Wilmington Youth Soccer Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Sunday, March 11, 2018

4th of July Building, Wilmington, MA. 01887




Directors Present:  Sean Broussard, Tom Card, Francesca Driscoll, Rich Engvaldsen, Nick Howie, Mike King (arrived at 6:30), Billy Long, Chris Malley, Paul Malvone, Darwin Molina (arrived 6:10), Manny Mulas, Dave O’Mahony, Rich Pereira, Jessica Scanlon, Nate Tarin, Dave Zaya


Directors Absent: Chris Parr, Fernando Marinho, Dave Oatis (3)


Guests: John Bavota



  1. Meeting called to order at 6:04 by Rich Pereira


  1. President Opening Remarks:
    1. Greetings – last meeting before season starts.
    2. Field Update: Yentile and Whitfield permits in hand (others we are awaiting), but grass fields are not yet open;
    3. Tom had a nice showing at the Revolution game (100+ people);
  2. Secretary:
    1. Motion: To accept the February 2018 Meeting Minutes as amended by David O’, 2nd by Dave Z. Motion passes by a vote of 12-0-2.


  1. VP of Development
    1. PCD Meeting Wednesday;
    2. DOC/TD John Bavota has been signed to a 3 year contract;
    3. Due to immigration hurdles, ADOC/TD James Magill will probably not arrive in April, which will have some affect on our PDP, but we will adjust.


  1. Treasurer
    1. Motion: To accept February 2018 financials as presented by Dave Zaya, 2nd by Dave O’, 13-0-1 Motion passes;


  1. VP of Administration
    1. Motion: by Manny, 2nd by Nick, to have Manny, Francesca, Lynn Parr, Eric Fortier, and Dave O’ on Scholarship Committee - Motion passes 14-0-0;
    2. Girl Night Out: Scheduled for Sunday 4/8 for 5pm-7pm; waiting on permit. Francesca created a for the website and Facebook, also sent to all girl teams. Registration is set up in SP; Merrimack Girls team will be there; Caryn Goulet and Sue Hendee will be helping out, could use a couple more volunteers; Score donated balls to the events;
    3. Wooden Kickback update: The town has agreed to let us have the kickback however they frown upon the use of real wood, would rather see composite material used, ball is on the Eagle Scouts court, waiting on their response.
  2. Travel
    1. Motion: by Nick to approve the following travel sub-committee members for 2018/2019 season: Nick Howie, Chris Parr, Darwin Molina, Nate Tarin, Tom Card, Rich Engvaldsen, Ryan Raposa, Melissa Doherty, Brett Halley, Catherine Maiella. 2nd by Sean, Motion passes 14-0-0
    2. Woburn Youth Soccer is leaving Middlesex for Essex County. This will take effect in the Fall of 2018, since 2002 Middlesex has lost 9 towns (almost 1/3) to different organizations;
    3. Non-voting members will be invited to travel subcommittee (no access to numbers to preserve confidentiality);
    4. Placement meeting held this past Tuesday for H.S. teams, no issues.
    5. Middlesex will be releasing schedule to the towns in the next week or so, and we will be allowed to edit conflicts
    6. Uniforms for new players and H.S. Teams have been ordered.
    7. Practice schedule requests have been sent out to coaches.
    8. Travel Coaches meeting Thursday March 29th at 8pm at Middle School Cafe (following Intown meeting).
    9. Middlesex Coaches meeting Thursday March 29th at 6:30 at the Joyce School in Woburn.
    10. All player and coach pass cards will be passed out during the meeting.
    11. New rules have been passed regarding mandatory reporting of sexual assault by people in leadership roles, coaches, board members, etc., by U.S. Soccer; also proposed new certification required for all coaches and volunteers in youth sports, likely similar to concussion training. This will be something implemented by Fall of 2018 (if not sooner).
    12. Working on changes to placement/PPE process, including but not limited to implementing:
  1. A better system to evaluate and place goal tenders
  2. Adding a data point for commitment
  3. Half points being utilized in scoring (2.5, 3.5, etc.)
  4. Bringing in non-travel sub board members to help place certain groups that would be identified during placement process
    1.  PPE – Week of May 20, 2018


  1. Registration
    1. Sean is working with Travel to ensure that any coaches needing CORI checks/updates are addressed prior to the start of the season.


  1. Fundraising
    1. Discussion of June 2018 cornhole/dance fundraiser, looking for June 1st (Elks) from 7pm to 11pm;
    2. Postponed fundraiser at 99 Restaurant for in-season promotion; new date is April 25th;
    3. Calendar fundraiser proposed; need to solicit donations; decide on prizes; hoping to sell the Calendars in April for May.


  1. Travel Refs
    1. Created talking points for Spring Referee Meetings;
    2. Waiting on permits to hold (3) 1-hour meetings with WYSA certified refs;
    3. Created reference points for refs to review important LOTG;
    4. Engaged Ellie Nasiff, Mass State Ref Director, to provide trainers for March/April on field training;
    5. Planned for a 10-20 minute presentation at Coach’s meeting
    6. Waiting on Schedule to assess Spring Coverage
    7. Middlesex Ref meeting on 3/17 @ 10-12 @ Joyce Middle School
    8. Training opportunity; New assistant referees with little or no experience; 12:00 to 1:30 throw in U10 and get referees in the middle of it.
    9. Discussion surrounding reimbursement procedures for new certified refs; a recently certified adult certified is seeking reimbursement. 


  1. Intown & Intown Refs
    1. Spring 2018 late fee kicked-in on February 15th
    2. As of March 9th, 410 players and 76 coahces are registered; Boys and Girls Kinders both have high participation; Tentative start date for programs other than PreK - April 7th.  PreK to begin April 14th
    3. We still need coaches, particularly for PreK – (only 2 boys coaches)
    4. Intown Inventory has been completed and shared with Merchandise
    5. Need to order PreK/Kinder balls and Intown Uniforms
    6. Spring Intown Coaches meeting – March 29th @7pm
    7. Straw poll to keep Intown on Saturday of Town meeting day (12-3-1)
  2. Fields & Buildings
    1. No updates


  1. Merchandise
    1. Billy ordered Spring 2018 uniforms;
    2. Rich and Billy met; ordered items such as new bags, balls, shirts, winter hats, baseball hats, and coaches shirts


  1. Concessions
    1. Lost power due to storm and lost a lot of frozen items; probably not worth insurance claims, but we will need dumpster back soon
    2. Permit will be pulled once the water gets turned on. 
    3. Discussion surrounding opening shack for camps/clinics; pros and cons of selling food/drinks at Yentile (still not allowed to leave any items); Concessions credit card


  1. Webmaster
    1. WYSA to add Instagram, but we need to shut off comments;
    2. Renewing monthly newsletter; Sean will download contacts for Constant Contact
  2. Director of Coaching
    1. Winter clinics currently has 120 players signed up (just finished session one):
      1. PK/Kinder – 23 players
      2. 1st/2nd Grade Girls – 30 players
      3. 1st/2nd Grade Boys – 24 players
      4. 3rd/4th COED – 42 players
    2. DOC will be away March 16/17/18/25 (DOC Diploma); Leah will run Winter training
    3. Mass Youth Soccer Workshop feedback; recommendation for new coaches to attend; good for networking; reinforcing Mass Youth Coaching philosophy;
    4. AP Sports: potential new space for turf and futsal opportunities; not a lot of availability; willing to work with us; hourly rate is more expensive than B&G Club and public schools
    5. Mass Youth 4v4 Diploma: 4/15 from 10:00 to 2:30; good for Pre-K, Kinder, 1st grade coaches – looking at Billerica Boys and Girls Club;  other options for this Spring – 7v7, 9v9, 11v11 TBD
    6. Seeking permits for April/Summer Clinics; John will send out information about the April clinic this week.
    7. March 31: 90 minute training for coaches/”meet and teach” at Billerica Boys and Girls Club
    8. PDP will keep the same style
    9. WYSA committed to May 6 trial game in new Mass Youth program with trial team coached by Rob Elliott in Danvers
    10. Discussed Summer programs – clinics and evenings in August


  1. New Business
    1. Roots Coalition CPR/First aid – possible non-profit to train defibrillator
    2. Google Docs – Tracks BOD availability (need google account)
    3. April 6 Beyond Tops; 14 people from BOD/family signed up so far
    4. Not using Woburn street for games.
    5. Next Meeting: April 8th, 2018


  1. Executive Session


  1. None
  2. Motion to adjurn by Paul, 2nd by King, 18-0-0 Motion Passes.


  1. Leave the meeting at 7:51


Respectfully submitted,




David O’Mahony