WYSA Player and Coach Development Program

WYSA Coaching Philosophy

"WYSA looks to develop skilled, knowledgeable and passionate players and coaches. WYSA will utilize Guided Discovery and learning through the game as the key tools for player and coach development. WYSA will endeavor to produce soccer that is fun to play, fun to watch and fun to learn by creating an educational and suitably challenging atmosphere for ALL players."



What is the WYSA PCD Program?

The PCD program provides dynamic and progressive support to the membership from the youngest players (currently U6) through the Youth Program (U14) and High School Age Teams (U16/U18).

The Development program is responsible for Player Development, Coach and Parent Education as well as providing additional playing opportunities through Camps, Clinics and External Providers. 


The PCD Mission

The PCD Program is designed to create/foster a fun soccer development environment for our membership (Players, Coaches and Parents) that provides them the opportunity to be challenged, continuously grow and reach their potential.

The environment should strive to meet the current needs of the organization and evolve over time addressing the future needs of the program. 


Who is responsible for Player and Coach Development?

WYSA BOD - VP of Player & Coach Development

John Bavota - Director of Coaching

The PCD committee is comprised of 8 members