Intown Policy on Post Season Awards
Updated 8.30.11)

Per Section V. from WYSA's Intown Policy

The Board of Directors wants all children to have a great experience with our Intown soccer program. We request that no trophies, medals or prizes be given out at the end of the soccer season. The program is developmental and stresses participation as well as fun over competition and individual recognition. To help recognize participation for the players in Kindergarten through 2nd grade we are establishing a patch program. For each season (Fall & Spring) that a player participates they will receive a season specific patch. We will continue to recognize all players (Intown and Travel) with the annual spring awards in addition to the patch program.

On 8.29.11 WYSA informed all Intown coaches of this policy and stressed the importance of adhering to this policy.  The policy was designed to ensure that all children from Kindergarten to Grade 2, that participate in our Intown program, receives a participation award at the end of the season.  This alleviates any situation where a child, in the past, may not have received an award and felt "left out".  Please be cognizant that if one coach or parent does not abide by this policy and does indeed provide an award other than what WYSA provides, they will be directly responsible for other children, parents and coaches feeling "left out"

Any questions can be addressed to

Intown Coordinators