Wilmington Youth Soccer Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Sunday, September 30, 2018

4th of July Building, Wilmington, MA. 01887


Directors Present: Tom Card, Rich Engvaldsen, Nick Howie, Mike King, Billy Long, Paul Malvone, Fernando Marinho, Darwin Molina, Manny Mulas, Dave O’Mahony, Rich Pereira, Nate Tarin, Dave Zaya, Chris Malley (arrives 6:10pm); Sean Broussard (arrives 6:39pm)


Directors Absent: Francesca Driscoll, Dave Oatis, Chris Parr, Jess Scanlon


Guests: John Bavota, James Magill, Bob Folk (arrives 6:21pmdeparts 6:40pm)



Meeting called to order at 6:06pm


President Opening Remarks:


Rich P. welcomed all to the meeting and thanked everyone for coming;.


Motion: To accept board meeting minutes from August 26, 2018 BOD meeting as presented by Dave Z, second Dave O’. Motion does not pass 6-0-7; August meeting only had nine members attend for the full session; minutes will be moved again at November’s meeting when more directors are present;


VP of Development

PCD update: Group is making plans to reboot Wildcat FC; discussed Wildcat FC tryouts (with season projected to start next fall); NEP, other leagues will be contacted, including TSL; the plan is to start with U10;

Code of Conduct: One coach has not returned any conduct paperwork (perhaps due to injury, lack of help);



Motion: To accept August 2018 financials as presented by Dave Zaya, 2nd by Fernando., Motion passes 13-0-1;


VP of Administration


Concussion Training: We still have some coaches who have not completed the training; training at the shack a possibility; the issue will be discussed at the next coaches’ night;

Field House: Original plans for the Field House delivered by Bob Folk; Bob offered to forward information he had from the last time we hosted Commissioner’s Cup;


Fall Travel Team Placements: Some teams struggling in their divisions, but adjustments will be made for the Spring season;

New Player Add Cut-off: Proposed cut-off for travel registrations when the new addition would require player movement once teams have already started practicing; rationale includes team chemistry; players getting moved down and then immediately back up can be stigmatizing; discussed cut-off for player movement vs adds requiring no movement; fines; uniform costs is another issue;

Motion: Official late travel fee of $30 to be added for new players sign-ups after PPEs (exception for players new to town) by Nick, second by Fernando; Motion passes 13-0-1;

Discussion regarding Commissioner’s Cup bid: many volunteers needed (approx. 100); parking is big problem; volunteers need to direct parking; used Shawsheen Tech and Billerica’s Akerson field previously; Billerica set up own concessions; concessions and merchandising key; Wilmington made 10-12 thousand in early 2000’s with Middlesex expected to pay for many items; weather/field conditions is a problem to be considered;

Middlesex League rosters have been problematic with some towns; there is a lot of player movement; phantom players; then completely different teams being rostered;




Field Day: numbers are not final, but revenue is expected to be around 9K vs. 5K in expenses; 3v3 tournament seemed to experience a drop-off of out-of-town teams; next year, maybe we should push Field Day back a week or two to generate interest and advertise;



Travel Refs

All games covered; Darwin doing his best to push right referee in right game; we need to help them

Certifications: classes are being held November thru March; prospective referees must be 14 by April and recertify every year;

Intown & Intown Refs

Intown numbers roaring back; back where we were last year

Patch day planned for 10/27;

Informal evaluation for 1st and 2nd grade to adjust rosters in Spring (K thru 1 hard to tell, but we do our best to balance the teams);

Fields & Buildings

No updates



Many items have sold out, including back packs, but more back packs have just arrived;

We need a new credit card reader (perhaps someone can donate an old iPhone);



Concession sales have been fine, but the rain doesn’t help revenues; losing fields at Shawsheen doesn’t help either; U14 teams used to play on both fields, but now they are at Yentile;

On 10/20, we will have light staffing at the shack – only three people – so please help out when there is a rush;



No updates

Director of Coaching

Coach education; seeing many coaches, very open to help; great questions from coaches; DOC/ADOC able to help even more with design of session and activities to fit specific coaches needs;

Pre-K numbers/group look really good;

PDP/Goalkeeping numbers look good;

Proposed “specialized PDPs for strikers, sports performance, and coach training planned for Spring;

Clinics: trying to get as many coaches as possible -including experienced coaches - to take clinics, as well;

Winter sessions/futsal time all set;

Seeking classrooms for education courses


New Business

2019 Slate – Let Rich know about returning status/new board members

Running small appeals committee related to deal with refund issue; website will be updated to reflect travel refund policy

Discussed need for Board presence at Whitefield/Woburn Street/Yentile;

Field Four in rough shape (may have to be closed down for the season);

Next Meeting: November 4, 2018


Executive Session



Motion to adjourn by Manny 2nd by Mike, 15-0-0 Motion Passes.


Leave the meeting at 7:21pm

Respectfully submitted,


David O’Mahony