Wilmington Youth Soccer Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Sunday, May 7, 2017

4th of July Building, Wilmington, MA. 01887




Directors Present:  Rich Pereira, Fernando Marinho, Joe Maiella, Dave Zaya, Chris Parr, Dave O’Mahony, Paul Malvone, Manny Mulas (arrived 6:15), Dave Foresyth, Dave Oatis, Jessica Scanlon; Sean Broussard (arrived 7:15); Mike King


Directors Absent: Nick Howie


Guests: John Bavota



  1. Meeting called to order at 6:02 by Rich Pereira
  1. President Opening Remarks:
    1. Wet season; do best for make up games;
    2. Interested in keeper camp; $20 back to organization; seems like
  2. Treasurer
    1. Motion: To accept financial as presented by Tom Card, 2nd by Fernando Marinho, 13-0-4 Motion passes
    2. Further discussion regarding coaches reimbursing gym time over winter
  3. Merchandise
    1. Intown Uniforms came in and ready for start of season
  4. Fields & Buildings
    1. We will throw out some net due to wear and tear at the end of the season.
    2. Placed two kick backs; will look into weighing them down;
  5. Concessions
    1. Revenues down due to rain outs
    2. Yentile games greatly impact concession figures
  6. Director of Coaching
    1. Curriculum and session plans; WYSA plans sent out; some using Mass Youth sessions; soliciting feedback
    2. Bavota attended Mass Youth training meeting;
    3. 13 coaches scheduled training sessions will DOC (both Intown and Travel);
    4. Looking to expand field size of small sided games for PPE for older player;
    5. Would like to market Summer session; new school year with new hours; less paid coaches; seeking better ROI than $20 per player;
    6. Discussed program for directors; designed for towns to collaborate; grass routes certification for volunteer coaches (easier/more convenient)
    7. Dave Foresyth suggested that we look to Blue Sombrero for cost savings and convenience.
  7. VP of Administration
    1. FC, Skills going well
    2. GNO successful
  8. VP of Development
    1. PCD to meet this week;
    2. Selected Boston Breakers Player Night of 9/30;
    3. FC practice player selection done; need to communicate relative to tryouts
  9. Travel
    1. All team Rosters are frozen; no coaches, players can be added
    2. PPE on 21st all hands on deck; especially Sunday; need evaluators
    3. Player pass; no official policy; guidelines are a little bit different for WYSA than MYS; WYSA only allow getting you to minimum roster; Motion by Manny Mulas, 2nd by Fernando Marinho to make Player Pass Guidelines into Policy;  14-0-3
    4. PPE; Discusson over not implementing separate skills evaluation piece, but using a pilot program; prioritizing DOC evaluations
    5. Discussion related to injured players and PPE (doctor’s note needed);
    6. WYSA will hire Mass Youth Evaluators for PPE
    7. Mass Youth policy regarding lanyards is being enforced differently by different towns; Coaches need to be rostered, have coach cards, and Mass Youth coaching credential
  10. Fundraising
    1. Jessica reached out to all old sponsor and has two new sponsors
    2. Will reach out to Addidas
    3. Looking for donations
    4. 99 Dine for a cause; need to pick a date
    5. DJ all set for Parents Night Out; he will post to his site; Tickets are in (250 max); Food is budgeted
  11. Travel Refs
    1. Everything is fine
  12. Intown & Intown Refs
    1. Intown programs extended by one week.
  13. Secretary:
    1. Motion: To accept the April Board of Directors meeting minute as presented.  Moved: Sean Broussard, 2nd by Dave Foresyth, 15-0-1 Motion Passes.