WYSA Training Policy


Wilmington Youth Soccer Association (WYSA) is committed to providing the best possible soccer experience to the children of Wilmington. Good coaching is an essential element of a thriving athletic program.  Successful coaches will encourage and guide athletes through their development and introduce new skills, techniques and tactics thereby helping them to reach their full potential.  It is important for WYSA to attract dedicated people and to keep them. The intentof this policy isto ensure a regular supply of active, committed and qualified coaches.


Although it is understood and appreciated that all coaches are offering their services on a voluntary basis, WYSA requires that coaches attain a basic level of expertise, as determined by the WYSA Travel Committee and approved by the WYSA Board of Directors, through seminars, training classes and experience. Furthermore, WYSA strongly encourages all coaches to obtain and maintain the necessary level of coaching expertise through appropriate licensing and certification courses from sanctioned organizations. 


WYSA will reimburse all Coaches 100% of the registration fees paid for the achievement of a G, F or E coaching license from Mass Youth Soccer with the proviso that the coach agrees to commit him / herself to coaching WYSA In-Town and / or Travel teams for a reasonable amount of time, as defined by the sitting WYSA Board of Directors, after receiving the qualification. WYSA will also reimburse all Coaches 100% of the registration fees paid for the passing of a D coaching license from Mass Youth Soccer with the same commitment obligation. Most training courses offered by WYSA will be free. Courses outside of this may be considered for full or partial reimbursement by the Board of Directors upon written request.


Wilmington Youth Soccer Association encourages a system of coach mentoring and support to enable continual improvement and assessment of all coaches.  Reputable, qualified coaches will be available to give support and advice to less-experienced coaches as required with the goal of ensuring that all coaches and athletes have a positive experience throughout every stage of their WYSA careers.


April 2011