Wilmington Youth Soccer Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Grace Chapel, Wilmington, MA. 01887


Directors Present: Sean Broussard, Tom Card, Rich Engvaldsen, Nick Howie, Mike King, Billy Long, Chris Malley (arrives 7:28) Paul Malvone, Fernando Marinho (arrives 7:33), Darwin Molina, Dave Oatis, Dave O’Mahony, Chris Parr, Rich Pereira (arrives 7:07), Nate Tarin, Dave Zaya


Directors Absent: Francesca Driscoll, Manny Mulas, Jessica Scanlon


Guests: None



Meeting called to order at 7:06 by Dave O’.


President Opening Remarks:




Motion: To accept the May 2018 Meeting Minutes as presented by Dave O’, 2nd by Dave O., Motion passes 10-0-3;

Motion: To accept the June 2018 Meeting Minutes as presented by Dave O’, 2nd by Dave O., Motion passes 10-0-3.


VP of Development

Tom gave an update on the work of the PCD Committee; PCD is putting together a code of conduct; the Board will review their proposal in August (with the hope of distributing it to players and coaches in the Fall); discussion surrounding content and signage;

Motion: To implement a player code of conduct by Tom, 2nd by Sean, Motion passes 14-0-0.



Motion: To accept May financials as presented by Dave Zaya, 2nd by Mike King, Motion passes 12-0-2;

Audit of our reporting to protect non-profit status is ongoing.



VP of Administration

No updates


No updates



Rich has volunteered to take the lead on the September 2018 Field Day.


Travel Refs

Payments to the travel referees have been sent out.


Intown & Intown Refs

No updates

Fields & Buildings

New need to finish removing the nets off of the fields (with the exception of those in use this summer); the nets have already been removed from fields 1, 2, and 3 (thanks to the Pereiras); we will keep the nets on the 11 v 11 fields for the high school age summer leagues; we will take the Whitefield nets off;

The bathrooms at Shawsheen should not be left open to the public off-season.



No updates



No updates


Director of Coaching



New Business

Tewksbury Family WYSA Membership: Motion by Mike to allow family from Tewksbury to register 2 girls for our Intown Program (Pre-K, 1st Grade), 2nd by Sean, Motion passes 15-0-0.

WYSA move to TeamSnap: Motion that WYSA begin to use TeamSnap as the primary source of registration by Nick, 2nd by Chris M.); cheaper than SportsPilot; widely used; Intown will have a more limited applicability; current programs will continue with SportsPilot until new registrations; there will be training; domain service will not change; Motion passes 16-0-0.


Travel Award Policy Change Proposed: Nick noted that current policy is somewhat problematic at the U16/18 and U10 levels, with current U16 team eligible for higher level of award than the spirit of the awards policy envisions (eligible for jacket without winning division or any games at the Commissioner’s Cup, due to MTOC invite) and U10 policy (where jackets are awarded despite the fact that there is no official Commissioner’s Cup winner at that level); discussion surrounding amending the motion to maintain the U10 awards policy and changing the U16/U18 awards policy to require MTOC victories to earn award (where there is no division or Commissioner’s Cup victory; Motion by Nick to change Travel Award policy, as amended, 2nd by Chris P., Motion passes 15-1-0.

9v9 Goals: Motion by Dave to buy 2 goals/nets for up to $4500, second by Paul, motion passes, 13-3-0.

Picture Day: Set for 9/28 – photos will be mailed.

Next Meeting: August 26th, 2018 at 6:00 at the 4th of July Building


Motion to adjurn by Fernando, 2nd by Paul, 16-0-0 Motion Passes.


Leave the meeting at 11:38

Respectfully submitted,


David O’Mahony