Wilmington Youth Soccer Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Sunday, April 8, 2018

4th of July Building, Wilmington, MA. 01887




Directors Present: Sean Broussard, Tom Card, Rich Engvaldsen, Mike King, Billy Long, Paul Malvone, Fernando Marinho, Darwin Molina, Manny Mulas (arrives 7:11), Dave Oatis, Dave O’Mahony, Chris Parr, Rich Pereira, Nate Tarin, Dave Zaya (15)


Directors Absent: Francesca Driscoll, Nick Howie, Chris Malley, Jessica Scanlon (4)


Guests: John Bavota



Meeting called to order at 6:04 by Rich Pereira


President Opening Remarks:


Field Update: Yentile open, but grass fields are not yet open; lines are on Whitfield, Shawsheen to be lined tomorrow.


Motion: To accept the March 2018 Meeting Minutes as amended by David O’, 2nd by Fernando. Motion passes by a vote of 13-0-1.


VP of Development

PCD Meeting; introductions;

Good numbers for April camps;

ADOC Update; everything submitted through new attorney; expected to come mid-May; will affect PDP numbers.



Motion: To accept March 2018 financials as presented by Dave Zaya, 2nd by Sean, 12-0-2 Motion passes;


VP of Administration

Update came after Executive Session when Manny arrived from GNO;


GNO Sunday, April 8, 2018; great time; highest participation yet

Scholarships application light (so far only 1 application); deadline is end of April; historically late

Eagle Scout proposal updated to reflect composite materials; approval expected soon; DPW will make the decision on placement; we can make a suggestion, but not in our control.


Middlesex Update: Week 1 of season cancelled; Week 2 on as of right now but Middlesex could cancel if too many towns can’t play; momentum not to cancel, but instead reschedule; Memorial Day Saturday is cancelled to be rescheduled - each coach will need to reschedule their respective game on that weekend.

AGM 7pm at Best Western in Woburn, 4/25;

Woburn leaving Middlesex; not a lot of information as to why; Wakefield pushing for them to come to AGM; complaints about a couple towns having non-compliant rosters; Mass Youth sent out survey

No other news since last meeting besides dealing with scheduling issues.



No Updates



Discussion of June 1, 2018 cornhole/dance fundraiser, to run from 7pm to 11pm, with memorabilia;

Postponed fundraiser at 99 Restaurant for in-season promotion; new date is April 25th;

Calendar fundraiser Calendar completed; $10 each


Travel Refs

Darwin completed the assignor course on 3/25;

Invited Ellie Nassif, Director of MSRC, to Travel Coaches meeting- feedback from few coaches was positive;

Held 2 nights of "Spring Meeting" with WYSA referees to review expectations and game procedures (11 attended the first night with 5 of those as brand new certified in attendance and 3 attended the second night); will have scrimmages with U10/U12; will expand to girls

Assigned U10 for Week of 4/14, looking to maximize game coverage and assignments.

Intown & Intown Refs


Spring 2018 Player/Coach Update: As of April 5th have 453 players (up 8% from Fall 2017) and 91 coaches; still receiving sign-ups;

Start Date: Tentative start for all programs April 14th (Original start date was expected to be April 7th for Kinder – 2nd Grade)

Intown Refs have 109 refs registered (we will need 22 per week)

Some problems with mobile app in registering as coaches (showing up as officials);

Spring Intown Coaches meeting held March 29th;

Discussion regarding parking;

Extra practice for 2nd graders – pick up night on Monday

Fields & Buildings

Field Status: See above; water still not turned on at the Fieldhouse;

Locks: The locks for the shack are being changed out and replaced where needed on Monday. Dave O. had new keys to hand out to everyone at the meeting on Sunday, plus keys for the town, bathroom access and storage only keys for the High School teams; vendor access; and a key for the bathroom cleaner. 

Frames: Hopefully the town will be able to line the fields early this week; As soon as we hear we can put the frames up it will be all hands on deck. 

Bathrooms: 1 porta potty will be delivered this week to the Whitefield only. Woburn Street will not be used in Spring.



New merchandise, hats, sweatshirts for sale;

We put WYSA logo on shorts and will set those;

All caught up on Travel uniform orders.



Still closed; waiting for water; application for permits for Shawsheen and Yentile

Lost about $600 in frozen foods due to electricity loss; currently freezers are off; will be cleaned out in time for opening



No updates

Director of Coaching

Director of Coaching Diploma: March 16th-18th in Boxborough, MA;


Good resource for networking; somewhat outdated with content presented; about 25 attendees;

MA Youth 4v4 Diploma: April 15th, 10:00AM-2:30PM @ Boys and Girls Club; Current registrations = 1;

New Spring 18’ Curriculum: Sent 4v4 and Passing Patterns. Need to send 7v7, 9v9, 11v11; problem sending through SP (due to size);

Coach Mentor Program + Coaches Clinic: March 31, 10:30AM-12:00PM; Mentors = 6, Trainee = 1; Use Mentors for Coach’s needing coverage on practice and Game-day (Prek/Kinders); 7 attended the Coaches Clinic. Positive feedback;

April Vacation Clinic: 35 Players currently registered; Coach Leah unavailable; 3 WHS volunteers (1 Girls, 2 Boys) stepped up;

Spring PDP and Skills Academy: PDP back to original schedule. Similar to TBG, accommodating Grades on specific evenings with extra training. 14 Players Registered for PDP; 4 Players Registered for Skills Academy.


New Business

North Reading family would like to register 2 daughters; 1st Grade and Pre-K. 1st Grade daughter had played Pre-K with WYSA 2015. No availability for Pre-K in North Reading; Motion by Mike, to allow NR family daughters (1G, PG), 2nd Fernando to allow their membership for 1 year (allowing them to play in WYSA), 15-0-0

Discussion surrounding opening weekend expectations; need to fill out the availability document

Discussion surrounding Team Snap

Next Meeting: May 6th, 2018

Executive Session


Motion to Adjurn by Paul, 2nd by Nate, Motion passes 15-0-0; Leave the meeting at 7:25


Respectfully submitted,




David O’Mahony