The Wilmington Youth Soccer Association (WYSA) was formed to provide recreational and athletic activitiy 
for the children of Wilmington through the fostering and playing of the sport of soccer.
The WYSA is dedicated to the belief that any child, regardless of ability, has a place in the association. The in-town program provides opportunity for children to learn the game and develop soccer skills, while the travel program provides the opportunity for players to play at a competitive level against other municipalities. Each coach should fairly distribute playing time to ensure that every child plays a substantial amount of time each game.

The WYSA is dedicated to the use of single age teams to foster and encourage long term player and team development in the U9 through U12 age groups. In these age groups single age teams will be established and maintained unless not enough players exist in a particular age group. In those instances, the Board of Directors (BOD) can approve a mixed team.
In the U13 and U14 age groups, teams may be any combination of dual age and single age teams.

In the U15 and U16 age groups, teams shall consist of mixed age groups in that U16 teams will be comprised of both U15 & U16 players. 

In the U17 and U18 age groups, teams shall consist of mixed age groups in that U18 teams will be comprised of both U17 & U18 players. The BOD can also approve U19 teams consisting of U17, U18 & U19 players.”
To assure fairness, this travel team policy has been drawn and approved by the BOD and will be overseen by the Travel Program Coordinators.

I. Travel Team Committee
A. The Travel Team Committee is to be composed of between seven and eleven members as determined by the BOD upon the recommendation of the Travel Program Coordinators. At least three members of the Travel Team Committee should be travel team coaches with at least two seasons of coaching experience. One member of the Travel Team Committee shall be appointed from the current In-Town Committee due to their knowledge of the coaching pool for the U-9 teams. The BOD shall appoint (by vote) the Travel Program Coordinator(s). The Travel Program Coordinator(s) shall serve as members of the Travel Team Committee and shall select other committee persons to serve on the Travel Team Committee. The Travel Team Committee must be approved by the BOD.
The three coach members of the Travel Team Committee should be experienced coaches for the following reasons:
1. They are familiar with the level of Travel Team play;
2. They are aware of the coaching and playing situations unique to this level;
3. They constantly interact with coaches, coordinators, and directors from other towns and thus acquire invaluable information regarding this particular level of play;
4. They are among the most dedicated coaches in terms of effort needed to compete at that level;
5. They will have experience which is also helpful in terms of individual skill development and game tactics; and
6. They meet with certified, licensed referees and thus can communicate the subtleties of team play to the Association.
Note: Even though the Travel Team Committee appears to be autonomous, it is not. The intent is to allow this Committee to oversee a specialized situation and to unburden the BOD with problems unique to this area. It should be recognized that this Committee has the responsibility to act openly, fairly, and effectively upon each travel team concept. Travel Team Committee members will be volunteers or nominees approved by the BOD. It is mandatory that at least one of its members be a Middlesex Youth Soccer League representative. (Individual Town/Club Travel Program Coordinator(s) are automatically included as voting representatives on the MYSL Board of Directors.)

II. Selection of Coaches
a.   Coaching candidates for the combined Fall/Spring season must apply in writing to the Travel Program Coordinators prior to or during the registration process or as specified by the Travel Program Coordinator(s). Typical application cutoff dates will be May 1st for U9-U14 and Oct 15th for U15+ but may be set at the discretion of the travel coordinator provided the cutoff date is announced and communicated no less than 3 weeks prior to the cutoff date.

b.   Coaching candidates for additional spring teams must apply in writing to the Travel Program Coordinator(s) during registration or as specified by the Coordinator(s). Choosing a coach during the season immediately preceding the season in which the selected coach’s team will play will allow that individual ample time to prepare so that he or she may prepare accordingly.

c.   Coaching candidates may apply for multiple coaching positions within different age groups and genders. However, in most instances they will be awarded one team only.

d.   All coaches will submit with their application (attached to this policy) a copy of their coaching license and all other applicable documentation.

e.   Definition:  A Coaching Candidate is defined as a Parent, Grandparent, Guardian, Sibling, Uncle or Aunt of a child in the program.  With the exception of a Parent, Coaching Candidates must be a resident of Wilmington.

f.    A travel coach will be nominated by the Travel Team Committee from those coaching candidates who have a player (i.e. son, daughter, grandchild, niece or nephew, etc.) on the team as formed by the Travel Committee as described in Article III.  All nominations must be approved by the BOD by majority vote.

g.   Coaches will be assessed on criteria including, but not limited to, those set forth in Article XII.

h.  All coaching applicants, but specifically first time Travel Coaches for the U-9 Boys and Girls positions, should submit as much additional information relative to their coaching philosophy. Parental evaluations and recommendations as well as letters from other coaches are also advisable to ensure a fair and knowledgeable decision by the Selection Committee.
i.    Members of the Travel Team Committee who are being considered as a head coach shall be excluded from the coach selection process for those teams. If there is not an adequate number of Travel Team Committee members left, then the BOD members who are not being considered as a head coach shall assist the Travel Team Committee in the coach selection process.

 j.   The Travel Team Committee will submit its Travel Coaches recommendations at the next BOD meeting for approval. If no BOD meeting is scheduled prior to the date rosters need to be finalized (i.e. league driven deadlines), a special BOD meeting will be called for this process.
k.   There must be one Head Coach for each travel team. The Travel team coach for the fall season is making a commitment to a team for both the Fall and Spring season. This individual will be responsible for all phases of the team. He or she will choose up to two assistant coaches who then must be approved by the Travel Committee. 

IIA. Obligations and Responsibilities of Coaches

Including but not limited to the following:

a.  Travel team coaches should endeavor to attend all coaching clinics offered by WYSA, MYSA and any other events sanctioned by the MYSA to advance our level of play and coaching techniques.
b.  Coaches should fairly distribute playing time to ensure that every child plays a substantial amount of time each game. “Substantial” can reasonably be defined as approximately 40% of each game.  Substantial playing time of 40% per game extends to League Games, Tournament Games, and League Post Season (e.g. – playoff or MTOC) games. 
c.  Adhere to and administer WYSA Travel Team Coaching Guidelines.
d.  Coaches must report yellow/red cards given at their game and any injury of a serious nature to the Travel Program Coordinator(s) prior to their next scheduled game.
e.  Head coaches must have a minimum "F" License or equivalent coaching experience. Anyone selected as a head coach without the minimum required license must obtain an "F' License prior to the next application period.
f.   Each coach, assistant and/or team helpers must agree to submit to a Criminal Offender Records Inquiry (CORI) and must provide the BOD with all documentation required to complete the CORI, within one week of being selected. No one shall be permitted to act in any coaching capacity until they have undergone the CORI and the results thereof have been reported to the BOD by the appropriate League or agency. Any coaching designee not in compliance will be subject to replacement by the WYSA.

g.  In the best interest for the safety of WYSA players, it is mandatory for all head and assistant travel coaches to annually complete the free CDC Concussion Training Course which can be found at http://www.cdc.gov/concussion/HeadsUp/youth.html. The course must be completed prior to a coach performing any coaching responsibilities on the field (either game or training/practice). The annual requirement will cover the September to June season.

Once the course is completed the coach should notify WYSA that the course has been completed and should include documentation (a PDF, Picture, Print Out) of the course completion/certificate.  Confirmation emails should be addressed to  Written notification should be sent to Wilmington Youth Soccer Association, P.O. Box 107, Wilmington, MA 01887.

h. All travel team coaches are subject to review and scrutiny of the Travel Team Committee and/or BOD. In the case of severe wrong doings in violation of WYSA guidelines, Middlesex League rules or other inappropriate behavior a coach may be removed during the season with BOD approval. If removal is necessary either by the MYSL or WYSA, the coach will be notified by letter that he or she is suspended. The coach may appeal in writing and appear at the next BOD meeting to appeal the suspension. Notification of such appeal must be confirmed with the current BOD President. Removal or suspension by the Middlesex Youth Soccer League or Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association must be appealed directly to those respective boards. 

III. Selection of Players for Travel Teams
1.    Our commitment to the travel team players will be for one year for U9-U14(Fall and Spring) and one season for U15+ (Spring).

2.    When necessary in the discretion of the BOD, tryouts for combined Fall/Spring travel teams for all single age divisions will be advertised before the end of the Spring Season, and two weeks before the scheduled tryouts, on the WYSA website, in the local newspapers and notices sent home through the school, if permitted by the Superintendent.

3.   Evaluations for the spring only season for all age divisions will be advertised prior to the end of the Fall Season with notices distributed at least two weeks in advance.

4.   The Travel Program Coordinators will select evaluation times and observe them for fairness to everyone.

5.   Each U9-U14 age division will have two tryouts (weather permitting) to evaluate the players (U15+ will have one tryout). All evaluation material generated during the evaluations shall be combined with coach feedback and Technical Director feedback for the purpose of player placement. A copy of the evaluation materials will also be maintained by the Travel Program Coordinator(s) for record keeping purposes.

6.   The evaluations will be run by a senior member of the Travel team Committee with assistance from independent evaluators. Coaches of that age bracket may or may not also be used to evaluate that age bracket. Independent evaluators shall be knowledgeable but objective advisors, appointed by the Travel Program Coordinators. If a coach does not have a child competing, s/he may serve as an independent evaluator. If however, three objective advisors are not available, tryouts will proceed as scheduled. The travel team committee shall establish in writing how they plan to conduct tryouts and ensure that all head coaches and the independent evaluators have a copy of this information prior to the start of tryouts. The planned evaluation format shall be posted on the WYSA website at least one week in advance of tryouts.

7.   Only Wilmington candidates will be eligible to try out in the program. Candidates are defined as anyone residing in Wilmington, attending school in Wilmington or having a parent or legal guardian residing in Wilmington.

8.   No commitment will be made to any player during the tryout.

9.   Players must attend at least one evaluation per age bracket to be considered for selection by the head coaches and the independent evaluators. Players who cannot attend due to injury or scheduling conflicts, will only be considered if they have submitted a completed registration, payment and a letter explaining their absence filed with the Travel Coordinator(s) prior to the start of the Tryout.

10. The only exception to the rule set forth in Section III.A.7 would be in the age groups of Ul5 and above when there is an insufficient number of candidates to fill a roster. Wilmington candidates must be placed onto a team before any non-Wilmington candidates are considered. No team shall be considered without at least nine (9) Wilmington residents on the roster.

11.A.   Each Travel Team in the U9-U14 age group range will be determined by the Travel Sub-Committee with input from the Technical Director and the coaches for that age bracket by the following process:

  1. The Travel Sub-Committee will use all available information, including, but not limited to player evaluation scores, Technical Director evaluations and coach evaluations to compile initial placement recommendations
  2. Coaches will be invited to “Roster Review Night” where they will have an opportunity to provide feedback on the initial placement recommendations for their age bracket.  Prior to the roster review meeting, coaches U9-U14 must submit player evaluations in order to attend the roster review meeting. 
  3. The Technical Director will be invited to provide feedback on all age brackets
  4. Whenever possible, the location, day and time of the “Roster Review Night” will be announced no less than two weeks prior to the event
  5. Following the Roster Review Night for all age brackets, the Travel Sub-committee will meet to set the final placement recommendations.  In the event of any disagreements on placement, majority vote of the Travel Sub-committee will prevail.  If necessary, the Travel Chair will resolve any tie votes.  If the Travel Chair is not available to participate in the vote to break the tie, the appropriate boys or girls coordinator will do so.

11B. Each Travel Team in the U15-U19 age group range will be determined by the following process:

a.      The Technical Director will be invited to provide feedback on all age brackets

b.      The Wilmington High School soccer coaches (Varsity, Junior Varsity and Freshman) will be invited to provide evaluatory feedback on players on their teams.  A lack of HS playing experience or a lack of coach feedback will not be a negative placement data point.

c.       Coaches will collaborate with Travel on roster review night to set rosters based on: Player Placement Evaluations,  any High School coach or WYSA Technical Director feedback, and any other relevant placement data

d.      If there will be more than one team placed in Division 2 of the league WYSA participates in, WYSA will attempt to balance those teams in terms of overall skill/ability.

12. All proposed rosters will be submitted to the BOD for approval.

13. The minimum number of players per roster shall be 16 players for U13 and older teams, 13 players for U11/U12 and 11 players for U10 teams and younger. The maximum roster size for U10 will be 13.  The maximum roster size for U12 will be 16.  If the numbers are not available to satisfy this requirement, then an exception may be made with BOD approval, provided that the exception satisfies MYSL rules. Upon completion of the final tryout and prior to Team Selections the Travel Program Coordinators shall determine the number of players to be placed on each roster. The roster sizes will be established to maximize the number of children that can be placed in the program and minimize any “cuts”.

14.  The coaches will be advised of the player placement and provided access to the rosters.  The Travel Program Coordinators will email coaches and players to formally communicate player and coach placement.  Coaches will then contact their teams with an introduction and additional team information.

15. All candidates who are not selected will be notified in writing by the Travel Program Coordinator(s) within one week after the approval of the team rosters.
16. Players will be evaluated with placement on Travel Teams based upon the following factors:
  • Tryout scores, as determined by coaches and Independent Evaluators;
  • Technical Director / Director of Coaching assessment and input;
  • Assessment based on prior (where applicable) in-season coaching and evaluation of players.

The following criteria will be considered by coaches, independent evaluators, and the WYSA Technical Director / Director of Coaching when assessing players for placement to Travel Teams:
  1.  Age appropriate soccer skills inclusive of passing, trapping, heading, dribbling, shooting, tackling, throwing, and keeper skills.
  2. Physical Abilities such as coordination, endurance, speed, quickness, physicality, overall health and athleticism.
  3. Knowledge - anticipation of plays, ability to use open space, movement off the ball, strategies, tactics, rules of the game, mental alertness, adaptability, and quickness in various situations.
  4. Attitude – “coachability,” teamwork, supportiveness of team and teammates both on and off the field; aggressive but fair when playing, respectful to coaches, players, and referees.
  5. Commitment to the game, including attendance at team training and games.

B. Selection of Players in the U-16 and U-18 Age Brackets (High School Players)
In addition to the requirements set forth in section III. A., subject to scheduling, high school tournaments and weather related issues, tryouts for the U-16 and U-18 Age Brackets will be held on the first or second Saturday of November. There will be one tryout only for each gender and each Age Bracket.  Teams will be dictated by the number of players trying out.

IV. U9-U14 Teams (Fall/Spring)
a.      Travel Teams should be established strictly by grade, age and sex brackets, unless no team is available in a given age bracket. This will provide continuity to our program. This restriction will help to force us to develop the skills of our players.


b1.      The WYSA will establish teams for boys and girls, interest permitting, in single age groups for 7 v 7 U9/U10 and 9 v 9 U11/U12. Should it be necessary, due to the number of players trying out, combined teams may be established (e.g., a U12 team consisting of U11 and U12 players, or U-12 Co-ed Teams).


b2.       The WYSA will establish teams for boys and girls, interest permitting, which are some combination of single age and dual age teams for 11 v 11, U13/U14.  The exact mix of dual age and single age teams will be recommended by the Travel Committee and requires approval of the Board of Directors.  The exact mix of single and dual age teams will be determined separately for boys and girls teams and may vary from year to year.


c.      All teams will be established in accordance with MYSL guidelines.

d.      Teams for the Spring Season Ul6 and older may play outside of their regular age/gender grouping (e.g., Fall birth date but in High School).

e.     New Spring Travel Teams may be a combined team.

f.     Players who are in an age bracket lower than their Class Grade (e.g., August, September birth dates) are to try out and play for the single age division of their school classmates.
g.    EXCEPTIONS TO THE ABOVE GUIDELINES: Players wishing to play inside their regular age/gender group per MYSL guidelines and not play with their grade (e.g., August / September birth dates) must request in writing to the Travel Program Coordinators at registration or prior to the first tryout. This exception will be granted if the parent wishes their child to play at a lower level.  
h.    First year eligibility for U9 players is: entering the third grade and whose eighth birth date is prior to December 31st of the tryout year.
 V. Roster Changes
a.   All roster changes must be approved by the BOD and meet MYSL and WYSA guidelines.

b.   Players eligible for roster changes are limited to those that are available in the following hierarchical order with number one (1) being considered first:
     (i)   Players currently on a lower seeded travel team within the same single age bracket (e.g., an "A" team will select players from the "B" team or lower if preferable to the selecting coach.)
     (ii)  Players available from the "Try-out List" who have not been selected for a Travel Team.
     (iii)  Players currently playing in the In Town Program.
     (iv)  Any player outside the organization meeting MYSL and WYSA guidelines.
     (v)   EXCEPTION TO THE ABOVE GUIDELINES:  The single exception to items b (i)–(iv) above is in the event there are available roster spots and a player moves to Wilmington and is new to the program (has not participated in WYSA for over 12 months) then s/he will be eligible as if s/he met the criteria in b(i)–(iv) and therefore eligible to be placed by WYSA onto an available team appropriate to their level of play if and only if the following criteria (1-3) have been met:
1. The player has participated in at least one session with WYSA players of his/her age group.  These could be, for instance, training sessions, tournament games or organized scrimmages.  Each of these sessions must be at least 50 minutes in duration, and two or more coaches of the age group must provide written evaluation of the player (including placement recommendation) based on their observation(s).  At least one of the coaches evaluating must coach for a team in the Middlesex division in which the player will be placed, or in a higher division (e.g. – it is not acceptable for a coach in D2 and a coach in D3 to recommend a player be placed on a D1 team, but it is OK for a coach in D1 and a coach in D2 to recommend the player play on a team in D1, D2 or a team in D3 or lower).  When placing this player, in no event will players on current rosters be moved down.
2. The Technical Director and/or VP of Development must evaluate the player and provide a placement recommendation
3. The Travel Chair and appropriate boys or girls Travel Coordinator must have no less than 2 day advance notice of the player’s participation in any evaluatory session.
c.1.  Roster changes that occur between player placement evaluations and the start of the season (Labor Day in the Fall and the first Saturday in April in the Spring) can be made by the Travel Committee if approved by the Board of Directors.  Rostered players may not be involuntarily moved to the roster of a lower seeded team to facilitate roster movements.
c.2.  Any roster changes after the start of the season (Labor Day in the Fall and the first Saturday of April in the Spring) must first be discussed between the coach of the team with the opening to be filled and the Travel Program Coordinator(s). Rostered players may not be involuntarily moved to the roster of a lower seeded team to facilitate roster movements. When requesting players currently playing on travel teams, coaches may only request eligible players from teams seeded lower within their age bracket. The Travel Program Coordinator(s) will then confirm the need.

d.   Recognizing the importance of all teams and players, all impacted coaches will collaborate to select the player to be placed.  In the event that the coaches fail to come to a consensus, the Travel Program Coordinator will make the final decision based on the best interests of the player(s) involved and WYSA.  The Travel Program Coordinator(s) will then proceed in the following manner:
     1.   Discuss the intended placement with the coaches.
     2.   Communicate process and obtain approval from the BOD.
     3.   Communicate with the parents of the requested player explaining the process and to obtain approval.

e.   No contact or commitment can be made to a player or parent prior to BOD approval.

f.   Failure to adhere to this procedure may result in negation of the player movement.

g.  Any roster changes requested after the rosters are submitted to the Middlesex Youth Soccer League may be subject to a fee set by the MYSL and Board of Directors.

VI. Lack of a Coaching Candidate
a.    In the event that no coaching candidates are available in a given age bracket, it will be the responsibility of the Travel Program Coordinators to obtain a qualified coach.
We do not want to deprive youngsters of the opportunity to play soccer at a more competitive level. However, if the list of coaches is exhausted and no parent or guardian of the selected team volunteers, the team may be cut from travel play and be assigned to the In-Town Program, if applicable, so that they may play soccer.

VII. Obligations and Responsibilities of Travel Team Players
The travel coach must have discretionary powers to use his or her players according to their commitment to the team (i.e., attendance at practices, learning new skills, attitude, and hustle in a game). Travel players may be suspended during a season for disciplinary reasons by the coach. This will require the approval of the Travel Program Coordinators. Expulsion for an entire season requires approval of the Board of Directors.
Players Responsibilities:
1.    Make every effort to learn and follow the rules of the game of soccer
2.    Show good sportsmanship
3.    Listen and pay attention to their coaches
4.   Have fun playing the game of soccer. All players are encouraged to tell their parents or coaches if they are not     having fun or if they are having a problem
5.    Treat all WYSA equipment with the utmost respect
6.   Come prepared to play- shin pads, water bottle and a ball for practices and all of the aforementioned plus a uniform
for games (soccer cleats are recommended but are not required)
7.    Treat your coaches, teammates and officials with respect
VIII. Obligation and Responsibilities of Parents
A.  General:
All parents are encouraged to:
1.    Ensure that their child arrives at games and practices at the specific place and times
2.   Have another adult responsible for your child at the game or practice that you are unable to attend. Do not assume   your child's coach will watch your child after the conclusion of the game without his/her prior approval
3.    Inform your child’s coach of any health related issues pertaining to your child.
4.    Attend games and cheer for all good soccer plays by both teams
5.    Become an active member in WYSA by coaching or doing other volunteer work
6.  Present a good example to all the children by following the policies set forth by the Wilmington Youth Soccer  Association.
7.    Notify your child's coach in the event that your child will be unable to attend a game or practice
8.    Speak to coach or a BOD member if you feel your child is having a problem with a coach or a teammate
9.    Be respectful toward players, coaches, referees and one another
B.  Concussions and Injuries:
Concussions are a concern that Wilmington Youth Soccer takes seriously.  They can occur in the sport of Soccer in a variety of ways, including collisions or falls to the ground.  Signs or symptoms of concussions can include headaches and pressure in the head, Nausea, dizziness, balance problems, sensitivity to noise or light, or confusion and generally ‘not feeling right.’
For more information on concussions, see the WYSA website or the following:
The following WYSA policies are to be observed by Parents:

  1. Concussions & Head injuries:  For any Concussion or head injury suffered by their child, parents must inform their child’s Coach in writing by email regarding their child’s condition within a day’s time of such condition being examined or treated by the player’s treating physician.  In the case of a Head Injury or Concussion a player will not be allowed to play soccer under any conditions with WYSA until such time as that player has been medically authorized in writing by his or her doctor or attending physician to resume play. 


  1. Serious Injuries:  For any Serious Injuries suffered by their child, other than Head injuries or Concussions, all parents are required to inform their child’s Coach in writing by email regarding such injuries as soon as possible, ideally within a day from when the serious injury was initially examined or treated by the player’s treating physician.  Serious injuries may be defined as, and not limited to, examples such as sprains, broken bones, severe bruising, joint or ligament or cartilage trauma and tears.  In the absence of any request by the parent to NOT have their child play soccer in such instance of a serious injury, the coach is empowered to use his or her discretion to NOT have the player engage in the sport of Soccer at practices and / or games.  In the event of any dispute concerning the nature and extent of a player’s injury, the WYSA Travel Program Coordinators will have final say as to whether and when a player may resume playing Soccer in the WYSA program.  WYSA reserves the right to require written medical authorization from a player’s treating physician before a player may resume play on a WYSA Travel team.

 IX. Coaches, Parents, Players and Spectators MAY NOT:
1.   Smoke on any school property (set forth by Mass. State Laws)

2.  Make any derogatory or critical comments regarding referees at any time. Any issues regarding referees should be brought to the attention of a WYSA Board Member. In accordance with the "Zero Tolerance Rule," comments addressed directly to game referees at any time will not be tolerated by WYSA.

X. Travel Uniform Policy:
WYSA issues all uniforms to players placed on travel teams. The uniform as issued may not be altered without prior approval of the BOD. Further, no substitution of any piece of the travel uniform will be allowed. Alternative uniforms or portions of the travel uniform may be approved after due consideration of the BOD while maintaining compliance with FIFA and MYSA rulings regarding uniforms. In the case that an alternative uniform is approved for use, then the entire team in question must wear the alternative uniform in its entirety. All uniforms are subject to appropriate FIFA and MYSA rulings. The Head Coach is responsible if a referee deems a uniform non-compliant with FIFA or MYSA regulations. Please note that a referee can invoke a team to forfeit if an issue arises at game time with a team’s uniform.

XI. Spring Season Travel Awards
Special recognition will be given to teams that win the Mass Tournament of Champions. A plaque will be presented to the team and a replica of that plaque will be mounted on the field house. In addition, each member of the team (players and coaches) will receive a sweat suit (or equivalent as approved by the BOD) with WYSA logo and appropriate level of accomplishment embroidered on the back.
In appreciation for teams that win the MYSL Commissioner's Cup or participate in the Massachusetts Tournament of Champions (MTOC), Wilmington Youth Soccer Association will present a jacket or equivalent (at the discretion of the Board of Directors) to each team’s players and coaches. Each jacket will have the WYSA logo on the left breast and the appropriate level of accomplishment embroidered on the back (wording to be approved by the Board of Directors). MTOC participants and Commissioner's Cup winners are determined by MYSL officials.
Wilmington Youth Soccer Association will also present a sweatshirt or long sleeve (at the discretion of the Board of the Directors) T-shirt for excellence of play to each team player and coach of any Wilmington team that, at the end of the spring's regular season, has placed first in its division or subdivision (bracket) in league play, as determined by the appropriate MYSL Age Director. Each sweatshirt or T-shirt will have the WYSA logo on the left breast and the appropriate level of accomplishment on the back (wording to be approved by the Board of Directors).
A team that is eligible for multiple awards will receive only the award representing its highest level of accomplishment.

XII. Coach Selection Guidelines
a. The following information should be used only as a guideline when selecting Travel Team coaches. The Travel Team Committee and the BOD retain broad discretion in making final selections.
b.              Evaluation Guidelines:
Soccer Coaching Experience
1. Experience as HS or above varsity coach
2. Experience as HS JV Coach, or ODP Coach
3. Experience as Travel coach
4. Experience as Travel assistant or In-town Coach
Soccer Education
1. G license (4 hours)
2. F license (8 hours)
3. E license (16 hours)
4. D license (36 hours)
5. C national license
6. Clinics, Symposiums
7. Playing Experience
Commitment to Program and Other Skills
1. The Number of years committed to the Program and the players participating therein (e.g., Board of Directors, committee member);
2. Experience as a Certified Referee;
3. Experience in Coaching other Sports;
4. Attitude;
5. Organizational Ability;
6. Ability to work with players, assistants, referees.  Ability to follow the required WYSA Travel Team Coaching Guidelines.  Ability to follow travel team organization duties (organization of practices, communication with players and parents) and other information relevant to administrative duties of the coach;
7. Parental Evaluation input from letters and evaluations;
8. WYSA, MYSL, MYSA awards and/or sanctions;
9. Awards and/or sanctions from all youth sports and organizations;
10. Best interest of the players.

XIII. Parental Evaluation of Coaches
Each Spring season, Travel Program Coordinators will distribute written coach evaluation forms to parents and arrange for the collection of these forms. The evaluation form shall be approved by the Board of Directors annually. The information contributed by parents by means of the evaluation forms shall be compiled by the Travel Program Coordinators and shall be made available to the Travel Team Committee and the Board of Directors for consideration in the selection of Travel Team Coaches.

XIV. Grievances
The Travel Program Coordinators strive to operate an excellent program and encourage all comments, both positive and negative, as well as any constructive suggestions that may improve the Program. All such comments or suggestions should be directed to a member of the Board of Directors. Occasionally a member of the organization may have a substantial grievance or complaint with regard to a policy, coach, player or parent associated with the Travel Program. It is recommended that any grievance of this sort be submitted to a Travel Program Coordinator in a signed letter. Any grievance or complaint filed anonymously will not be addressed, however, all grievances will be confidential to the parties involved. The Travel Program Coordinators will investigate all grievances brought to their attention and will seek a satisfactory resolution. Some grievances may require action by the Board of Directors, in which case the Travel Program Coordinators will offer a recommendation to the Board of Directors. Anyone submitting a written grievance or complaint will receive a written response from either the Travel Program Coordinators or the Board of Directors.
XV. Conclusion
It is the intent of the WYSA BOD to follow this Policy in a consistent manner. However, the BOD recognizes that all policies and procedures encounter unique scenarios that, if the Policy is strictly applied, are detrimental to the organization and the players that it serves. In these instances, the Travel Program Coordinator(s) is encouraged to propose solutions that are sensitive to the best interest of the Players, Teams, and Organization as a whole. The final determination regarding enforcement or exercising this policy and any exceptions thereto will rest with the Board of Directors.
Includes Language Changes Approved by the Board of Directors through May, 2014 (includes voted language changes for Dual Age from January 2014 BOD meeting minutes).