Mission Statement

The aim of Wilmington Youth Soccer Association is to encourage and engage in athletic recreational soccer games that foster and promote the qualities of physical fitness, competitive and spirited team play and good sportsmanship by providing soccer instruction to its members families and by making available to them opportunities to participate in team competition both on an intramural and competitive basis again teams from other communities. Our program depends on volunteers from our member families and other local persons recognized as knowledgeable in the rules and guidelines of the game of soccer in order to provide a reward and fulfilling experience to all the participants in our program. Member families come mainly from the town of Wilmington with participation from families in other local towns permitted as seen fit by the governing board of Wilmington Youth Soccer Association. Providing a positive experience for all of our members our hope is to further the interest in soccer to all the participants in our program and promote personal growth through team play and good sportsmanship modeled by coaches, players, families, and directors of Wilmington Youth Soccer Soccer. A zero tolerance policy towards violations of this intent is expected at every function that is sponsored by Wilmington Youth Soccer Association.