Be on time for your assignment and prepared - (20-30 min before game time!!!).  If you are not there prior to 5 minutes before your game, you spot will be filled by another ref who is there and ready to go.

     Check-in and sign in at the field house as soon as you arrive and check the fields for safety hazards.  Review the appropriate rules before the game
Be diligent on accessing email or make sure your parents are for scheduling purposes
Be prepared – shirt tucked in, have your whistle, no hats (unless cold out and it is winter hat)
Be courteous to kids, coaches, parents, board members (You are representing all intown Referees)
Safety and Fun
Please make sure at all times the kids and your self are safe
Field conditions and weather     
Have fun and make sure the kids are having fun
Ref Cards
Please make sure that both referee’s full names are filled out.
There should be a concession ticket for each of you and the other referee.
Last Minute Tips
Your most important responsibility is the safety of the players.
Blow your whistles loudly!!!
Use hand signals and verbal commands so the Coach and players know what your call is
Each Referee Support the other and keep control of the game
Remember it's about Having Fun!