Wilmington Youth Soccer Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Sunday, April 2, 2017

4th of July Building, Wilmington, MA. 01887




Directors Present:  Rich Pereira, Nick Howie, , Billy Long, Fernando Marinho, Joe Maiella, Dave Zaya, Chris Parr, Tom Card, Sean Broussard, Dave O’Mahony, Paul Malvone (arrived at 7:24), Manny Mulas, Dave Foresyth and Dave Oatis


Directors Absent: Mike King


Guests: John Bavota; Jess Scanlon and Pat Scanlon arrived at 7:24



  1. Meeting called to order at 6:03 by Rich Pereira
  1. President Opening Remarks:
    1. Successful TOPS charity event on 3/31/2017 and discussion regarding WYSA position on TOPS board to be filled by Bill Long
  2. Secretary:
    1. Motion: To accept the March Board of Directors meeting minute as presented.  Moved: Sean Broussard, 2nd by Dave Foresyth, 10-0-3 Motion Passes.
  3. Treasurer
    1. Motion: To accept financial as presented by Tom Card, 2nd by Fernando Marinho, 9-0-4 Motion passes
    2. Further discussion regarding potential fee increase for the 2017/2018 season and follow up from call on 3/29/17
  4. Merchandise
    1. Intown Uniforms came in and ready for start of season
  5. Fields & Buildings
    1. Potential date of April 8th for the set up of net and frames if granted access by town
  6. Concessions
    1. Ready for season to begin
  7. Director of Coaching
    1. Potential to Hosting coaches clinic for Mass Youth Soccer in spring
  8. VP of Administration
    1. Scholarship Committee consisting of following members: Motion: Rich, Tom C, Dave F, Eric Fortier, Heather Long and Dave O’Mahony: Second by Joe M; 13-0-0
    2. Boston Breakers/Girls’ Night Out
      1. GNO, April 9, 2017 is official date.
  9. VP of Development
    1. John Bavota added to PCD Committee as temporary DOC
  10. Travel
    1. All team Rosters are approved
    2. There was a 6th grade boy which we did not have a roster spot for so Reading was able to place him for us
    3. Discussion regarding Middlesex cancelling week 1 and making this up during the season or cancelling it.  Board believes every effort should be made to keep a 10 game season.  Motion by Manny Mulas, 2nd by Dave Oatis;  13-0-0
    4. Discussion regarding player movement and potential for installing a deadline on registration for players moving from intown:  Motion by Manny Mulas, 2nd by Tom Card: Motion has been pulled back for further review and discussion
    5. Travel sub -committee met to discuss evaluation and placement for the 2017/2018 season
    6. Working with Mass Youth for PPE evaluators
  11. Fundraising
    1. “No theme”, date of Spring fundraiser will be 6/2/17 from 7-11
    2. Jess Scanlon to be put in charge of the spring event
  12. Travel Refs
    1. N/A
  13. Intown & Intown Refs
    1. Tentative Start date for all programs other than Pre-K is April 8th (Pre-K is April 15th)
    2. Intown Refs have approximately 100 refs
  14. New Business
    1. Motion: To add Jess Scanlon to the WYSA board in charge of Fund Raising by Nick Howie; 2nd Dave Zaya:  Motion passes 13-0-0
    2. WFC Skills academy, EXCO reached out to members for the fall to see if they plan on signing up for the spring. 
    3. Motion: Allow players to tryout as a practice players to FC for prorated fee by Dave Foresyth, 2nd Dave Oatis: Motion passes 11-3-1
    4. Motion: In season tryouts, to fill open roster positions (see tryout flier) by Dave Foresyth; 2nd by Nick Howie:  Motion passes 13-2-0
    5. Motion: Allow out of town players to FC (see exceptions %) by Dave Foresyth; 2nd by Nick Howie:  13-1-1



Leave the meeting at 9:21


Respectfully submitted,


Sean Broussard