Travel Referee Information

Note:  there will be U10, U12 and U14 games at the Shawsheen and U14 and U16 at Yentile each week. Whitfield School will have U12 games each week. Please keep this in mind when accepting assignments.  Even though the fields are all in the same town, it will really throw off the day's schedule if a referee shows up at the wrong field by mistake. 


ACCEPTING ASSIGNMENTS: If you have submitted your availability you will be assigned games, if you do not accept or decline your assignment(s) within 24 hours your assignment(s) will be given to someone else. If you accept and assignment and do not show for that shift without good cause you will no longer be assigned shifts in Wilmington .


GETTING PAID:  For all center referee shifts, please remember to log into your Middlesex account to report game scores:  https://www.sportsmanager.us/orgmanager/MYSL.htm For all A/R shifts, WYSA will keep track and pay you accordingly at the end of the season.


PROBLEMS:  Feel free to contact me with any questions, issues or problems (game day or any other time.)  Many of you do this anyways, but as a reminder, please give me a call if you happen to have any misconduct issues during your games.  It's always better if we (WYSA) know about these before Middlesex contacts us about them! 


Please check the Wilmington Youth Soccer website at http://www.wilmingtonyouthsoccer.org, as well as the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/WilmingtonYouthSoccer for updates on the weather and field conditions.


Interested in becoming a travel referee? 


If you are age 14 or older you will need to become certified as Grade 8 Referee by the Massachusetts State Referee Committee, you can register for courses www.massref.net. Once certified you will need to order your own gear (shirts, whistles, flags) and contact me for assignments. WYSA will not provide uniforms for referees. 


Thank you, and best wishes for a great season!



Darwin Molina
Wilmington Travel Referee Assignor