Wilmington Youth Soccer Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Sunday, August 7, 2016

4th of July Building, Wilmington, MA. 01887




Directors Present: Manny Mulas,  Rich Pereira, Nick Howie, Eric Flynn, Melissa Doherty,  Dave Foresyth, Bob Regan, Joe Maiella, Dave Zaya and Bill Lanagan.


Directors Absent: Tom Card, Sean Broussard, Paul Malvone, Dave O’Mahony and Dave Oatis


Guests: Eric Redder and Mark Watson



  1. Meeting called to order at 6:04 pm by Eric Flynn
  2. Bob Regan arrives at 6:07 pm

  3. President Opening Remarks:

    1. Permit submitted for Shawsheen fields for the week of August 22nd.

    2. Burlington Youth Soccer VP reached out to Eric for help.The Medford Youth Soccer President discussed coordinating a President meeting across the league.

    3. Any motions should be sent 48 hours in advance of board meetings so everyone can review the motion and applicable policy.

  1. Secretary:
    1. Motion: To accept the June Roster Board of Directors meeting minute as presented.  Moved: Doherty, 2nd by Pereira, 9-1-1 Motion Passes.
    2. The next Constant Contact email will be sent mid-August.
    3. WYSA night at the Breakers set for 9/24 is sold out.
  2. Treasurer
    1. Motion: To accept the treasurer’s report as presented.  Moved: Foresyth, 2nd by Maiella, 9-0-2 Motion Passes.
    2. Discussed financials and amount allocated to scholarship fund.
  3. Merchandise
    1. Motion: I would like to motion that WYSA change their travel uniform kit by removing the Wilmington stitched navy sock and replacing with a (like quality) solid navy blue sock. Moved: Pereira, 2nd by Howie.  9-2-5 Motion passes via email vote on 7/15/16.
    2. Motion: by Pereira, seconded on Lanagan that we replace our standard Wilmington travel sock with a comparable replacement of a white topped travel sock.  This motion supersedes the motion indicated in VI a. Motion Passes, 7-4-0
    3. Merchandise order form will be sent out to parents.  Turnaround time will be two weeks.  We will continue to sell the remaining merchandise stock that is at the shack.
    4. Pink Breast Cancer items will be sent out to parents and coaches to order items for the month of October.
    5. Travel awards for Commissioners Cup Winners are being ordered shortly. 
    6. We will be only using two of the three carts for merchandise in the Fall.
    7. Uniforms for Intown, FC and Travel will be ordered the week of August 8th.
    8. GU12-1 jackets till contain the following wording: “Middlesex Champions; GU12 DIV 1; 2016; MTOC Final Four”.
  4. Fields & Buildings
    1. We need a plan for the Fall to set up nets for Shawsheen and Woburn street for the High School teams.  Eric will contact the Athletic Director at the High School to perform introductions and get his expectations on field set up.
    2. Field paint has been ordered.  Some fields at the Shawsheen have already been painted.
    3. Port O Potties need to be ordered for Woburn Street and Whitfield.
  5. Concessions
    1. No updates to share.
  6. Director of Coaching
    1. WFC- waiting for schedule from the Maple league
    2. We have no Challenger coaches for the Fall due to Visa issues.  WYSA has low volume of coaches with Challenger and they are declining our business for Fall of 2016.  Eric has reached out to Mass Youth to assist us with our coaching needs.
    3. After a loss of the original WFC assistant coach due to Challenger issues, a DOC will work with Eric and Bill to hire a replacement.  Potential candidates were discussed and will be vetted this week with the goal of hiring a qualified candidate quickly.
  7. VP of Administration
    1. No update.
    2. Bob Regan will take responsibility for tracking concussion training compliance for all coaches this Fall.  He will provide status updates to the President, Travel Coordinator and In-Town Coordinator.
  8. VP of Development
    1. Review with PCD the DOC schedule and how to allow Eric to reach out to the coaches to give them more hands on help.
    2. DOC will work with coaches on schedule to review lesson plans with them during practice.
    3. No tickets have been sold for Revs Night Outing in August.  For the August 28th meeting Bill will identify a few travel teams to push the event for October to their teams.  We must sell the 100 tickets or WYSA will take the loss.
  9. Travel
    1. Mass Youth might be providing lanyards for coaches and all affiliated personnel (concessions, etc.) to wear to indicate they have completed their Adult registration and Cori certs.  More to come from travel on this at a future meeting.
    2. All teams except for a few have been placed in our desired divisions for the Fall.
    3. In the Fall we will wait until the last few weeks of the season for coaches to do player evaluations.  This will be mandatory for coaches to complete the evaluations.
    4. In the Fall, we will send out coach surveys in addition to the Spring survey.
  10. Fundraising
    1. No updates were given
  11. Travel Refs
    1. Ref training to be held on August 12th in Waltham.
  12. Intown & Intown Refs
    1. Registration is down from Fall 2015.  We are at 377 kids for Fall 2016 with an expected 20% bump puts us around 450 kids.  We had 501 in Spring and 557 kids in the Fall 2015.
    2. We need Kinders and Boys Second grade coaches for the Fall.
    3. We only have 6 grade 6-9 players.  Intown will work with Travel to determine if there are spot open to move these players to since enrollment is low.
    4. August 30th is Intown Coach meeting.
    5. Uniforms will be ordered shortly.
    6. We gained 30 fifth graders for new sign ups in the ref program.
  13. New Business
    1. Mark Watson attended our meeting to discuss WYSA Board of Directors approved motion in January 2016 and why WYSA Board of Director children receive free clinics.  This issue was addressed previously via email by Dave O’Mahony and Rich Pereira.  Mark suggests that WYSA rescind the motion as approved previously in January 2016 at the next BOD meeting on August 28th.
    2. Motion: Increase from reserves budget line item "PreK Coaches (Fall/Spring)-coaches" by $3,600 in order to hire Third Party Coaches for Fall 2016 season. Moved: Zaya, 2nd by Howie, 11-0-1 Motion Passes.
    3. Wildcat FC Program practice times will remain at 4pm.
    4. Roles & Responsibilities documentation will be handled by Neil. 
    5. Travel make up games for U10 and under will continue on Sunday’s
    6. Motion: To offer the pre-k/kinders day camp and evening clinics sessions for the Summer of 2016 free and reimburse the few who have already paid.  This is due to low sign-ups and coaches already reserved.  We are looking to fill the session and build goodwill.  The enrollment will be capped off at 20.  Moved by Howie, 2nd by Pereira.  10-2-4 Motion Passes via email on 7/25/16.
    7. Motion: Establish a WFC uniform budget of $150 per player which is a $10 increase from prior approved $140 budget.  The kit will substitute Adidas jacket for Sweatshirt, we will use the Adidas game jersey and subtract the warm up pants.  Moved by Pereira, 2nd by Howie.  13-0-3 Motion Passes via email on 7/27/16.
  14. Mark Watson leaves the meeting at 6:49 pm
  15. Motion: Allow BOD to leave executive session at 9:37 pm.  Motion passes 11-0-0. 
  16. Motion: To adjourn BOD meeting at 9:37 pm.  Motion passes 11-0-0.


Respectfully submitted,


Melissa Doherty