Wilmington Youth Soccer Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Villanova Hall, Wilmington, MA. 01887




Directors Present: Rich Pereira, Billy Long, Fernando Marinho, Joe Maiella (6:20), Dave Zaya, Chris Parr, Jess Scanlon (6:30), Tom Card, Sean Broussard, Manny Mulas, Dave Foresyth (6:20)and Mike King


Directors Absent: Dave Oatis, Dave O’Mahony, Nick Howie and Paul Malvone


Guests: Robert Regan and various players and parents from U16 Boys team from the Spring of 2017



Meeting called to order at 6:05 by Rich Pereira

President Opening Remarks:

Fields are to open on 8/28, pending permits

Next board meeting at end of August


Meeting minutes were emailed and will be approved at next BOD meeting at the end of August


No updates


All uniforms (travel and intown) ordered and expected in before the end of August

As well as Championship awards

Fields & Buildings

Golf cart is fixed thanks to help from 4th of July Board


No update

Director of Coaching

Discussion regarding potentially bringing John Bavota back for the Fall of 2017

VP of Administration

No updates


VP of Development

PCD met on July 18th and discussed following items: Website content, WYSA Preseason Coaching Clinic, Mass Youth Soccer Coaching Certification, Fall Clinics and Coach/Referee mentoring program

Boston Breakers Group night is scheduled for September 30th


All WYSA teams have been assigned and approved in their division by Middlesex Youth Soccer

Coaches have been assigned for all teams

Coaches Meeting August 29th

Two new 5th grade boys who moved to town and need placement

Two new sign-ups for 3rd and 4th grade boys, MOTION to expand rosters to 14 by Manny, second by Chris Parr. Passes 9-0-0


Thanks to Fund Raising sub-committee

Begin Field Day planning process

Travel Refs

Looking for new refs, going to use the intown ref training session as a kick off

Intown & Intown Refs

Still accepting registrations as numbers are currently below last Fall’s

Cancelled grade 3-5 program due to low numbers

Tentative Start date for Grades 1-2 for September 9th and September 16th for PreK and Kinders

Approxiametely 100 officials signed up and plans for training on August 8th and August 16th

Coach’s Suspension

Allow both the coach as well as parents of players who filed the protest to discuss with the board

Bob’s discussion – Not a deliberate act, one time incident, asking board how a full year suspension had come about….asking for rescinding of discussion for 3 reasons:

Board acted without full review

Board acted without

Board did not act fairly as other situations in which similar actions were not taken against other Coaches

Parents stated player asked to play and was told that this is a situation where coach told he had “to play the big boys”

Parent stated that he understood the situation however he believes that the he did not play certain players at all

New Business


Discussion regarding purchase of new pug nets

Discussion regarding using practice uniforms as alternate jerseys

Discussion regarding training by grade nights, and ability to move those nights

Motion to leave the meeting at 8:56 by Jessica Scanlon, 2nd Dave Zaya. Motion passes 11-0-0




Respectfully submitted,




Sean Broussard