Wilmington Youth Soccer Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Sunday, August 26, 2018

4th of July Building, Wilmington, MA. 01887


Directors Present: Tom Card, Nick Howie, Mike King, Billy Long, Chris Parr, Rich Pereira, Nate Tarin, Dave Zaya, Manny Mulas, Jessica Scanlon (leaves at 7:47pm), Chris Malley (arrives 6:07pm), Dave Oatis (arrives 6:10pm), Darwin Molina (arrives 6:22pm, leaves at 8:47pm), Dave O’Mahony (arrives at 7:39pm)


Directors Absent: Francesca Driscoll, Sean Broussard, Rich Engvaldsen, Paul Malvone, Fernando Marinho,


Guests: John Bavota, James Magill (leaves at 8:16pm), Peter Sampson (leaves at 6:31pm)



  1. Meeting called to order at 6:04pm


  1. President Opening Remarks:


  1. Welcome and hope everyone enjoyed the summer.
  1. Secretary:
    1. Motion: To accept board meeting minutes from June 28, 2018 BOD meeting (roster review night) as amended by Dave Z, second Chris M. motion passes 12-0-1;


  1. VP of Development
    1. ADOC - James Magill, WYSA ADOC has arrived!
    2. Revolution tickets discussion: looking to purchase 4 season tickets (Bronze level) to NE Revolution, would give WYSA access to other benefits (memorabilia, coaches education/award). Motion by Tom C. 2nd by Manny M. to add line item to 2018 budget for $2,600 to purchase 2018/2019 Revolution season tickets. Motion passes 13-0-0 
    3. Player Code of Conduct discussion – Discussion around code of conduct document proposed by PCD committee.  Topics included how it would be implemented and communication plan to membership and coaches.  This would be initially rolled out for travel only.  VP of Development will discuss this at Travel Coaches meeting.   Coaches will need to return documents by first week of season (Sept 8th) but will allow grace period to have returned by September 16th.  For Fall 2018 Darwin will track but on a go forward basis this will need to be signed when players register for program. Motion to approve Player Code of Conduct as amended, motioned by Tom C. and 2nd by Chris M.  Motion passes 13-0-0
    4. Appeal Process Discussion- will be taken up at future meeting.


  1. Treasurer
    1. Motion: To accept June and July 2018 financials as presented by Dave Zaya, 2nd by Chris P., Motion passes 13-0-0;



  1. VP of Administration
    1. Concussion Training – will be discussed at coaches’ night
    2. WHS Girls Soccer team looking for ball girls for 2018 season. 
  2. Travel
    1. Middlesex meeting on Wednesday (8/29) in Wakefield
    2. Travel coaches meeting on Thursday (8/30) at Shawsheen Elementary School at 8pm
    3. Game Schedules will be released on Wednesday (8/29)
    4. Practice Schedules have been released, question around coaches having more than 2 practices during the week
    5. Travel Uniforms are in and ready for pick up
    6. SportsManager proposing to charge $2/player fee for each town that does not use SportsManger to register players.  This will be discussed at next Middlesex meeting and travel will report back to board.



  1. Fundraising
    1. Field Day, September 9th – planning is on-going



  1. Travel Refs
    1. Referees needed for 3v3 tourney.
    2. No new travel referee certifications for Fall 2018
    3. Meeting on Tuesday with Travel Refs


  1. Intown & Intown Refs
    1. Intown Coaches Meeting Thursday at Shawsheen Elementary School at 7pm
    2. Fall 2018 numbers are lower than previous seasons.
    3. Potentially move nets to Field 7 for TBG training, especially needed for Friday evenings
    4. Out of town player – Boys 1st Grade player, coming from Andover.  Motion by Mike King, 2nd by Manny M. for Messiner Family to become a member of WYSA for 1 year period.  Motion passes 14-0-0
    5. Intown Refs – numbers have increased for new 5th graders who are now eligible to participate in this program, have 100+ intown refs
  2. Fields & Buildings
    1. Woburn St 9v9 nets are set up the 11v11 nets at Woburn St will be set up by High School team.  Whitfield nets will be set up this week
    2. Outhouse has been ordered for  Woburn St and Whitfield
    3. New corner flags ordered for Whitfield


  1. Merchandise
    1. Travel Uniforms have been ordered and are in.  Intown uniforms have been ordered and will arrive by the end of the week.
    2. Looking at some new merchandise items (winter hats)


  1. Concessions
    1. Shack is staffed for Fall 2018 season, Paul needs to stock shack with inventory
    2. Have a volunteer to oversee the grill for Field Day


  1. Director of Coaching
    1. Coaches 4v4 diploma – offered class in August, not enough interest to run and class was canceled
    2. Intown Coaches Trainings– open enrollment coach’s session with John and James will begin September 7th.
    3. August Clinic – 105 total registered for evening and day camp
    4. Fall PDP starting week of September 10th the times and days will be similar to prior year.  On Monday, there will be an added offering
  • Sports Performance with Coach John
  • Goalkeepers Training with Coach James

            Limit each session to 12 players and currently will only be offered             to Travel players

  1. TSL – 21 WYSA players rostered.  Practice for U10 teams will be at Woburn St on Friday nights
  2. Winter Futsal – set to begin in January 2019 at Billerica Boys & Girls Club
  3. Coach training sessions with John and James will be offered for any coaches that would like their assistance during the season, more information will be shared at coaches’ night


  1. New Business
    1. TeamSnap – has been rolled out to travel and board members.   Intown platform will be rolled out to just 2nd grade group for Fall 2018 and in Spring 2019 all Intown will be put on the platform. 
    2. Picture Day – scheduled for October 13th ,rain date October 20th  Pictures will be mailed to players address
    3. Next Meeting: September 30th, 2018 at 6:00 at the 4th of July Building


  1. Executive Session


Motion to adjourn by Dave Oatis 2nd by Nate, 12-0-0 Motion Passes.


  1. Leave the meeting at 9:41pm

Respectfully submitted,


David Zaya

Treasurer/Acting Secretary