Wilmington Youth Soccer Association Meeting of Board of Directors

September 2016 Meeting

August 28, 2016

Fourth of July Building


The monthly meeting of the Board of Directors of the Wilmington Youth Soccer Association (WYSA) was held in the Fourth of July Building commencing at 6:00pm on Sunday August 28, 2016.


The following directors were present at the meeting:

Neil Buckley

Tom Card

Eric Flynn

Bill Lanagan

Joe Maiella

Paul Malvone

Manny Mulas

Dave Oatis

Dave O’Mahony

Bob Regan

Dave Zaya

Nick Howie (arrived at 6:15)

Dave Foresyth (arrived at 6:30)


Directors who were unable to attend the meeting were the following:

Sean Broussard

Melissa Doherty

Rich Pereira


Also present were the following:

Caryn Goulet, former WYSA Board Member and current TOPS Board Member

Eric Redder, WYSA Director of Coaching

Ed Riekstins, former WYSA President and current Yentile Farm Committee Member

Mark Watson, former WYSA Board Member

2 minors whose names were not recorded

Mr. Flynn called the meeting to order at 6:05pm and Mr. Regan acted as Secretary on behalf of Ms. Doherty.

6:07 TOPS Update: Ms. Goulet provided an update to the Board on the state of the TOPS program as well as the historic relationship between WYSA and TOPS.  She covered program offerings in each season along with information on how to get involved if interested.  TOPS is targeting a jamboree on October 16 at Shawsheen Field.  Mr. Redder inquired about TOPS Buddy and Coach training.  Ms. Goulet responded with information about both.  Mr. Flynn indicated that he appreciated the update from Ms. Goulet and looked forward to the two organizations working together for the benefit of these youths and their families.

6:20 Yentile Update and Donation Solicitation.  Mr. Riekstins provided an update on the development at the former site of Yentile Farms.  Mr. Riekstins indicated that donations and sponsorships would begin to be solicited in the near future (goal to raise $1 million) and encouraged WYSA to consider a donation.  He outlined options including purchasing bricks of various sizes, park benches and other similar opportunities.  Mr. Riekstins indicated that donations could be one-time or recurring over time on a pre-determined schedule.  At the conclusion of his presentation, Mr. Riekstins fielded questions from the board.  Mr. Maiella inquired who would be responsible for issuing field permits and who would control concessions.  Mr. Riekstins indicated that he believed the Rec Department would handle field permits, but he was unsure how concessions would be addressed.  Mr. Mulas inquired about Textron involvement in donations and/or potentially selling abutting property.  Mr. Riekstins responded that he was unaware of any specific discussions on either matter.

At 6:40, the Yentile Update had concluded.  Ms. Goulet and 2 minors departed at that time.

6:42, free clinics for the children of Board members.  Mr. Watson, who previously asked the Board to consider a revocation of the policy at the prior month’s Board meeting, indicated he had no updates or comments at this time.  Mr. Riekstins indicated that he had heard from many WYSA members on the policy.  He expressed various concerns as well as recommended research on how other similar programs address the needs that this policy addresses.

MOTION: A motion was made by Dave Foresyth to rescind the policy of free clinics for children of WYSA Board members.  Motion was seconded by Bill Lanagan.

Discussion: Discussion included participation by Mr. O’Mahony, Mr. Lanagan, Mr. Maiella, Mr. Riekstins, Mr. Foresyth, Mr. Flynn, Mr. Regan, Mr. Mulas and Mr. Howie.  Some comments were in favor of the existing policy, some were against.  There was a suggestion that this matter should be brought to the AGM in November to be resolved.  It was determined that although this could be added to the AGM agenda, the matter did not need to be resolved there.  Simple policy changes can be addressed at the monthly board meetings.

Vote: Motion carried.  10 yes, 2 no, 1 abstention.

7:15 Mr. Riekstins departed the meeting

7:17 MOTION: A motion was made by Tom Card to accept July financials as presented.  Motion was seconded by Dave Oatis.

Discussion: There was a question about the allocation of Challenger costs across different accounts which was answered by Mr. Card.

Vote: Motion carried. 10 yes, 0 no, 3 abstention.


7:20 DOC Update:  Mr. Redder indicated he expected to begin painting fields for the 3v3 tournament this week and would appreciate any help Board members could provide.


7:25 Concussion Training Update: Concussion Training reminders are being sent and compliance feedback will be provided to Travel and In-Town as appropriate.


7:27 Field Day Update:  There is a need for additional volunteers.  An appeal will be made.  Sharon Lagunilla has agreed to help organize and provide logistical support as in prior years.  Neil Buckley will work with Sean Broussard over the next couple of weeks and will offer assistance if needed.


7:37 Discussion of Single-Age vs. Dual-Age.  Mr. Flynn addressed this subject noting the ambiguity of current policy at the U13/U14 level is not providing the intended benefits and instead has created problems due to the undocumented decision procedure for determining whether single age or dual age teams would be formed.  A group of current and former Board members, including the current DOC, had discussed and did not arrive at a unanimous recommendation.  There was discussion at this Board meeting including comments by Mr. Flynn, Mr. Regan, Mr. Mulas, Mr. Maiella, Mr. Lanagan and Mr. Redder.  There was discussion on whether this should apply to U13/U14 or possibly U11/U12 or even U09/U10.  There was discussion of logistics and what can or can’t be done.  Benefits and draw-backs of each option were discussed at length.  There was general agreement that a removal of ambiguity would be beneficial to WYSA and if we determine dual age is the right approach, a clear pathway to dual-age would need to be developed and clearly communicated to achieve a successful roll-out.  The Board agreed that the PCD committee would be responsible for making a recommendation, and if that recommendation is to move to dual age it should include the specific age groups impacted including, as necessary, a proposed timeframe and clear pathway to dual age.  Bill Lanagan, VP PCD will provide an update at the next Board meeting.


Mr. Watson and Mr. Redder left the meeting at 7:54.


MOTION: At 7:55, a motion was made by Dave Foresyth to enter executive session.  The motion was seconded by Manny Mulas.  Motion carried 13-0-0.

MOTION: At 8:08, a motion was made by Tom Card to leave executive session.  The motion was seconded by Paul Malvone.  Motion carried 13-0-0.

MOTION: At 8:11, a motion was made by Dave Oatis to adjourn.  The motion was seconded by Neil Buckley.  Motion carried 13-0-0.


Respectfully submitted,




Bob Regan, acting Secretary