Rules of the Ref Table


  1. Do not sign in for someone else’s game unless there is less than five minutes to go before the start of a game. (Referee's clock at the table is the one to use)
  2. Locate the section in the Referee's sign in book that lists your game time and sign in under your name approximately 20-30 minutes prior to your game time (No sooner than 30 minutes).
  3. After signing in, proceed to your assigned field and introduce yourself to the other Referee (Hint: their name is on the sign in sheet) then walk the field looking for safety issues.
  4. After verifying the field is safe, introduce yourselves to each coach and check in the teams so they are prepared to start at the designated time.
  5. Play the game as indicated by the game horn.   
    1. There is a 5 minute warning followed by a 25 minute game period.
    2. There is a five minute half-time followed by a second 25 minute game period.
    3. There is a final horn after which you supervise the shaking of hands by the teams.
    4. After the teams have shaken hands you can exit the field of play
  6. Be sure to have your ref card signed by the home team coach. The coach should place it in the referee card box on the referee table.

Please see me (or any other Board member) on the field with any concerns that happen during game day whether they are game related or related to behavior at the referee table at the soccer fields. It is best to let me know about any incident as soon as it happens or immediately after the game.
Intown Referee Coordinator