Fall 2018 Practice Schedule 

Rules for use of practice space:


Any/All WYSA teams MUST yield to any/all High School teams.  Always.

Make up games supercede practices.  Efforts will be made to post make up games as scheduled.

Fields are available at/after 4:00 and can be used on a first come first served basis until scheduled to be used by another team.

  • U10s:  take only 1/2 of a U10 field; first and foremost U10s stick to only using U10 (6v6) fields.
  • U12s:  take only 1/2 of a U12 field or 1/3 of a U14 field, depending on the assignment.
  • U14s:  take 1/3rd or 1/2 of a U14 field (as space permits) U14s are asked to stick to only using U14 (11v11) fields.



Below is Fall 2018 Soccer Practice Schedule: