Wilmington Youth Soccer Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Sunday, December 3, 2017

4th of July Building, Wilmington, MA. 01887




Directors Present:  Rich Pereira, Darwin Molina, Nick Howie, Mike King, Dave Zaya, Chris Parr, Dave O’Mahony, Paul Malvone, Jessica Scanlon, Tom Card, Dave Foresyth (Left at 6:54), Manny Mulas, Nate Tarin, Chris Malley; Billy Long; Fernando Marinho (arrived at 6:10)


Directors Absent: Dave Oatis, Sean Broussard, Joe Maiella, Francesca Driscoll, Rich Engvaldsen


Guests: None



  1. Meeting called to order at 6:01 by Rich Pereira


  1. President Opening Remarks:
    1. Greetings and outline of the agenda for the last meeting of the year;
    2. Thanks to those who put together festival of trees
  2. Treasurer
    1. Motion: To accept financials as amended (with the amendment due to a labeling change of a small expense) by Tom Card, 2nd by Dave O’Mahony, 12-0-1 Motion passes;
    2. Discussion surrounding discounts on the current financials for parents having multiple kids in the program


  1. Merchandise
    1. No updates


  1. Fields & Buildings
    1. No updates


  1. Concessions
    1. Revenues slow due to weather


  1. Director of Coaching
    1. Winter clinics start 1/7/2018 with 40 players currently signed up:
      1. PK/Kinder – 5 players
      2. 1st/2nd Grade Girls – 7 players
      3. 1st/2nd Grade Boys – 5 players
      4. 3rd/4th COED – 13 players
    2. Coach John and Coach Leah will coach the Winter Clinics
    3. Crossfit Ares (formerly Catz) are willing to open up one or two time slots for us during the week; John is scheduled to have a follow-up phone conversation this week. Tentative start in late January, early February.
    4. Coach John will follow up with MYS Town Select League (TSL) Program Manager Maureen LaRoche next week – details to follow.


  1. VP of Administration
    1. No updates
  2. VP of Development
    1. Winter 2016 had 56 players for session one and 74 players for session two; we need to send out reminder emails to get numbers up;
    2. In addition to the Cross Fit Ares, we will explore indoor space with Wilmington Public Schools;
    3. Preseason WYSA Coaching Clinic: time and place TBD;
    4. Breaker discount will expire before the end of the year if not used


  1. Travel
    1. Couple teams had new additions in the Fall, no moves at the time due to lateness of addition, but in the next few days, expect an email vote for new teams, rosters due to Middlesex soon;
    2. Tremendous turn out for HS teams; 5 teams for U16/U18 divisions; we will vote rosters and coaches in executive session


  1. Fundraising
    1. No updates


  1. Travel Refs
    1. No updates


  1. Intown & Intown Refs
    1. Spring 2018 registration in now open;
      1. 106 members and 11 coaches signed-up (as of 12/1)
      2. Scheduling should allow for Town Meeting and 1st Communions
    2. Intown Referee checks mailed to those who refereed in Fall 2017
  2. Secretary:
    1. No updates


  1. New Business
    1. Proposed Slate: Questions about roles from new board members of roles; motion to accept as presented, Dave O’ motion seconded by Fernando, 15-0-0 (with new Board members now voting);
    2. Emeritus Board Position: Dave Foresyth, Nick seconded by Manny: 15-0-0
    3. ADOC Discussion: Tom led discussion of role; currently the two (James and John) work well together, like to have coverage, sponsor and pay the legal fees, short term contract, $10,000 for lawyer and visa, thinks it is work the risk, comparing him, importance of stability; motion for $10K; talked to multiple people; $30K cap, legal/upfront fees; motion by Tom to negotiate a contract 30/10, seconded by Fernando, 15-0-0
    4. Merchandise before Christmas: Plan to open up for Christmas
    5. Next Meeting: January 7th, 2018


  1. Executive Session


Motion to adjurn by Fernando, 2nd by Paul, 15-0-0 Motion Passes.


  1. Leave the meeting at 7:41


Respectfully submitted,


David O’Mahony