Wilmington Youth Soccer Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Sunday, April 7, 2019

4th of July Building, Wilmington, MA. 01887


Directors Present: Sean Broussard, Tom Card, Frank DeGiovanni, Nick Howie, Billy Long, Paul Malvone, Darwin Molina, Dave Oatis, Dave O’Mahony, Rich Pereira, Nate Tarin, Dave Zaya, Mike King, Chris Parr, Rich Engvaldsen, Jessica Scanlon, Francesca Driscoll, Fernando Marinho, Chris Malley


Directors Absent: Sean Broussard (arrives at 6:12, left at 6:47), Tom Card (arrives at 6:45), Billy Long, Rich Pereira (arrives at 6:31), Jessica Scanlon, Fernando Marinho (arrives at 6:21), Chris Malley (arrives at 6:11)


Guests: John Bavota (arrives at 6:40)



Meeting called to order at 6:05pm


President Opening Remarks:


Dave Z. welcomed all to the April meeting;

Rich at WFC;

Good first week; issue with Snack Shack water leak; lots of smiles; some wet patches;

Middlesex Youth Soccer Association Update: Wakefield and Dracut out; 3 towns giving notice want to make it work; majority of complaints about old board; 5 votes; Caryn Goulet running for president; openings on MYSA Board


Motion: To accept board meeting minutes from February 10, 2019 meeting as amended and the March 10, 2019 meeting minutes as amended, by Dave O’, 2nd by Malley; motion withdrawn;

Brief discussion regarding Board coverage on Saturdays.


VP of Development

Cut off adds; reviewing current policy; no consensus; some have hard first  


deadline; PCD said mirror MYS; Tom said Spring cut off should be different; Tom suggested SOP; other towns called; 7-1 not to change



Score; ridiculous shipping fees; $15 for one shirt; not paying invoives while we work things out.

Motion: to be made in next month’s meeting.


VP of Administration

Completed concussion training for Spring;

Indepth CORI checks through MassYouth

Scholarship committee vote, seconded by Nick, as amended (Francesca for Zaya) 14-0-1;

HS has scholarship application information;

Girls Night Out flyer went out; conflict with Bentley Girls; reached out to Dina; moved to April 28th; moved to outside at WHS; back up is Yentile; permit for inside; donation coming out of community outreach; registration out; $10; Score as sponsor


See email; PPE adjusted for WFC

Whitefield; left side not usable; all games moving to Shawsheen; Travel Freeze discussed at PCD;

Complaint about game yesterday



No updates


Travel Refs

Email update

Voted to increase rate for Sunday referees ($10)


Intown & Intown Refs

Numbers Update: 7%/10% increase

120 referee

2nd grade numbers

Some called in sick


Fields & Buildings

Whitefield needs to be set up; needs help; Nick volunteered


Email update



We’re open



WFC portion of website needs to be updated; clubs do first week of June

Director of Coaching


Email Update:

WFC first game went well; parents loved every minute

Saturday went well

Coach education clinic, 22 showed up (only 7 last year); great experience

Met with AE; they want to advertise on our website; PT and strength Training; Hubbard v. Hunt

April Vacation Clinic; James and Justin (asking for volunteers)

27 registered

James is leaving for one week


New Business


Travel Player Movement: PCD discussion under Tom’s update; discussion  

TeamSnap versus SportsPilot: No update, almost every coach uses it; platform just for app? Not going to use it for registration; update under May meeting

TSC: Brian McDonald offered his help Motion by Nick, 2nd by Fernando – 16-0-0


Motion to adjurn by Mike, seconded by Rich; motion passes 16-0-0; leave the meeting at 8:00 pm

Respectfully submitted,


David O’Mahony