Ref Reminders
  1. Your most important responsibility is the safety of the players.
  2. Before each game make sure to introduce yourself to the other referee, walk the field and review for hazards and objects, introduce yourself to the coaches and check the players in.      
  3. When checking in the players please make sure they have shin pads covered by their socks, no toe cleats, no jewelry of any kind (except medical alerts) and shirts must be tucked in.  (set a good example and tuck in your shirt too)
  4. Blow your whistles loudly.
  5. Use hand signals and verbal commands so the Coach and players know what your call is.
  6. Teams should switch goals after the first half, but do not have to if both coaches agree.
  7. There are no direct kicks awarded in Intown games. If their is an infraction/foul, you should award an indirect kick.  An indirect kick must hit another player before going in the Goal. If the ball goes in the goal without hitting a player.  “No Goal” should be signaled and a goal kick is awarded. Indirect kicks are never awarded in the box. If the infraction occurs in the box, always bring the ball to the 18 yard line closest to where the foul occurred.
  8. Each referee should take one side of the field unless he/she is by themselves. They should always move with the play and be in position to make a call. 
  9. Referees should always assist the younger players setting up the ball for corner kicks, goal kicks and kick off’s. 
  10. If a player appears to be injured, have them take a knee and blow your whistle. You should then have the other players take a knee and have the Coach assist the player. When play is ready to resume, for first grade the team who had possession of the ball should be awarded a free kick (always outside the box!). A drop ball should be awarded to all other age groups.
  11. Improper throw-in’s (Lifting one foot or not holding arms above the head) should always be re-takes. If the players do it incorrectly the second time, it is a change of possession and the other team is awarded the throw in!   When first graders fail to do it correctly the second time you should just play on.
  12. Please report poor behavior of the players, spectators and coaches to a WYSA Board Member. (immediately if need be)
  13. Have Fun!