WYSA Ref Training Policy


Referees are one of the key components to the game. They help ensure a fair and safe environment for the players, coaches, and spectators. Wilmington Youth Soccer Association (WYSA) strives to maintain a capable and well-trained referee corps to officiate both Intown and Travel soccer games.


Intown – All WYSA Intown soccer games are officiated by referees drawn from the ranks of WYSA Intown soccer players. Intown Referees must meet the following criteria to be eligible to officiate an Intown soccer game:


Be at least in 5th Grade

Be a member in good standing of a WYSA-sponsored team

Successfully completed the WYSA Intown referee training orientation

Be knowledgeable about the game of soccer


The WYSA Intown referee coordinator will endeavor to fairly assign games to all eligible referees throughout the season. It is WYSA’s policy to assign two referees to all Intown games whenever possible. It is also policy to assign novice referees to work with more experienced referees whenever possible and to make sure the ages of the referees are appropriate relative to the ages of the Intown game participants.


WYSA relies on feedback from coaches as well as observations of WYSA Board Members when evaluating Intown referees. When necessary, further training will be conducted. It is a priority of WYSA to provide a fair and safe game environment for the players. Although every effort will be made to qualify a referee found deficient, a referee will not be allowed to officiate a game if it is determined that players or the referee are at risk due to a lack of knowledge and / or experience.

WYSA will encourage all eligible Intown Referees to pursue training to become certified Travel referees.


Travel – Wilmington Youth Soccer Association (WYSA) is committed to encouraging all eligible WYSA members to pursue training to become certified travel referees. 


WYSA will furnish a certified referee assigner to assign referees to all travel games in the fall season and to all U10 games and assistant referees in the spring season. A Middlesex Youth Soccer League certified referee assigner will assign referees to all other spring travel games. Referees are assigned on the basis of competency, experience and age-appropriateness for a given age group and level of play.


For certified referees within WYSA, annual recertification is required to stay active within current referee grade and WYSA will fully reimburse those referees who attend and successfully complete their annual recertification and who have refereed at least ten Wilmington games during the previous calendar year. Additionally, WYSA encourages travel referees to attend training seminars and be assessed frequently to advance their referee grade.


For Intown referees or other individuals seeking to become a certified referee (Grade 8), WYSA will reimburse the certification course upon successful completion. Refer to the Massachusetts Referee web site, located at www.massref.net, for more information as this is subject to change without notice.


In consideration for the reimbursement of the referee annual recertification and new referee certification, we ask that a referee make themselves available to meet WYSA requirements first before becoming available in Middlesex and other counties