Wilmington Youth Soccer Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Sunday, January 6, 2019

4th of July Building, Wilmington, MA. 01887


Directors Present: Sean Broussard, Tom Card, Francesca Driscoll, Nick Howie, Billy Long, Paul Malvone (left at 6:45), Darwin Molina (arrived at 6:11), Dave Oatis, Dave O’Mahony, Rich Pereira, Jess Scanlon, Nate Tarin, Dave Zaya, Mike King, Chris Malley, Fernando Marinho


Directors Absent: Chris Parr, Frank DeGiovanni, Rich Engvaldsen


Guests: John Bavota



Meeting called to order at 6:06pm


President Opening Remarks:


Rich P. welcomed all to the January meeting;



Motion: To accept board meeting minutes from December 2, 2018 BOD meeting as amended by Dave O’, 2nd by Nick - Motion passes; 14-0-1.


VP of Development

Proposed PCD Committee Members: John Fitlzer, Tom Genthner, Darwin Molina, Rob Elliot, James Magill, John Bavota, Frank DeGiovanni, Tom Card; Motion by Tom, seconded by Sean, Motion passes 14-1-1;

Wildcat FC Update: Wildcat ID course numbers currently at 22; discussion regarding junior academy, we will probably find enough for the relaunch of the club option; currently 13 juniors (but 11 wont be able to play in the initial launch of Wildcat FC due to the age cut off).



Motion: by Dave Z., seconded by Mike, to accept the November and December finanicals as presented; motion passes 14-0-2;

Budget: Dave Z. offered to meet with members of the BOD to discuss the

2019 budget ahead of the February meeting.


VP of Administration

Lighting: DPW looking into our request to have lighting at Shawsheen; John’s Sewer had a lighting connection that we may use;

Concussion training: Some HS coaches still need to do concussion training 


Rosters: Rosters submitted to Middlesex, placements put in today, mock placements for February meeting;

Commissioner’s Cup: Waltham , Wilmington, Lancaster possible locations, but concern about timeframe gave members reservations about our ability to host; Tom said previous board members have expressed doubt about being able to get town approval for event; Discussion surrounding problems with Middlesex Youth Soccer Associate; multiple towns have expressed their desire to opt out of the league;

PPEs: First day of PPEs will be May 19th (between Memorial Day and Mother’s Day).



No updates besides possible Panera or 99 Restaurant Fundraiser (TBD); otherwise looking to have same events as last year.


Travel Refs

Darwin is putting together training materials;

Referee numbers look good; possibly putting together group of Intwon referees as linesmen for U10 travel games.


Intown & Intown Refs

Registration: 136 registered players so far, on track for 460; Boys Kinder/Pre-K is a large group so we need to plan Saturdays accordingly; we are good for pre-K/K balls for new players;

Coaches: Mike suggested using Revolution tickets as an incentive to get coaches to register in a timely manner.

Fields & Buildings

No updates


Holiday Sales: Online sale went well, 39 orders, AA&E sorted the goods, couple of hiccups with pick-ups; Festival of Trees went well;

Team website: Still working to get website for the teams up and running;


plan to meet at MassYouth workshop.



No updates



Good feedback on newsletter; send info to Francesca; need to update Website and email aliases for new board members.

Director of Coaching

Winter Clinics Update: Currently at 82 players – projected to get to 150 by session II; balances out with Wildcat FC ID program; DOC attending United States Soccer Coaches convention this month; Coach Francisco will take over Winter Clinic sessions; he will bring assistant; DOC will discuss Wildcat FC – Abby Villa joint team at convention;

WYSA Preseason Coaching Clinic: March 31, 2019 (time and place TBD);

Open Gym time: 3-4pm on Sundays to be open for coaches;

MassYouth Programs: Waiting to hear about licensing for this year


New Business


Budget Review: Meeting to be scheduled; we will vote on the budget in the February meeting; need Wildcat FC numbers


Motion to adjurn by Mike, seconded by Dave Z.; motion passes 15-0-0; leave the meeting at 7:20 pm

Respectfully submitted,


David O’Mahony