers; an overview on vendors and proposed dates of WYSA sponsored summer camps; and an overview on the completed Training-by-Grade survey that is readied for use - to be sent out in mid-February.  The correlating curriculum booklet will be given to coaches in advance of all training by grade sessions for U8 coaches.
  • Pre-season coaching clinics through U14 level of coaches are being planned, dependent upon gym and / or field availability.
  • Match analysis criteria / templates – U12 / U14 teams – being completed.  Training goal – a sample U12 or U14 Match Analysis would be done outdoors, preferably before the start of the season. TD will reach out to U14 teams to arrange a friendly match at a convenient time for coaches. We would also look to utilize this opportunity to hold a training session for Travel Refs.
  • Bob Regan brought forward a motion to vote to approve the 2013 Travel Sub-Committee with the following members:  Rob Regan, Dave Foresyth, Eric Flynn, Dina Gentile, Mike Fischer, Mark Watson, Joe Haddad, Andy Lavigne.
Motion by Regan, 2nd by Flynn:  passes 11-0-4.
  • Travel to get 1 more non-board member coach to sit on committee, hope to get 9th member by next March BOD meeting.
  • Brief discussion on coach candidates at HS level, pended to be discussed in executive session.
  • BU14-3 team discussion regarding League’s current placement of team into D2, and potential impact to 20 person roster.  If team not moved back to D3, team will need to be re-constituted by player cuts to an 18 man roster, or players will have to be moved to a different team, or the team will have to keep 20 but be ineligible for D2 play should they win their division in the Spring.  Approaches toward dealing with MYS League discussed, Travel tasked with ranking risks and options to take, and move forward with plans accordingly.
Travel Refs: 
  • Tom Genthner noted Travel Referee Assignor recertification courses were completed in January for 2013; he sent out reminder emails regarding same 1-2x in late 2012.  Recertification and awareness amongst refs of requirements is always a key concern.  Hoping to have travel ref pre-season update / training sessions follow intown ref sessions on 3/16 and 3/23.  Proposed location is the Shawsheen cafeteria.
  • Our referee mentoring program will continue in the spring with support from Zach Mintz (WYSA’s Travel Ref Mentor), Bob Fryer and Caryn Goulet (both experienced Grade 8 refs and mentors).
Intown:  Rob Elliot provided the following:
  • Intown Committee meetings held and responsibilities assigned out amongst members.
  • All reminder emails have been sent regarding registration.  Recap of current Spring 13’ numbers provided.
  • Updates currently underway for intown coaches meeting (3/27-tentative).  Permit still needed for Middle School Cafeteria
  • Preliminary field needs have been shared with PCD and Travel and that appears reconciled.
  • Preliminary team sizes have been set and await roster cuts/waitlists
  • Spring patches for new grades ordered and on way (next 2-3 weeks).  Need not order new coaches shirts, hence some budget savings based on past assumptions.
Intown Refs: 
  • Rob Elliot noted we currently have 61 intown referees, and Primary and back- up Referee Training Dates have been set for 3/16/13 and 3/23/13.  Permits for the Shawsheen Cafeteria have been secured for these dates.
GNO subcommittee update:  Dina Gentile noted the following:
  • Girls’ Night Out fundraising initiative – committee comprised of Dina Gentile, Caryn Goulet, Melissa Doherty, Amy Young, Janice Fischer, and Marianne Gallezzo.
  • Sponsorships have been secured for, to-date, $450 – off-setting any cost to WYSA and initial seed money provided to get GNO going.  Secured giveaways include camp weeks, gift baskets, and apparel.
  • High School girls varsity players were solicited to volunteer at the event, where one of this year’s themes is to celebrate the High School team’s past Fall 12’ season successes.
Merchandise & Equipment:
  • Melissa Doherty noted that shirts are in for BOD members; Travel & Intown Uniforms will be ordered in the next week or so (we are okay on socks); additional BOD apparel (rain proof jackets) may need to be ordered and sample jacket types need to be viewed, discussed, chosen, ordered.
Field & Buildings:
Fred Lovine reported impactful news in light of current construction of New High school and destruction of WHS gym … use of Wilmington Middle School facility (gym) is subject to review / approval by WHS.  Where there will be competing interests to use this gym (High School, WYSA, other town programs & sports), this may adversely impact WYSA’s ability to obtain permits for Gym Time and MA Youth Soccer Courses in the months of March and April. 
Need to review what needs WYSA has for phone service at the Field House, the number of lines needed, and whether we need to discontinue the use of any lines.  Review of internet access and provider costs also needs to be conducted. 
Keys to the Field House need to be provided to new Board Members.
Motion to go to Executive Session: at 9:42 pm by Rob Elliot, 2nd by Fred Lovine.  Passes 15-0.
9:55 pm – Rob Elliot leaves
Motion to leave Executive Session at 10:40 pm by Eric Flynn, 2nd by Snider. 
Passes 14-0.
Motion to adjourn at 10:41 pm by Eric Flynn, 2nd by Snider.  Passes 14-0.
Respectfully submitted,
Jon Snider
WYSA Secretary