Wilmington Youth Soccer Association
BOD meeting 1-6-2013
Fourth of July Building
Present: Ray Masiello, Eric Fortier, Marianne Gallezzo, Eric Flynn, Rob Elliott, Ed Riekstins, John Fitzler, Bob Regan, Tom Genthner, Mark Watson, Mike Fischer, Jon Snider, Caryn Goulet, Dina Gentile, Melissa Doherty, Dave Foresyth, Fred Lovine
Absent: Amy Young, Jamie Ward
Meeting called to order by President Ed Riekstins (6:01 pm)
Secretary: Fortier – motions to approve November minutes:
Motion by Young 2nd by Fitzler to approve November 2012 minutes for November BOD meeting; AGM; & Executive minutes as presented.  Motioned, respectively, by Flynn w/2nd by Genthner; Elliot w/2nd by Fischer; Fischer w/2nd by Goulet. 
All votes passed 13-0-0.
President:  Riekstins provided overview of meeting agenda and voting process for new executive committee and director positions.
Treasurer: Gallezzo provided overview of November & December Financials. 
Motion by Genthner w/2nd by Goulet to approve Nov & Dec 2012 financials: 
passed 11-0-2
VP Development:  Fitzler update – Technical Director (R Holliday) received performance review, working on additional licensing courses
President:  Riekstins provided overview and rationale for proposed slate of BOD positions for upcoming year (2013).  Discussion and voting commenced.
Vote for WYSA President:
Fortier nominates Fitzler, Goulet 2nd
Fitzler nominates Fortier, Goulet 2nd
Discussion, executive session vote
John Fitzler elected WYSA President
Executive slate discussion, vote for all positions, with Motion by Gentile and 2nd by Flynn for the following: 
President:  John Fitzler
Vice-President of Admin:  Eric Fortier
Vice President of Development:  Mike Fischer
Secretary:  Jon Snider
Treasurer:  Marianne Galezzo
Passes 10-0-4

Discussion and voting for all remaining BOD positions,
Mike Fischer motion w/2nd by Rob Elliot
Travel Chair:  Bob Regan; Girls Travel Coordinator:  Eric Flynn; Boys Travel Coordinator:  Dave Foresyth
Merchandise:  Melissa Doherty
Fields & Buildings:  Fred Lovine
Intown:  Rob Elliot (Chair), Amy Young (Coordinator), Dina Gentile (Coordinator)
Travel Refs:  Tom Genthner
Concessions:  Ray Masiello
Passes 13-0-1
Emeritus positions discussions and voting, as follows:
Financials: Treasurer – Chuck Otis
Motion by Galezzo, 2nd by Snider
Passes 14-0
Legal:  Scott Garrant
Field & Buildings:  Ed Riekstins
Motion by Mike Fischer, 2nd by Rob Elliot
Passes 14-0
Board Business and Discussions:
President:  2/10/13 @ 6:00 pm is the next BOD meeting; BOD members will have Goals setting meetings in February & March; Q1 2013 – gym time reminders for courses and / or team training sessions; review of current 2013 Calendar; Discussion of varying current / needed (sub) committees – e.g. – website committee (Snider / Fortier to coordinate), Travel (Regan), PCD (Fischer), GNO (Gentile), Scholarship (pending head),
Budget overview and discussion:
  • Training budget for 2013 reviewed / discussed
  • Fee increases for Intown & Travel discussed, fees seem reasonable but may need to be increased due to varying external factors (MYSL fees have gone up, e.g.)
  • Short term – next 30-60 days goal:  budget review in each BOD member’s area of responsibility to review for any possible cost reductions
  • Wholesale budget review for either Feb / March BOD discussion with goal of projecting out 2-3 years
  • Motion by Marianne Galezzo and 2nd by Eric Fortier to approve budget ‘as presented’ Passes 13-0-1
VP Development: Fischer
YTD update on clinics (Futsal) -190 players, projected 4-5K profit, U10 through U14 players (Winter sessions)

Travel:  Snider / Regan:  no updates, already provided via email to Board, note that MYSL deadlines for fees, placements, teams submission - looming
Intown:  Fischer / Elliot –
  • Leagues are by grade and sex unless otherwise noted.  Kindergarten, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3-5, COED- Grade 6-9.
  • Uniforms were inventoried in November and 411 provided to Ray.  Tracking in separate files.
  • Registration was opened up on 12/1/12 and flyers were distributed in Wilmington public schools on 12/6/12.  Walk-in registration night held on 12/12.  Discussion of standard versus late fee structures.
  • Registration numbers (to-date) noted, with goal in February to begin review of team formation and coach placement
  • Coaches meeting TBD, likely later March.
  • Training by grade particulars (days of week, location) TBD by March or end of March.  Rob Holliday will work on that.
Intown refs:  Elliot
  • Kids’ registration email reminder week of 1/14 - pending February deadline for doing so.  Do through SportsPilot and a registration / sign-in link.  Training / review by March for intown refs.
Fields / Buildings:  Flynn / Lovine:
  • Fields discussion for Saturday planning purposes … intown v travel needs; allocation of slots & locations with discussion around layout and coordination / planning with DPW (action plan).  Snider will provide intown / travel / F&B an example of past / proposed schematic of layout for consideration.
Travel refs:  Genthner
  • Recerts through Mass ref ongoing, classes for Gr 8 & 9 ongoing, Travel Refs will continue to send reminders to all current refs regarding 2013 recertification requirements and classes.
  • Travel refs are going to also have pre-season meeting w/refs at some point – will likely piggy back on Intown’s orientation date & time.
Fields & Buildings:  Flynn / Lovine
  • Discussed key collection from outgoing BOD members, need for any fix or update to any internet services & phone providers at the Shawsheen Field House
Concessions:  Masiello
Will review for staffing needs – unsure of need for additional hires as much as just solidifying who can / will be able to work at Shawsheen for the Spring.
Merchandise:  Masiello
  • Looming … rising costs on some items, e.g. - travel socks; screening costs; but all others for uniforms should stay static (High School, Intown).  As noted with Intown update, intown uniforms on site (in stock) have been inventoried which will help with Spring ordering projections.
  • BOD baby blue shirts for new BOD members needed, will be ordered ASAP.  Researching need for outdoor BOD (water proof) jackets.
Motion to go into Executive Session, Snider motion, Fortier 2nd (approx 8:40 pm)
Passes 15-0-0
Discussion:  HS rosters & team placement as well as member waivers
Motion to leave Executive Session, Snider motion & Fortier 2nd (approx 9:30 pm)
Passes 15-0-0
Motion by Fischer 2nd by Fitzler to adjourn (9:32 pm) Vote passed 15-0-0
Respectfully submitted,
Jon Snider
WYSA Secretary